Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison + Best Deals in 2024

Ascent Series is Vitamix’s high-end blender platform, featuring four Vitamix models, the top-of-the-line A3500, A3300, A2300, and my favorite Vitamix A2500!

All Vitamix Ascent Series blenders have a powerful 2.2-HP motor, a digital timer, wireless SELF-DETECT technology, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The digital features are why they are also known as the Smart System blenders. All four models come with a 64-oz low-profile container with SELF-DETECT.

Yet, what I love about the Ascent Series platform is the versatility of using your Vitamix with various SELF-DETECT-compatible containers and accessories!

For example, the Vitamix A2500 allows me to use the 12-cup Vitamix Food Processor Attachment and the Vitamix Blending Cup Bowl Starter Kit!

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison Peter Murage

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Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: I Would Pick the Vitamix A2500!

Which Vitamix to buy among the four Ascent Series blenders is primarily a matter of personal preferences and taste rather than their blending performance. 

Any Ascent Series Vitamix is highly engineered for high-performance blending to deliver exceptionally consistent results and smooth textures. 

I personally would get the Vitamix A2500 for its perfect balance of physical control settings, three preset blending programs, and a convenient digital timer!

Personally, I don’t want a touchscreen on my blender, no matter how responsive or intuitive it is. But the digital timer is a much-welcome feature!

However, I would have preferred it if the timer was programmable, like what you get with the Vitamix A3300 and the A3500.

A programmable timer allows you to set the maximum blending times, and it’ll count down to zero and auto-turn off the blender when the process is complete!

The A2500’s digital timer counts the blending time like a stopwatch, so you must manually turn it off unless you’re using the three blending programs

A2500 has three blending programs for Smoothies, Hot Soups, & Frozen Desserts. But you can access 17 more programs with the Vitamix Perfect Blend app!

Except for soups, I’m usually present when blending my recipes, using the tamper to push pieces of veggies or ingredients down the blades for a smooth consistency.

Besides, it takes 50 seconds to achieve my desired consistency in smoothies, 30 seconds for my cocktails and coffee, and under 2 minutes for most of my blends. 

I mainly use the preset blending programs for Smoothies and Hot Soups. Most of the time, it is only hot soups since it takes 6 minutes and 30 seconds

I’m mentioning this detail because I believe most Vitamix users who make custom recipes don’t use nor need the preset programs of A2500 and A3500

So, you will often find yourself actively controlling the blending process so you can turn off the machine when you achieve your desired consistency!

In that case, get the top-end model, A3500, if you have the money or the inexpensive A2300 if you are on a budget. You’ll still get the same results!

If you don’t prefer the Ascent Series digital features, get the Vitamix Propel 750 if you have the money or the Explorian E320 if you want a low-budget Vitamix!

Any Vitamix blender you pick will still deliver consistent blend results and textures regardless of how much you got it for because they are all built for performance. 

The extra money you pay for high-end models like the A3500 and Propel 750 is for their premium build, extra features, and preset programs. 

I use my A2500 primarily for making silky-smooth smoothies, grinding coffee beans, making fresh juices and cocktails, and sometimes hot soups!

The competitively-priced Vitamix A2300 can seamlessly handle all these, and the top-of-the-line A3500 will do just as fine, so it’s about preferences and tastes!

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: Chart

Ascent Series ModelVitamix A2300Vitamix A2500Vitamix A3300Vitamix A3500
PlatformAscent SeriesAscent SeriesAscent SeriesAscent Series
Motor Power2.2-HP2.2-HP2.2-HP2.2-HP
Height (with Container)17 Inches17 Inches17 Inches17 Inches
Weight11.86 lbs/5.5 kg11.86 lbs/ 5.5 kg11.86 lbs/ 5.5 kg14.92 lbs/6.8 kg
Variable Speed ControlYes, Premium KnobYes, Premium KnobYes, Premium Digital DialYes, Premium Digital Dial
Blending Programs35
Pulse FeatureYes, SwitchYes, SwitchYes, ButtonYes, Button
Digital TimerYes, Count UpYes, Count UpYes, ProgrammableYes, Programmable
Noise Levels (Decibels)85 to 8985 to 8984 (Brushed Stainless Finish)84 (Brushed Stainless Finish)
Container Size64-oz Low-Profile with SELF-DETECT64-oz Low-Profile with SELF-DETECT64-oz Low-Profile with SELF-DETECT64-oz Low-Profile with SELF-DETECT
Tamper Included?Yes, S2 Low-ProfileYes, S2 Low-ProfileYes, S2 Low-ProfileYes, S2 Low-Profile
ColorsBlack, Red, White, & SlateBlack, Red, White, & SlateBrushed Stainless Metal Finish, Black, & Pearl GrayBrushed Stainless Metal Finish, Copper Metal Finish, Candy Apple Red, Black Stainless Metal Finish, White, & Graphite Metal Finish
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: Performance

The Vitamix Ascent Series platform, just like any other Vitamix blender, is built to deliver industry-leading Vitamix high-performance blending. 

