10+ FREE TikTok Content Ideas to Go Viral in 2023

Some TikTokers go viral within a few days of joining the app. With a just few videos, they get millions of views. Gain thousands of followers. And then and there, they are living the life. The dream!

Yet, you just don’t seem to know how to hack it through TikTok. Your videos aren’t getting as many views as you would want. And after weeks on the app, you can’t seem to grow your followers. It really sucks!

So you’re left wondering, are there hidden “how to go viral on TikTok” hacks that you don’t know? 

But hear this from me, there are absolutely NO hidden TikTok hacks. You can’t cheat the algorithm. But the little and most important secret that you have been missing all along is the best TikTok content ideas to go viral!

I have spent days analyzing the most viral TikToks. Trying to learn why they went viral! Why they are still getting a ton load of views! And why they keep getting on the FYP (For You Page). 

The results of my analysis are this in-depth but really fun-to-read CHEATSHEET. I will show you the basic TikTok content ideas that you have missing and which you HAVE to get right before you can go viral.

It includes links to FREE recourses that will help you understand these ideas better. Plus live TikToks to act as your sample guides to best understand how you can easily execute these content ideas in your TikToks!

TIP: Forget the rushed blog posts that slap “what-you-already-know” ideas like dancing, lip-syncing, voiceovers, and whatnot! These, even my 11-year-old niece already knows are the trending content ideas for TikTok!

This guide is where you sit down and learn how to create really awesome TikTok content, with catchy hooks for views, a lively presence to engage, and an irresistible personality to attract followers. Simply put, it’s the only TikTok content ideas cheatsheet you’ll ever need in 2023!

TikTok Content Ideas: The Basics You Need First!

Before you even consider the best TikTok content ideas that will gain you more followers and get you millions of views and likes. You NEED to start by getting the following basics right!

1. Get the Best Phone for TikTok

Yes, you can learn how to lip-sync like a pro. But if your phone has a poor quality camera and shoots poor quality TikToks, you’re content will be of poor quality.

So, first, you need to find the best phone for TikTok. Good thing, you don’t need to break a bank to get one. Camera phones are now available for all budgets.

That said, you should invest in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra if you have the budget! It shoots crispy-clear videos with vivid details and colors like the J. Lo’s “Pa Ti” dance TikTok video. 


Let’s goooo! ✨🚨✨ Can’t wait to see and share some of your best #PaTiChallenge dances! Thanks for kicking it off @charlidamelio! @papijuancho

♬ Pa Ti – Jennifer Lopez & Maluma

2. Find a Spot with Great Lighting

Shooting with the S22 Ultra in a dimly lit room is misusing such an excellent gadget. You need to find a spot with the best natural lighting.

I say this because most TikTokers prefer to shoot their content in the house and especially the bedroom. So, it’s time to arrange things so you can always face the window.

Alternatively, you can consider going outside, as long as the wind doesn’t affect the audio quality. Or invest in the best TikTok lights.


LIKE OK STICK LIGHT GO OFF HUNNY✨🥰 brand is called miroco, bought on Walmart.com !!! #tiktoktips #howtofilmatiktok #bestlighting #goodlightingcheck #tiktokforbeginners

♬ Spongebob – Instrumental – Common Cents

3. Learn to Take “Wow” Videos!

Yes, even before you consider taking your first TikTok and uploading it, learn to use your phone and how different lighting affects your video quality.

I have seen TikTokers with great potential but the audio in their videos is off. That is, what they say happens moments before or after the act in the video. It’s such a deal breaker!

So you have some really impressive TikTok lip-syncs or trending dances or comedy clips with the audio off, and that spoils everything!

Yet, you can easily fix this by taking your time to learn your phone, the lighting, and how to fix everything in place. It only takes a few hours. 

But say you even take the day. Or week! And find tutorials on how to use your phone for TikTok. Like this TikTok video on how to use the S22 Ultra for TikTok…

TIP: You can learn a lot of tips and tricks on how to best use your phone on TikTok. For example, if you use the iPhone 13 Pro, simply search “iPhone 13 Pro tips and tricks” on TikTok and all these amazing videos will appear. 

