Tap Bio Review: Everything You Need To Know in 2024

Tap Bio is a link-in-bio tool that lets you create personalized, branded card pages with links, photos, and rich media to share in your bio link. 

It employs the same concept as Lnk.Bio and other Linktree alternatives, where you get one link to “house” all your other links. 

But instead of a landing page with link buttons, Tap Bio uses cards with links that your followers can swipe left and right like your Instagram stories.

While it was originally created for Instagram marketing, you can use Tap Bio on other social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and your YouTube channel. 

Tap Bio Review - Peter Murage

Tap Bio Review: Key Features + Benefits!

  • A beautiful link-in-bio tool for Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter that you can easily set up from just your phone in under 5 minutes. 
  • Simple Card: Add one link with a call-to-action message for your most important campaign or promotion. 
  • Multiple Links Card: Works like your link-in-bio landing page, where you can display unlimited link buttons like Linktree and Lnk.Bio. 
  • Instagram Links Card: Auto-syncs your latest photo uploads and displays them in an elegant, scrollable carousel of clickable rich media. 
  • Twitter Card: Integrate with your Twitter account to display your latest or popular Tweets with links, plus a “Follow Me” button at the top. 
  • YouTube Card: Integrate your YouTube channel, auto-sync, and display your video feed or channel. 
  • Email Collection Card: Grow your email list or start building a new one from your link-in-bio. 
  • Image Gallery Card: Add featured images and GIFs with clickable links to inspire clicks and conversion.
  • Card Settings: Access all your cards and hide or reorganize them by dragging each card at the top or bottom by priority.
  • Card Analytics: View card analytics by impressions and link clicks or email sign-ups with daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time reports. 

NOTE: The Tap Bio team is working on a Shop Card and an Event Card to allow you to sell products and promote your affiliates and events from your Tap Bio. 

Tap Bio Review: How Does Tap Bio work?

Tap Bio works like any other link-in-bio tool. You only need to sign up, set up your profile, add links, and share a simple link with all your other links!

Step #1: Sign-up for Your Free Tap Bio

To create your FREE Tap Bio, CLICK HERE to redirect to the Tap.Bio sign-up page where you add your username and email.

Tap Bio will send a verification email to you with a code to verify that it belongs to you. Copy and paste it into the Tap Bio sign-in screen.

Tap Bio Review - Sign Up

TIP: I recommend adding your Instagram username as your Tap Bio username. It’s easy to remember and unique; your followers are used to that!

Step #2: Set Up Your Tap Bio Profile Card

Add your profile picture, a short title of what you do, and a concise bio. You can also add your website or YouTube channel and click save. 

Tap Bio Review

TIP: You can edit this information later in the card settings area to tweak it to align with your brand perfectly. 

Step #3: Set Up Your Additional Links Card

The basic Tab Bio plan gives you one profile card and another link card. Click the “plus icon” on the top left corner to set up the link card. 

You should get the Silver or Gold plans to add three or unlimited link cards.

With the Gold Plan, you can integrate your Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and connect Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to ace your promotions. 

Tap Bio Review: Pricing + Plans!

Tap Bio is free forever if you only want one profile card to share your bio information and one other card to share one link. 

Silver Plan 

  • $5 monthly or the discounted $36 annually!
  • You get three additional cards for 3 more links
  • View link stats and analytics. 
  • Like the free plan, you can only connect one Instagram account. 

Gold Plan

  • $12 monthly or the discounted $96 annually!
  • You can add unlimited cards for unlimited links.
  • View link stats and analytics. 
  • Connect and manage up to three Instagram accounts.
  • Removes “Friends of Tap Bio” card branding. 
  • Integrate Facebook Tracking Pixel and Google Analytics. 

NOTE: There is a Platinum plan for agencies and enterprises who want custom branding. Please contact Tap Bio support to learn more about it. 

Tap Bio Review: Pros + Cons

With all the link-in-bio tools in the market today, Tap Bio faces tough competition, especially from more innovative developers with agile teams. But its pros outweigh the cons for anyone looking for a simple link-in-bio tool. 

Tap Bio Pros:

  • Super easy to set up and use. 
  • You can add unlimited links to the Gold plan. 
  • The cards swipe beautifully, just like Insta stories. 
  • The cards look like micro website pages that are mobile-friendly. 
  • You can use it on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • Allows you to connect Google Analytics for in-depth stats. 
  • You can set it up on your phone, PC, or Mac. 

Tap Bio Cons:

  • It only works best with Instagram marketing. 
  • It lacks premade templates to get you started. 
  • There are better alternatives like Lnk.Bio and Beacons.ai. 

Tap Bio Review: FAQs & Answers!

1. What is Tap Bio?

Tap Bio is a link-in-bio tool like Linktree that enables you to create branded link pages with multiple links to add to your Instagram link-in-bio.

2. Is Tap Bio Free?

Yes, the Tap Bio basic plan is free forever! But it only gives you one profile card and another link card to share only one link!

But to fully unlock the beauty of Tap Bio, I recommend upgrading to the Silver plan that gets you three additional cards to share more links!

3. Is Tap Bio Good?

Tap Bio is a beautiful link-in-bio tool for Instagram marketers. It’s safe and allows your followers to swipe through the links of what you promote the same way they swipe through your Insta Stories. 

4. Is Tap Bio Only for Instagram?

No, while Tap Bio was originally created for Instagram marketing, you can use it on your Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok link-in-bio. 

I recommend Tap Bio to influencers, creators, and brands originally marketed on Instagram but have now expanded to other platforms. 

5. How Do You Use Tap Bio?

To use Tap Bio, click the link below to sign up for your FREE Tap Bio account. Then create your profile card by adding your photo and bio data. 

You can then use the step-by-step guidelines above to add links to your other card and watch the video below on how to get started with Tap Bio. 

6. How Do I Update My Tap Bio?

To update your Tap Bio, sign in to your Tap Bio dashboard and swipe through the cards you have added. Click the “Edit” mode on the card you want to update, make changes, and then click save. 

If you are on Instagram, save the Tap Bio Instagram page so you can always click the link in their link-in-bio to easily update your Tap Bio without leaving Instagram.

7. How Much Does Tap Bio Cost?

The Basic plan is free forever, but there is a Silver plan that costs $5 monthly or $36 annually and a Gold plan that costs $12 monthly or $96 annually!

8. Why is Tap Bio Not Working on Instagram?

Your Tap Bio link is not working on Instagram because you added it to the bio field of your Instagram profile instead of the link in bio field where it’s clickable!

9. How to Reach the Tap Bio Customer Service?

To contact Tap Bio customer service, I recommend reaching them through their email “support@tap.bio.”

10. Who Owns Tap Bio?

Ryan Walker is the co-founder and owner. Tap Bio was created in 2016. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

11. How Do You Make Money from Link in Bio?

The easiest way to make money from link in bio is by monetizing your content with a simple PDF digital product like an eBook, mini-course, or template. 

But other enterprising creators use awesome tools like Tap Bio and Beacons.ai to accept donations, take paid requests, sell merch, and link to affiliate programs. 

Tap Bio Review: Verdict + the Beacons.ai Alternative!

Tap Bio was originally designed for Instagram marketing to help influencers, creators, and marketers connect their followers to what they promote. 

But you can now use it to run your promotions and campaigns on other platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. 

It’s an impressive tool that helps you create stunning cards with all the important links and photos to your promotions. But with the aggressive competition from similar link-in-bio tools, consider checking Beacons.ai before settling on Tap Bio for your bio link.

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