Any Vitamix you get, even the cheapest Explorian Series E310 and E320 blenders, are all built for exceptionally consistent blending performance.

Vitamix doesn’t compromise on the performance of all its blender models—even the older Legacy Series blenders like the 5200 and Vitamix Professional 750

1. High-Powered Motors

All full-size Vitamix blenders’ are equipped with a 2-horsepower and a slightly powerful 2.2-horsepower motor for high-performance blending. 

The high-powered motors allow the Vitamix to quickly cut through and blend tough ingredients like frozen fruits, nuts, coffee beans, and so on!

2. Metal Drive System

Attaching the high-powered motor to the Vitamix blades in the container is a metal drive system, which is also consistent for all Vitamix blenders.

It provides a reliable and long-lasting operation, given the motor spins the blades at staggering speeds of over 20,000 RPM at the highest settings!

3. Highly-Engineered Stainless Steel Blades

Unknown to most people, the secret to Vitamix’s consistent blending results and smooth textures is its highly-engineered stainless steel blades

All Vitamix containers have the same blade quality and design made of hardened aircraft-grade, laser-cut stainless steel hammermill, and cutting blades.

The Vitamix Ascent Series blenders’ 64-oz low-profile container with SELF-DETECT has a set of 4-inch blades of the same quality and design

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: Build Quality

All four Ascent Series blenders have premium build quality for high-performance blending, reliable multi-purpose use, and long-lasting operation.

On top of their durable build design, the Ascent Series blenders are sleek with elegant exterior finishes, premium-looking dials, and tactile controls!

They all have a “soft-start” where the motor starts spinning slowly and gradually ramps up the speed, even when the highest speed setting is selected!

This built-in “soft-start” is a remarkable feature as it allows for optimal blending performance by enhancing the lifespan of the motor, drive system, and blades!

Built-in SELF-DETECT Technology

The SELF-DETECT technology is part of all four Ascent Series Vitamix blenders. It automatically adjusts the blend settings based on the container size. 

NOTE: You can only use the Ascent Series blenders with Vitamix SELF-DETECT containers. The regular containers won’t work with these four blenders!

Bluetooth Connectivity

All four Ascent Series Vitamix blenders have built-in Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to pair the blender with your Android or iOS mobile device. 

Vitamix Perfect Blend App

The Bluetooth lets you use the Vitamix Perfect Blend app, which is available for download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The app allows you to unlock a whole new world of Vitamix blending capabilities with access to 17 blending programs and 500+ recipes. 

The 17 Vitamix Perfect Blend App Recipes Include:

  • Smoothies;
  • Nut Butter;
  • Hot Soup;
  • Self-Cleaning; 
  • Marinades;
  • Baby Food;
  • Salad Dressings;
  • Frozen Desserts;
  • Dry Chopping;
  • Spreads;
  • Spice Grinding; 
  • Cold Skim Milk Foam; 
  • Frozen Cocktails; 
  • Nut Milk;
  • Thick Dips;
  • Batter; and, 
  • Acai Bowls.

My favorite Ascent Series blender, the A2500, has the Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts programs. But if you’re always on your smartphone, you can get the A2300 and save the extra $50 since the app has all these!

The A3500 has five programs for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads, and Self-Cleaning. All these are present in the app! So, get the A3300 if you want a touchscreen to save the extra dollars!

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: Control Settings

The main difference between the four Ascent Series Vitamix blenders is their control settings. It’s what sets one smart system blender from the other!

Vitamix A2300 Controls

The Vitamix A2300 has the most basic controls of all four Ascent Series blenders. You have a premium variable speed control knob/dial in the middle. 

Premium Variable Speed Control Knob

The premium knob works like the regular Vitamix knob. It has clear markings for speeds 1 to 10, so you can conveniently control the blending speeds manually!

Physical Switches – Pulse & Start/Stop

Like Legacy Series Vitamix blenders, it has the standard physical switches! A pulse switch on the left and a Start/Stop switch on the right!

