Vitamix V1200 Review + Best Deals in 2024

Vitamix designed the Venturist V1200 as a Costco-exclusive model! But it’s now available on Amazon as a Renewed Premium blender for $449.95!

Yet, despite being a certified reconditioned product, it has a whopping 5-year full warranty that covers the parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping!

V1200 has wireless SELF-DETECT technology and Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smartphone and iPad, just like Ascent Series blenders. 

It has impressively easy-to-use controls with a variable 10-Speed control knob, a pulse switch, an On/Off switch, and a programmable digital timer

You also get a 20-oz SELF-DETECT blending cup with a blade base and a switchable spill-proof lid for on-the-go blending convenience. 

The package comes at the same pricing as the Vitamix A2300, which has a 10-year full warranty but doesn’t include the 20-oz blending cup!

Besides, the A2300 digital timer isn’t programmable. It just counts up the time like a stopwatch. It’s why I would go for the V1200, among the two!

Vitamix V1200 Review

Vitamix V1200 Review: Key Features & Benefits

The Venturist V1200 is a smart system blender with built-in wireless SELF-DETECT technology and Bluetooth connectivity

It’s built like the Ascent Series blenders, including the Vitamix A2300, A3300, Vitamix A3500, and A2500, my favorite Vitamix

Vitamix V1200 Review

2.2 Horsepower Motor Base

The Venturist V1200 has the same powerful 2.2-horsepower motor that you get with the Ascent Series blenders. 

It’s a professional-grade motor with exceptionally great performance that makes the Vitamix quite a versatile machine.

Its high power will process virtually any ingredient to make snow-like crushed ice, silky-smooth smoothies, nut butter, hot soup, grind barista-quality coffee, and more!  

Straightforward, Easy-to-Use Control Settings

The Venturist V1200 has straightforward control settings that are extremely easy to use.

1. Variable Speed Control Knob

It has a variable speed control dial with 10-speed markings in the middle to adjust the blending speed from 1 to 10 manually to fine-tune the texture of your recipes.  

Vitamix V1200 Review

2. Programmable Digital Timer

Above the variable speed control knob is a programmable digital timer displaying how long your blend has been running. 

It has + and – buttons that let you set the length of the blend so it can turn off automatically when the time you have entered is complete. 

3. Pulse Switch and On/Off Switch

As a standard for all full-sized Vitamix blenders, the V1200 has a pulse switch to precisely control the blending process. 

The On/Off switch is a wonderful addition for safety, ensuring that your blender doesn’t accidentally blend before you start the process!

With the Vitamix V1200, you’re always in control! The control settings are pretty straightforward, and using the Perfect Blend app unlocks its extra functionalities.

Please refer to the YouTube video below on how to use the Venturist V1200 control settings and pair it with the Vitamix Perfect Blend app.

64-oz Low-Profile Container + 20-oz Blending Cup

The Venturist V1200 has a 64-oz low-profile container with SELF-DETECT and a 20-oz blending cup with SELF-DETECT. 

The blending cup has a blade base and a swappable spill-proof lid, offering on-the-go blending convenience. 

Both containers are dishwasher-safe and self-cleaning. The same applies to all the other compatible containers and accessories sold separately. 

The self-cleaning process is straightforward and takes less than five minutes with these easy steps: 

  • Fill the container with warm water halfway. 
  • Add two to three drops of dish soap.
  • Securely place the container on the blender base. 
  • Put the variable speed control knob to speed 10. 
  • Turn on the blender and blend for 30 seconds. 
  • Turn off the blender and remove the container. 
  • Pour the soapy water over the lid and lid plug at the kitchen sink. 
  • Rinse the container, lid, and lid plug thoroughly under cold running water. 
  • Place them on the drying rack or dry them with a kitchen cloth. 
  • Finally, use a damp cloth to wipe the blender base clean. 
  • Done!

TIP: Unless you’re in a rush or extremely busy, I always recommend self-cleaning the containers rather than using the dishwasher to avoid weakening the plastic containers with regular dishwasher use!

Weight & Size

V1200 weighs 11.98 pounds (5.4 kilograms), which is quite heavy for a blender! But you will probably keep it on the kitchen counter, so the weight isn’t an issue!

The base measures 10.5 by 8 inches and stands 17 inches tall with the 64-oz low-profile container on top. So it will fit inside most kitchen cabinets. 

