Are Vitamix Containers Interchangeable? Read This 2024

I recently updated this one-stop comprehensive guide on Vitamix container compatibility and replacement chart for 2024. You should probably check it!

I noted some frequently asked questions, including whether all Vitamix containers are interchangeable and the right Vitamix 5200 and E310 compatible containers

Are Vitamix Containers Interchangeable?

The simple answer is NO. Vitamix containers are not interchangeable or compatible across all blenders. Vitamix designs different containers for its different blender platforms.

Most people who ask this question are current owners of the Legacy Series Vitamix blenders looking to buy a replacement or compatible accessory container for their Classic C-Series and G-Series machine. 

This quick article features a list of the compatible containers for all Vitamix Legacy Series blenders, including the all-time best-selling Classic Vitamix 5200, the Explorian Series E310, and the Next-Generation 7500.


Are Vitamix Containers Interchangeable - Peter Murage

Best Vitamix 5200 Compatible Containers 

The right replacement container for the Vitamix 5200 is the 64-oz classic container with a tall, narrow design and a 3-inch stainless steel blade assembly. 

Vitamix sells this container in two designs: an affordable one with a clear, plastic handle and a pricer one with an ergonomic soft rubber grip handle.

TIP: If you want a cheaper, after-market 64-oz classic replacement container for your Vitamix 5200 or E310, follow this link for the best deals!

Vitamix 5200 Small Container

The best Vitamix 5200 small container is the 48-oz wet container that suits processing single-serve recipes to mid-size batches for a family of two. 

But you can also get the Vitamix 32-oz container, perfect for processing smaller batches such as personal-size smoothies,  shakes, and frozen drinks. 

Vitamix 5200 Dry Container

The best Vitamix 5200 dry container is the 32-oz dry grains with 3-inch stainless steel dry blades that blend in reverse vortex to create a powdery effect. 

Vitamix recommends getting this container if you regularly process dry grains like milling cereals, grinding coffee beans and spices, and kneading dough. 

TIP: Here is in-depth information about the Vitamix 5200 compatible containers and the best, cheaper after-market alternatives!

Vitamix Containers Compatibility
Vitamix 64-oz Classic Container

Best Vitamix E310 Compatible Containers 

The Vitamix E310 comes with a 48-oz container that suits processing single-serve recipes to mid-size batches for a family of two. 

The 48-oz is the right replacement container. But the E310 is also compatible with the Vitamix 32-oz Dry Grains and the 32-oz Wet containers. 

Other Vitamix E310 Accessories

The other Vitamix E310 accessory container you should probably get is the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter, which comes with two 20-oz blending cups

The Personal Cup Adapter is compatible with all the Legacy Series Vitamix blenders, including the Vitamix Professional 750, 5200, 7500, and 5300.

The adapter is a sturdily built blade base where the 20-oz blending cups sit. The package includes swappable pill-proof lids for drinking on the go.

Vitamix Containers Compatibility
Vitamix 32-oz Dry Grains Container

Vitamix E310 Dry Container

The ideal dry container for the E310 is the 32-oz dry grains container. It’s the same container I have recommended above for the Vitamix 5200. 

Vitamix E310 64-oz Container

There is one frequently asked question by most Vitamix E310 owners: Can you use a 64 oz container on Vitamix E310?

The quick answer is YES! I recommend getting the Vitamix 64-oz classic container for your E310. Its 3-inch blades that suit the 2-HP motor!

The 64-oz classic container comes in variations. There is a pricer one with an ergonomic soft grip rubber handle and a cheaper one with a plastic handle. 

Vitamix E310 Food Processor Attachment

Unfortunately, the Vitamix E310 is incompatible with the 12-cup Vitamix food processor attachment, which only works with Ascent Series blenders.  

But you can still use your regular Vitamix E310 container for light food processing tasks like coarse chopping and kneading dough. 

Vitamix E310 Container Replacement Parts

The Vitamix E310’s 48-oz container is built for reliability and durability. The plastic container shell is BPA-free and easy to clean. 

But with regular daily use, the 3-inch hardened stainless steel blade assembly will loosen and wear out, which often leads to leaking. 

The Vitamix 48-oz container blade assembly replacement process is easy; follow this link for the right blades with a DIY manual on how to do it!

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly
Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly Replacement for 64-oz Classic, 48-oz, & 32-oz Wet Containers

Vitamix 7500 Container Replacement

The Vitamix 7500 comes with a 64-oz low-profile container. It’s shorter with a wider base and has larger 4-inch hardened stainless steel blades. 

It differs from the 64-oz classic container of the 5200. Other blenders compatible with the low-profile container include the Vitamix Pro 750 and E320. 

Other Vitamix 7500 compatible containers include the 48-oz, 32-oz wet, 32-oz dry grains and the Vitamix stainless steel container.

Vitamix Stainless Steel Container

For the longest time, Vitamix users requested the brand to design a glass container, mainly because the plastic containers tend to get cloudy or colorized!

But Vitamix has repeatedly said glass containers are not ideal for its powerful 2-HP and 2.2-HP blenders, and they can easily break and cause accidents. 

The good news is you can now get the Vitamix Stainless Steel container. It has a durable build quality and a versatile design for hot and cold blending. 

The 48-oz stainless steel container is odor-resistant, non-reactive, easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe. It has a clear BPA-free plastic lid with a non-drip spout!

It works with all the full-sized Vitamix blenders in circulation, including the 5200, 7500, Professional 750, A3500, E310, E320, and the Propel Series 750. 

Vitamix Containers Compatibility
Vitamix 48-oz Stainless Steel Container

Vitamix Dry Containers

At the moment, there are two Vitamix dry containers. The popular one is the 32-oz dry grains container recommended above for Vitamix 5200, E310, and 7500. 

Vitamix 48-oz Dry Grains Container with SELF-DETECT

The other one is the Vitamix 48-oz Dry Grains Container with SELF-DETECT. It was designed for the Vitamix Ascent Series blenders but works with other models. 

NOTE: You can use this 48-oz dry grains container with your Vitamix 5200, E310, and 7500, but the SELF-DETECT will only work with Ascent Series machines.

What is Vitamix Dry Container Used For?

Vitamix dry containers are suitable for processing dry ingredients like milling cereals to make fresh flour and grinding coffee beans and spices. 

Both 32-oz and 48-oz dry grains containers have the unique Vitamix dry blade assembly that blends in reverse vortex to create a powdery effect

The “normal” Vitamix wet blades blend in a vortex, where ingredients go down the blades in the middle and rise on the sides of the container. 

This cyclonic blending motion, where the ingredients continuously rotate in the container, is the vortex blending mechanism that leads to silky-smooth smoothies. 

The opposite is the reverse vortex, where ingredients go down the blades on the edges and rise in the middle, which prevents packing

It is the reason I highly recommend getting the dry grains containers if you regularly mill cereals for fresh flour, grind coffee beans, and knead dough. 

Vitamix Containers Compatibility

How do I Get a Replacement Vitamix Container?

The easiest way to get a replacement Vitamix container is to follow the links in this article to redirect to Amazon for original Vitamix replacement containers. 

Remember, Vitamix is a popular brand! Some third-party manufacturers have created copies that look exactly like the original ones!

Vitamix warranty doesn’t cover such after-market replicas. Original Vitamix containers have a 3-year full Vitamix warranty, covering all parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping!

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