Power Switch on the Side

It doesn’t have on-blender preset blending programs or a touchscreen control panel, but there is a power switch on the side!

Digital Timer

The A2300 has a digital timer above the variable speed control knob, which is a much-welcome feature! It counts up the blending time just like a stopwatch.

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison Peter Murage

Vitamix A2300 vs A2500 Controls 

The Vitamix A2500 has all the features of the A2300 plus three convenient blending programs for Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts

Three Blending Programs

The three blending programs are super convenient, especially if you make smoothies regularly in the morning or make hot soups daily or every other day!

Premium Variable Speed Control Knob

So, with the A2500, you also get a premium variable speed control knob in the middle to adjust the speed settings from 1 to 10 and use the blending programs

Pulse, Start/Stop, & Power Switches

You also have three physical switches: Pulse and Start/Stop blending controls beside the premium variable speed control knob; and power On/Off on the side. 

Digital Timer

A2500 also has a convenient digital timer that counts the time, like a stopwatch. However, I would have preferred it if it was a programmable countdown timer!

NOTE: Both the A2300 and A2500 are available in four color variations, including Black, Red, White, and Slate!

Vitamix A3300 Controls 

Unlike the A2300 and A2500, the Vitamix A3300 has a touchscreen control panel and a programmable digital timer with +/- tactile buttons.

Touchscreen Panel

The touchscreen panel is super responsive and intuitive. It flawlessly works even when you tap the +/- buttons with wet fingers. 

The panel displays the countdown time when using the programmable timer or counts the time like a stopwatch when blending custom recipes.

Digital Premium Variable Speed Control Dial

Unlike the standard premium variable speed control knob of the A2300 and A2500, the A3300 has a digital premium variable speed control dial. 

It doesn’t have markings for speeds 1 to 10, but rather, the speed you select is digitally displayed on the touchscreen panel.

You also get half-speed adjustments, totaling 19-speed settings, including 0, 1, 1+, 2, 2+,3, 3+, 4, 4+, 5, 5+, 6, 6+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, 9, 9+, and 10!

Programmable Digital Timer

I have noted that some Vitamix enthusiasts prefer the programmable countdown timer of the A3300 over the preset programs of the A2500. 

The programmable timer allows you to set the maximum blending time, and it will count down the indicated time to zero and auto-turn off!

This feature is super convenient if you often prepare custom recipes that don’t need a tamper and are now used to their average blending times. 

No Preset Blending Programs

Unlike the A2500, the Vitamix A3300 lacks the three preset blending programs. But you can always use the Vitamix Perfect Blend app’s 17 preset programs!

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison Peter Murage

Vitamix A3300 vs A3500 Controls 

Vitamix A3500 has all the control features of the Vitamix A3300 plus five convenient blending programs and more color variations. 

Five Blending Programs 

The A3500 blending programs are for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads for walk-away blending and Self-Cleaning for easy cleaning. 

NOTE: You still get the premium digital variable speed control dial, a programmable countdown timer, and a touchscreen panel with the A3500!

More Color Variations

The A3300 has three color variations: Black, Brushed Stainless Finish, and Pearl Gray. But the A3500 is available in more colors, including:

  • Brushed Stainless Metal Finish (The Quietest Option);
  • White;
  • Copper Metal Finish; 
  • Candy Apple Red;
  • Black Stainless Metal Finish; and,
  • Graphite Metal Finish.

Vitamix recently released the A3500 in more color variations with Gold Label Accents, including the following:

  • Matte Navy;
  • Brushed Gold;
  • Matte Sage; and, 
  • White.

Quietest Ascent Series Vitamix

The Brushed Stainless Finish option of the Ascent Series A3300 and A3500 provides the best noise dampening for quieter operation. 

10-Year Full Warranty

All the Vitamix Ascent Series blenders have a 10-year full warranty covering everything from parts to performance, labor, and two-way shipping.

Vitamix is a family-owned company that designs, engineers, and makes all its blenders, containers, and accessories in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

So, you should expect to get a premium product made with the highest quality standard for a reliable and long-lasting operation!

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: Containers & Accessories

A cool feature about the Ascent Series blenders is you’ll get to use some of Vitamix containers and accessories that are exclusive to the smart system blenders

Vitamix 64-oz Low-Profile Container with SELF-DETECT

The Vitamix A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300 come with the Vitamix 64-oz low-profile container with SELF-DETECT. 