4. Keep them Short and Sweet

TikTok now allows up to 60 seconds long videos. And reports indicate that they can extend this to 3 minutes, and even 10 minutes long. 

Well, I know you have all that big story to share on a 60-second long TikTok. But you are competing against the millions of TikToks which are posted per day.

According to Oberlo, the average user spends 52 minutes on TikTok per day. And they swipe up through hundreds of videos within that time.

Some will watch as many as 500 TikToks within an hour. I know you are wondering how. I too was puzzled by this! But imagine how easy it easy to flick your finger up and watch the next and next and next while waiting for that sandwich.

Such that within 1 minute, you have watched 4 TikToks of 15 seconds each. So in 52 minutes, or say one hour, these are a whopping 240 videos!

But keep in mind that research shows the addictive nature of quick-scrolling and feel-good vibes of the For You Page is ruining the attention span of most users!

Such that, most users will swipe up if they are not “wowed” by the first 3 seconds of the video. Some will close the app, then open it again in a minute!

Simply put, if you can say it or do it in 10 seconds, make it a 10 seconds TikTok. Once you gain some more followers, then you can start to shoot longer TikToks. 

5. Start Off with a Catchy Hook

Gone are the days when lifestyle vlogging and video content belonged to YouTube. Vloggers would start with the now cliche “hey guys welcome to my youtube channel”.

Then they would remind you who they are and what they do. Before taking time to tell you all these nice details about their life and what to expect in their vlog!

Tell you what! Don’t try this on TikTok. Nobody wants to get your greetings there. Nobody wants to know you unless they want to know you. Simply, we want to get the juicy part of your content right away!

Start with a catchy hook. If you lip-sync, edit it such that the best part appears in the first 3 seconds. If you dance, pick the hottest or trendiest part of the song!

6. Be Genuinely Lively!

Nothing spoils the fun like shooting a TikTok with a grin and dead eyes or pale face. Well, unless you’re sharing a sad story! which can be excused, all right!

With TikTok, you want to be genuinely happy and lively. You want to wear an authentic smile. You want to start off with the feeling there is life in you!

Most people who are binging on TikTok are Gen Z’s and millennials who are there for the fun despite the consequences. And some Gen Alpha, who only want to laugh!

7. Curate Your Profile Bio

Don’t write your story. No, just tell us who you are on TikTok and why we should follow you, On TikTok!

You can later use some of your TikToks to tell us more about yourself. In fact, through your TikToks, we will learn more about you as long as you want to share!

So, keep it real, keep it simple. Who are you and why should we follow you? You can also include a CTA or email or website link, and so on!

8. Follow Only TikToks in Your Niche

I know you want to follow all these guys from high school. But it’s time to cut the “consumption” and get active with the “production”.

Following guys from your childhood will only keep you hooked in their lives. And then you will get stalled by comparing yourself with them and analyzing who is winning and who is losing it and all that!

What you want to do is follow the 10 to 100 TikTokers who create the type of content you want to share. Then only binge on their TikToks such that they will be the only thing appearing on your For You Page.

Soon, you will learn that you are starting to develop so many TikTok content ideas by just watching what these guys are doing. Like vibes, even this is contagious!

9. Quit Using the #FYP Hashtags

I challenge you to look at at least 100 TikToks from your best 10 TikTokers. Or the top 10 TikTokers in your state! The most popular ones!

See if they are adding the #FYP and #ForYouPage or the so many hashtags like #Viral, of its variation. No, they don’t! Because the TikTok algorithm doesn’t work that way. You’re only cluttering the caption with them.

Nobody goes on TikTok to search #FYP. Nobody searches #VIRAL. Not even #TRENDING. So, cut them out! Yes, most people will search tags like #popdance, #cutecats, etc.

Instead use real hashtags, 3 to 7 depending on how they relate! Like, #LoveNwantiti or #AfroDance, and such other real hashtags or trends or challenges!

10. Write a Really Short Caption

Don’t tell a story in the caption. Unless you are teaching something or offering some sort of a coupon code, nobody reads these anymore!

Instead, just write 3 to 10 words of what the TikTok is about. Or how you’re feeling about it. Share some positive vibes, for you!

Featured Image Source: Photo by Collabstr on Unsplash

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