5-Year Full Warranty

The Venturist Series V1200 has a 5-year full warranty covering parts, labor, performance, and two-way shipping at no extra cost to you!

Vitamix V1200 Review: Pros

  • A multi-purpose blender with professional-grade performance. 
  • It’s well-built in the US for unwavering performance and durability. 
  • It has easy-to-use controls and a programmable digital timer. 
  • The 64-oz and 20-oz containers are dishwasher-safe and self-cleaning. 
  • It works with the Vitamix 12-cup food processor attachment. 
  • The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair it with your phone/iPad. 
  • It comes with a low-profile tamper, which is a standard for Vitamix. 
  • It has a 4-foot power cord to conveniently reach the closest power socket.
  • It has a 5-year full warranty, despite being a renewed product!
  • It’s available in Black, Red, White, and Slate colors.

Vitamix V1200 Review: Cons

  • It’s quite noisy, even when blending at medium settings. 
  • It lacks preprogrammed settings for walk-away blending convenience! 

Vitamix V1200 Review: FAQs & Answers!

1. What is Venturist V1200?

The Venturist V1200 is a full-sized smart system Vitamix blender with a 64-oz  container and a 20-oz blending cup. It has a powerful 2.2-HP motor for professional-grade performance and multi-purpose use! 

2. When Did Vitamix Venturist 1200 Come Out?

The Venturist V1200 came out on April 19, 2019, as a Costco-exclusive model. But it’s now available on Amazon as a Renewed Premium product for $449.95 with a 5-year full warranty!

Vitamix V1200 Review

3. How Many Horsepower is Vitamix V1200?

The Vitamix V1200 has a 2.2-horsepower motor powerful enough to cut through tough ingredients when pulverizing fruits, making smoothies, milling dry grains, crushing bar-quality ice, and making nut butter! 

4. Is the Vitamix V1200 Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, the Vitamix V1200’s 64-oz container, the 20-oz blending cup, and all their components, including the lids and lid insert, are dishwasher-safe and self-cleaning.

5. Does the Vitamix V1200 Have Bluetooth?

Yes! The Vitamix V1200 has built-in Bluetooth connectivity that lets you pair the blender with your Android or iOS device (iPhone and iPad) to use the Vitamix Perfect Blend app.

6. How Do I Use My Vitamix V1200?

Using the Vitamix V1200 is pretty straightforward. Just add the ingredients of your recipe to the container and securely place it on the blender base. Turn the variable speed knob to the desired speed setting and turn on the blender

7. Does the Vitamix Food Processor Work with Venturist 1200?

Yes! The 12-cup Vitamix food processor attachment works with the Venturist V1200 blender. It lets you unlock the full food processing capabilities of the Vitamix! 

8. Vitamix A2300 vs V1200: Which is Better?

The Vitamix V1200 is a better choice compared to the A2300. V1200 has a programmable digital timer and a 20-oz blending cup despite both blenders costing the same price! 

Vitamix V1200 Review

NOTE: The V1200 model you get on Amazon is a renewed product. But it has a 5-year full warranty and looks and works just like brand new!

9. What Size Container is the Vitamix V1200?

Vitamix V1200 has a 64-oz low-profile container with SELF-DETECT and a 20-oz blending cup with SELF-DETECT. The blending cup has a blade base and a swappable spill-proof lid for on-the-go blending convenience. 

10. What Comes with Vitamix V1200?

The Vitamix V1200 comes with:

  • 2.2-horsepower motor base. 
  • 64-oz low-profile container with SELF-DETECT.
  • S2 low-profile tamper. 
  • Simply blending cookbook. 

Vitamix V1200 Review: Final Word & the Best Alternative Blenders!

The Vitamix Venturist V1200 is an exceptional smart system blender with built-in wireless SELF-DETECT technology and Bluetooth connectivity.

It works with assorted Vitamix containers, accessories, and the 12-cup Vitamix food processor attachment that can slice, shred, chop, and knead dough

The built-in Bluetooth lets you pair the machine with your smartphone or iPhone/iPad to access the Vitamix Perfect Blend app. 

It’s an impressive app with over 500 Vitamix recipes and 17 preprogrammed settings, including Smoothie, Self-Clealing, Frozen Desserts, and more!

V1200 has straightforward, easy-to-use control settings, and the programmable digital timer allows for on-the-go blending convenience.

For its $449.95 pricing and the 5-year warranty is quite a steal! But for $50 more, I would rather get the Vitamix A2500 brand new with a 10-year warranty!

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