It has a redesigned spout for smooth pouring, ensuring you don’t make a mess on your counter when pouring your thick smoothies and other blends

The bottom of the container has a square design, which is much easier to clean, especially inside the blades, compared to the regular low-profile container.

Transparent Lid & Lid Plug,

Unlike the regular Vitamix 64-oz low-profile container, the SELF-DETECT low-profile container has a transparent lid and a lid plug

The lid perfectly clicks into place, which is a great feature to ensure it’s secure, thus avoiding any spillage when blending liquid ingredients. 


All Vitamix Ascent Series compatible containers and accessories are top-shelf dishwasher-safe, including the food processor attachment. 

TIP: I highly recommend you self-clean the containers to avoid weakening the plastic and rubber seal with the dishwasher

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison Peter Murage


Self-cleaning the SELF-DETECT container is pretty easy, even when not using the self-cleaning preset program of the A3500. Follow these easy steps: 

  • Add warm water halfway and two drops of dish soap.
  • Securely put the lid in place until you hear a click. 
  • Tap the Self-Cleaning preset program. (A3500 or Perfect Blend App)
  • Or, set the speed setting to level 10 (A2300, A2500, & A3300)
  • Start blending (Switch A2300/A2500, Button A3300/A3500).
  • Allow it to blend for about 35 seconds or until A3500 turns off!
  • Take out the container and pour the soapy water over the lid. 
  • Thoroughly rinse the container and lid with cold running water.
  • Dry them with a kitchen cloth or allow them to dry on the dish rack.

A quick self-clean is the perfect way to clean your Vitamix containers, even in a rush. It takes less than two minutes, including giving it a thorough rinse!

Other Ascent Series Compatible Containers & Accessories:

1. Vitamix 48-oz container with SELF-DETECT

It is a perfect size for preparing small to medium recipe batches for a small family of one or two. You should get it as an accessory container if you often make single-serve smoothies, shakes, and fresh juices!

2. Vitamix Dry Grains 48-oz container with SELF-DETECT

It is the ideal container for milling whole grains, kneading dough, and grinding coffee beans and spices. It has the dry-grains Vitamix blades that blend with reverse vortex, which prevents packing, thus creating a powdery effect!

3. Vitamix 48-oz Stainless Steel Container

The stainless steel container is incredibly durable, versatile, odor-resistant, non-reactive, and super easy to clean. And while it doesn’t have SELF-DETECT, it works with the Ascent Series blenders.

NOTE: It comes with a transparent BPA-Free lid, but its opaque design makes it hard to approximate liquid to solid ingredients ratio. It’s also quite expensive compared to other Vitamix containers.  

4. Vitamix 48-oz Aer Disc Container 

If you are a cocktail enthusiast or you enjoy hosting house parties, the Vitamix 48-oz Aer Disc container is a much-have accessory container in your Ascent Series arsenal!

It acts as a muddler and cocktail shaker, extracts essential oils and juice, and chills drinks without crushing ice. It can whip, muddle, foam, and emulsify, making it quite versatile!

5. Vitamix 20-oz Blending Cup with SELF-DETECT

A perfect 20-oz accessory container for blending on-the-go smoothies and shakes. It comes with a blade base and a spill-proof lid. You must first get it as the Vitamix Blending Cup Bowl Starter Kit. 

6. Vitamix 8-oz Blending Bowl with SELF-DETECT

A useful 8-oz accessory container for chopping ingredients and making baby food, smoothie bowls, dressings, dips, and spreads. You must first get it as the Vitamix Blending Cup Bowl Starter Kit. 

NOTE: The Vitamix Blending Cup Bowl Starter Kit has a 20-oz blending cup, an 8-oz blending bowl, and a compatible blade base. You’ll need to get it first before you can separately get other blending cups or bowls, as needed!

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison Peter Murage

7. Vitamix 12-Cup Food Processor Attachment with SELF-DETECT

An innovative accessory that converts your Vitamix to a food processor that can shred, slice, chop, and knead, among others! It has multiple blades for food preparation and works better than most food processors!

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: Noise Levels!

No household Vitamix machine is truly quiet unless you go for the Vitamix The Quiet One, which has a near-silent operation but is quite expensive!

Yet, the Vitamix A3500 and A3300 with Brushed Metal Finish are slightly quieter than any other Vitamix blenders including the A2500 and A2300. 

The metal finish provides better sound dampening than a colored plastic finish like the black, white, red, or slate A2300 and A2500 Vitamix models.

