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Which Nutribullet Is Best Peter Murage

Which Nutribullet Is Best? + Best Deals to Buy In 2024

NutriBullet is arguably the best personal blender brand in the world! You may have probably discovered this and are now wondering which NutriBullet is best for you. You’re in the right place! In this comprehensive, easy-to-read guide, I’ve shared everything you need to know to buy the right NutriBullet for you in 2024! This is … Read more
Vitamix E520 vs 7500 Comparison

Vitamix E520 vs 7500: Comparison + Best Deals in 2024

Vitamix E520 and 7500 fall within the same price range despite coming from two different Vitamix blender platforms with different features and specs! The Vitamix 7500 came out in 2011 and belongs to the Next-Generation platform or Classic G-Series, together with the premium-built Vitamix Professional 750.  Vitamix E520, on the other hand, came out in … Read more
Best Used ThinkPad Laptops

Why this is the Best Used Thinkpad Laptop to Buy in 2024!

You’re looking for the best used ThinkPad because you already know ThinkPads are extremely reliable and powerful laptops sold at highly discounted deals!  Lenovo designs the ThinkPad Series laptops for professionals and businesses who need consistent performance, top-notch durability, comfort, and portability.  But buying a refurbished or used laptop can be really overwhelming! There is … Read more
Vitamix A3500 vs 750 Comparison Review - Peter Murage

Vitamix A3500 vs 750: Comparison + Best Deals in 2024

The Ascent Series A3500 and Professional Series 750 are high-end Vitamix blenders with premium, durable build quality for high-performance blending! Both have a powerful 2.2-HP motor, a metallic drive socket, and a 64-oz low-profile container with 4-inch stainless steel cutting and pulverizing blades.  Despite belonging to different Vitamix product lines with different control settings and … Read more
Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750 Comparison Review - Peter Murage

Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750: Comparison + Best Deals 2024

Vitamix recently launched a new high-end blender platform, the Propel Series, with two new blender models, the Vitamix Propel 510 and the Propel 750.  The Vitamix Propel 750 is nearly identical to the iconic Vitamix Professional 750 that has reigned as the best high-end Vitamix blender since 2011.  They have similar build quality, controls, and … Read more
Vitamix E310 Compatible Containers - Peter Murage

Vitamix E310 Container Replacement + Compatibility 2024

The Vitamix Explorian Series E310 and E320 have a basic build quality with simple controls, which explains their budget-friendly pricing! Yet, their blending performance is exceptional! They have powerful motors, metal drive sockets, and high-quality stainless steel blades.  The Vitamix E310 comes with a 48-oz container that suits making single-serve recipes to mid-sized batches for … Read more
Vitamix E520 vs 5200 Comparison

Vitamix E520 vs 5200: Comparison & Best Deals in 2024

The 5200 is the most popular Vitamix blender model of all time! It’s the blender you’ll likely find in most American household kitchen counters, restaurants, bars, and cafes! It won most people’s hearts, including chefs, for its iconic classic design with a powerful 2-horsepower motor, an easy-to-use variable 10-Speed control knob, and the large 64-oz … Read more
Vitamix Propel 750 vs Professional 750 Comparison

Vitamix Propel 750 vs Professional 750 + Best Deals 2024

The appearance of the Vitamix Propel Series 750 looks like Vitamix’s subtle move to replace the iconic Vitamix Professional Series 750 entirely! Both have the same premium build quality and features, including a powerful 2.2-HP motor, five blending programs, and a 64-oz low-profile container! Propel 750’s exterior resembles a refreshed version of the sleek-looking Professional … Read more
Vitamix Propel 510 Review

Vitamix Propel 510 Review & Best Deals 2023

Vitamix released two new Propel Series blenders, the Propel 510 and 750, offering the iconic Vitamix performance and convenient blending programs. Propel 510 is an exceptional choice for a home with one or two people. It has three blending programs for Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Hot Soups.  It features a powerful 2-HP motor, a 48-oz … Read more
Vitamix V1200 Review

Vitamix V1200 Review + Best Deals in 2024

Vitamix designed the Venturist V1200 as a Costco-exclusive model! But it’s now available on Amazon as a Renewed Premium blender for $449.95! Yet, despite being a certified reconditioned product, it has a whopping 5-year full warranty that covers the parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping! V1200 has wireless SELF-DETECT technology and Bluetooth connectivity to pair … Read more