Vitamix E320 Review + Best Deals in 2024

The Vitamix E320 belongs to the Explorian Series platform. It has a powerful 2.2 HP motor, easy-to-use controls, and a large 64-oz low-profile container

Other Vitamix models in the Explorian Series category include the affordable Vitamix E310, which has a 48-oz container, and the Vitamix E520, which has preset programs.

All three Explorian Series models are super affordable but still possess the Vitamix professional-grade processing power for multi-purpose use.

The Vitamix E320 costs under $400 when you get it brand new and under $300 when you get it as a Certified Reconditioned with a 3-year warranty, which I 100% vouch for!


Vitamix E320 Review

Vitamix E320 Review: Key Features & Benefits

The Vitamix E320 is powerful, versatile, and durable! It can blend, grind, chop, emulsify, and pulverize whole-food ingredients to make you hearty treats and drinks! And at high speeds, the blades can make hot soups from cold ingredients. 

Vitamix E320 Review

2.2 Horsepower Motor Base

As mentioned, the Vitamix E320 is an Explorian Series model with a powerful 2.2 horsepower motor. 

The high-powered motor propels blades at high speeds to cut tough ingredients and create consistent blends.

Other Explorian Series Vitamix blenders include the Vitamix E310 with the same 2.2 HP motor and the Costco Vitamix E520 with a 2 HP motor.

Vitamix designs the Explorian Series models with hard plastic motor bases as a cost-cutting mechanism. 

As such, they lack better sound dampening. The result is high noise levels of up to 98 decibels, which sounds like a large lawn mower. 

The high noise level is the main drawback of the E320. But the blender is still powerful with a professional-grade blending performance. 

Vitamix E320 Review

10-Speed Variable Control Knob + Pulse Switch

The Vitamix E320 has super easy-to-use controls. It has a large variable speed control knob at the center for controlling the 10 blending speeds.

There is a Pulse switch on the left side of the knob and a Start/Stop switch on the right. The Pulse feature is useful for precise control of the blending process. 

64-oz Low-Profile Container + Tamper 

The Vitamix E320 comes with a large 64-oz low-profile blending container. It has both standard and metric measurement markings.

The container is self-cleaning and dishwasher-safe. You also get a Vitamix low-profile tamper in the package.

NOTE: The Vitamix 64-oz low-profile container is made of BPA-Free Eastman Tritan Copolyester plastic material that’s safe to use for cold and hot meal preps

Vitamix E320 Review

4-Inch Diameter Pulverizing Blades

The 64-oz container features 4-Inch blades made of laser-cut aircraft-grade hardened stainless steel.

These blades aren’t sharp to the touch. They work by pulverizing the ingredients when spinning at high speeds. 

As such, they can’t slice ingredients. But they do an awesome job at pulverizing, grinding, chopping, and emulsifying. 

Weight & Size

The Vitamix E320 weighs 10.5 pounds (4.76 kilograms), which is quite heavy. But since you will most likely keep it on the kitchen counter, this isn’t an issue. 

Its motor base measures 11 by 8 inches so that it won’t take a large footprint on the kitchen counter. It stands 18 inches tall with the 64-oz container on top! 

7-Year Full Warranty

The E320 is engineered and built in the United States – Cleveland, Ohio! It has a 7-Year full warranty covering all parts, labor, performance, and two-way shipping. 

Vitamix E320 Review: Pros

  • A professional-grade blender with great pricing.
  • It can make the smoothest smoothies and hot soups. 
  • It has all-metallic drive systems for maximum durability.
  • The container lid snaps in place nicely to avoid making a mess. 
  • It’s easy-to-use clean in less than a minute. 
  • The container is made of high-quality plastic for durability. 
  • A high-quality US-made product with a seven-year-long warranty. 
  • A long 4.5 feet (1.37 meters) power cord.

Vitamix E320 Review: Cons

  • The blades can’t slice ingredients.
  • It operates at very high noise levels. 
  • The included tamper feels cheap and flimsy. 

Vitamix E320 Review: FAQs & Answers!

1. Is Vitamix E320 Good for Smoothies?

Yes! The Vitamix E320 does an awesome job when making smoothies. Its powerful 2.2 HP motor pairs with the 4-inch stainless steel blades to pulverize veggies and fruits to make perfect smoothies.

Vitamix E320 Review

2. Which Series is Vitamix E320?

Vitamix E320 belongs to the Explorian Series, which features budget-friendly Vitamix blenders, including the Vitamix E310 and E520. 

3. Is Vitamix E320 a Food Processor?

Yes! You can use the Vitamix E320 as a food processor for making baby food, mixing butter and dough for cakes, pancakes, etc., making desserts, and other heartier recipes. It can pulverize, blend, grind, chop, shred, emulsify, and even heat soups! 

4. Is the Vitamix E320 Self-Cleaning?

Yes, the Vitamix E320 is self-cleaning. To clean the container, add warm water halfway and a few drops of dish soap, then blend on the highest speed for 30 to 60 seconds. Pour the blended water on the lid and rinse thoroughly. 

5. How Many Watts is Vitamix E320?

The Vitamix E320 features a 2.2 horsepower motor that draws 1,200 watts. The powerful motor allows it to blend within a few minutes, thus using less power!

6. Is the Vitamix E320 Loud?

Yes, the Vitamix E320 is quite loud, like most Vitamix blenders. It has a noise level of up to 98 decibels when blending at the highest speed, which sounds like a garbage truck

NOTE: The Vitamix E320 and the E310 of the Explorian Series platform are the loudest Vitamix models. If you want a less noisy Vitamix, I recommend the A3500 or Pro 750 models. 

7. Can You Crush Ice in a Vitamix E320?

Yes, you can crush ice in the Vitamix E320. I recommend adding 6 to 8 ice cubes to get bar-quality, snow-like crushed ice.

8. Can You Make Nut Butter with Vitamix E320?

Yes, you can make nut butter with the Vitamix E320. But I highly recommend the Vitamix 32-oz Dry Grains container with special blades to efficiently get the best, smooth nut butter.

9. How Much Does Vitamix E320 Weigh?

The Vitamix E320 weighs 10.5 pounds (4.76 kilograms), which is quite heavy. But since you will most likely keep it on the kitchen counter, it has a long 4.5 feet (1.37 meters) cord to reach the nearest main power socket.

10. What is the Difference Between Costco Vitamix E320 and E310?

The only difference between the Vitamix E320 and E310 is the E320 has a large 64-oz container while the E310 has a mid-sized 48-oz container. But they both have the same blender motor base with a powerful 2.2 horsepower motor.  

Vitamix E320 Review: Final Word + My Alternative Recommendations!

The Vitamix E320 is the most affordable full-sized Vitamix blender model! It features a high-performance 2.2 horsepower motor, easy-to-use controls, and a large 64-oz low-profile jar. 

Yet, its main drawback is the high noise levels when blending at medium to high speeds. But if the noise isn’t an issue, I recommend getting it as a renewed product from Amazon if you want the cheapest Vitamix for under $300

That said, the Vitamix A3500 with Brushed Stainless Metal Finish remains the best Vitamix model I recommend. And if you’re looking for a near-silent household blender, get the Blendtec Professional 800.

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