But all four Ascent Series Vitamix are still loud, even with the Brushed Metal Finish, especially when blending with the highest speed settings

But the good thing is you can always bear the high noise operation since the blending process will often take a few seconds, unless when making soup.

It takes 50 seconds to blend my smoothie, 30 seconds to grind coffee beans, and under 60 seconds to make my favorite cocktails

But if you would like to consider a quieter blender, I recommend getting the Blendtec Professional 800, which has a noise level of 65 decibels. 

A 65-decibel noise level sounds like two people’s normal conversation on the couch in the evening. You can’t hear it while in the other room!

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: FAQs & Answers!

Is the Ascent 3500 Worth It?

Yes, the Vitamix A3500 is worth the money! It has a premium build quality for reliability and durability and a powerful 2.2-HP motor for versatility!

What Can You Do with Vitamix A3500?

The Vitamix A3500 will do everything from making smooth nut butter, awesome silky-smooth smoothies, delicious hot soups, grinding barista-quality coffee, crushing snow-like bar-quality ice, mixing cocktails, and much more!

What Does a Vitamix A3500 Come With?

The Vitamix A3500 comes with a 2.2-HP motor base, a 64-oz low-profile container with SELF-DETECT, a low-profile tamper, and a simply blending cookbook. 

Does Vitamix A2300 Have Programs?

No, the Vitamix A2300 doesn’t have blending programs. But you can pair it with your mobile device to access the Perfect Blend app’s 17 preset programs. 

What is the Difference Between Ascent 3300 and 2500?

The Vitamix A3300 has a touchscreen, a programmable timer, tactile buttons, and a digital knob, while the A2500 has a digital timer, a premium knob, physical switches, and three blending programs.

Is Vitamix Ascent Quieter?

Yes, the Ascent A3500 with Brushed Stainless Finish is the second quietest Vitamix model after the Vitamix The Quiet One. The metal finish provides better sound dampening for quieter operation!

How Much Horsepower Does the Vitamix Ascent A3500 Have?

The Vitamix A3500 has a powerful 2.2-horsepower motor that can blend the toughest ingredients and tiniest seeds to a smooth consistency. 

How Quiet is the Vitamix A3500?

The Vitamix A3500 has a noise level of 84 decibels when blending at the highest speed setting, making it quieter than most Vitamix models, including the A2500.

Does Vitamix A3500 Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Vitamix A3500 has Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your Android or iOS mobile device so that you can access and use the Vitamix Perfect Blend app. 

How Much Horsepower Does a Vitamix Ascent A2500 Have?

The Vitamix A2500 has a 2.2-horsepower motor that’s powerful to cut through the toughest ingredients and blend the tiniest seeds to a smooth consistency. 

Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison: My Verdict & Recommendations!

If you can afford the Vitamix A3500 Brushed Stainless Finish, which is the high-end Ascent Series model, then I highly suggest you pick it

The A3500 has five preset programs for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads, and Self-Cleaning for walk-away blending convenience. 

The Brushed Stainless Finish makes the A3500 the quietest household Vitamix blender ever, second to the Vitamix The Quiet One.

If you prefer physical switches and a premium knob over a touchscreen panel,  tactile buttons, and a premium digital dial, get the Vitamix A2300 or A2500. 

A2500 is my favorite for its three blending programs for Smoothies, Hot Soup, and Frozen Desserts; and the physical switches and premium knob

I make a lot of smoothies and some hot soups, and I have found the programs quite helpful! But I don’t need blending programs for most of my other recipes!

Truth be said, I would have made use of a countdown timer on the Vitamix A2500. Maybe Vitamix will design a similar model with this +/- feature!

That said, the A3300’s programmable timer is a super cool feature that I would suggest getting if you don’t fancy the physical switches and knob of the A2500. 

With the programmable timer and a little experience with your custom recipes, you can always enjoy a walk-away blending experience with the A3300

The A3300 costs the same as the A2500, and when you get it with a Brushed Stainless Finish, you will enjoy the sound-dampening of the A3500!

That said, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the Ascent Series blenders and are looking to get the most inexpensive model, the A2300 still does the job!

In reality, an A2300 with a programmable countdown timer would suit better me than the Vitamix A2500 with the three blending programs

Access to the Vitamix Perfect Blend app’s 17 blending programs provides most of the presets of the common recipes that people make!

I hope you now have a full understanding of the Vitamix Ascent Series Comparison and you have finally settled on your ideal model. Happy Vitamix blending!

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