Vitamix E310 Review + Best Deals in 2024

The Vitamix E310 belongs to the Explorian Series platform, in addition to the affordable Vitamix E320 and the newly released Costco model, Vitamix E520.

The Explorian Series features budget-friendly Vitamix models. Yet, they still provide professional-grade blending performance. 

The E310 features a high-performance 2-horsepower motor. It can blend, chop, pulverize, emulsify, and grind the toughest ingredients to create smooth blends.

It comes with a mid-sized 48-oz container that suits making single-serve to mid-sized batches for one person or a small family.

Just like the best-selling Vitamix 5200, the E310 has easy-to-use controls. It has a variable speed control knob, a Pulse feature, and a Start/Stop switch.

Is the Vitamix E310 Worth it in 2024?

Yes, the Vitamix E310 is worth buying in 2024. It’s the cheapest way to bring the Vitamix high-performance blending experience to your home. Despite its budget-friendly pricing, it still features a powerful 2-horsepower motor.

The E310 quickly blends silky smooth smoothies, delicious hot soups, crushes snow-like ice, frozen treats, homemade nut butter, baby food, grinds barista-quality coffee, and all the other 500+ recipes that a full-size Vitamix can make!

It has a 48-oz container that suits a one-person home or a family of two to three. The pitcher features the same aircraft-grade stainless-steel blades you get with the 64-oz containers, which are built to withstand the test of time!

E310 is super easy to use and clean. To clean it, fill the pitcher halfway with warm water and add a drop of dish soap. Then, blend for about 30 seconds at the highest speed. Pour the soapy water over the lid and rinse!

It has a 5-year full warranty covering everything including parts replacement, performance, labor, and two-way shipping to the Vitamix service center. For a sub-$350 machine built to last almost a decade, this is a worthy purchase!

HINT: Instead of buying a $100 blender with a 1-year limited warranty built to last 2 years max and won’t make you hot soups or smooth nut butter, why not invest in the E310 high-performance blender that has a 5-year full warranty?


Vitamix E310 Review

Vitamix E310 Review: Key Features & Benefits

The Vitamix E310 is a durable, multi-purpose, professional-grade blender. It pulverizes ingredients to make you the smoothest treats and drinks. 

2-Horsepower Motor Base

The Vitamix E310 has a powerful 2-horsepower motor. The high power allows it to cut through even the toughest ingredients for the perfect consistency. 

The E310 is designed as an entry-level model. It suits anyone who wants the Vitamix high-performance, versatility, and durability but doesn’t want to break the bank! 

As such, as a cost-cutting means to make it affordable, the motor base is made of hard plastic. However, the designs lead to high noise levels when blending. 

Yet, if the noisy blending experience isn’t an issue, the E310 is powerful enough to grind barista-quality coffee, crush bar-quality ice, and make you hearty smoothies!

Vitamix E310 Review

10-Speed Variable Control Knob + Pulse Feature

What I like about the Vitamix E310 is its easy-to-use control panel. It features a Start/Stop switch, a Pulse feature, and a variable speed control knob.

To use the Vitamix E310 controls, set the 10-Speed control knob at your desired speed settings, and then flip the Start/Stop switch on the right. 

The switch serves as the On and Off switch. I always recommend starting the blending process at a low speed of 2 or 3, then increasing it as needed! 

The Pulse switch on the left gives you precise control of the blending process. It works with the Start/Stop switch turned OFF. 

Pulsing allows you to refine the blend into a smooth texture or finish the blending process with minute flicks of the button to your desired results. 

NOTE: At the highest speed setting, “10”, the blades create friction heat that can heat cold ingredients to steaming hot in six minutes. It’s best for hot soups!

48-oz Container + Tamper

The Vitamix E310 has a mid-sized 48-oz container. It’s made of BPA-free plastic that is super easy to clean. 

Just add warm water halfway and a few drops of dish soap for a quick container cleaning, then blend for 30 to 60 seconds!

Pour the blended soapy water over the lid, and thoroughly rinse the container and lid over running water. 

The E310 also has a mini-tamper for pushing chunky ingredients down the blends for smooth results.

Vitamix E310 Review

3-Inch Diameter Pulverizing Blades

The 48-oz container features 3-inch aircraft-grade, laser-cut stainless-steel blades that are slightly blunt. 

The blades pulverize the ingredients when spinning at high speeds to create consistent blends! 

They can grind coffee beans to powder, crush ice, blend frozen fruits, make nut butter, desserts, hot soups, baby food, and so much more!

Weight & Size

The Vitamix E310 measures 11 x 8 x 18 inches and weighs 10.5 pounds. It has a long 4.5 feet cord to easily reach the closest main power socket on the kitchen counter. 

5-Year Full Warranty

The E310 is built to last with high-quality materials and precision engineering. It comes with a 5-Year full warranty covering parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping at no extra cost. 

Vitamix E310 Review: Pros

  • An impressive built quality for durability. 
  • It makes professional-grade blends all the time!
  • The container lid snaps in place to prevent leaking. 
  • It can pulverize even the tiniest ingredients.
  • You can make hot soups from cold ingredients. 
  • A Vitamix recipe book is included to get you started. 
  • The self-clean feature offers easy cleaning. 
  • It can blend tough ingredients like coffee beans. 
  • It has a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.

Vitamix E310 Review: Cons

  • The blade design isn’t ideal for slicing ingredients. 
  • It’s quite noisy when blending at medium to high speeds.
  • There are more competitive, cheaper Vitamix alternatives

Vitamix E310 Review: FAQs & Answers!

1. How Many Watts is Vitamix E310?

The Vitamix E310 has a 1,380 watts motor that produces 2 horsepower when set at the highest speed. 

2. Can You Make Nut Butter with Vitamix E310?

Yes, you can make nut butter with the Vitamix E310. The powerful motor and high-quality blades allow you to get the smoothest peanut butter, almond nut butter, and so on. 

3. What Comes with Vitamix E310?

The Vitamix E310 comes with a 2-HP motor base, a 48-oz container, a mini tamper, and a cookbook. 

Vitamix E310 Review

4. Does the Vitamix E310 Heat Soup?

Yes, the powerful 2-horsepower motor allows the Vitamix E310 to heat soup from cold ingredients to steaming hot in under six minutes by leveraging the friction heat of the stainless steel blades.  

5. Is Vitamix E310 Loud?

Yes, the Vitamix E310 is quite loud compared to other Vitamix blender models. At its highest speed, its noise level is about 98 decibels which sounds like a large lawn mower. 

NOTE: If you prefer a quieter Vitamix, I recommend the A3500 with Brushed Stainless Metal Finish, and for a near-silent household blender, get the Blendtec Professional 800.

6. Does Vitamix E310 Self-Clean?

Yes, the Vitamix E310 self-cleans. Start by filling the jar with warm water halfway. Add two drops of dish soap and blend at maximum speed for 45 seconds.

Pour the soapy water over the lid and rinse the container and lid thoroughly under running water. You can wipe the motor base clean with a dump cloth!

7. Why is Vitamix Explorian Cheaper?

The Vitamix Explorian series blenders are cheaper because their motor bases are made of hard plastic instead of sturdier metal casings like the Vitamix 5200 and A3500. 

8. What is the Difference Between Explorian 310 and 320?

The E310 has a 2-horsepower motor and a 48-oz container, while the E320 has a slightly powerful 2.2-horsepower motor and a larger 64-oz low-profile container. 

9. Does Vitamix E310 Come with Tamper?

Yes, the Vitamix E310 comes with a mini-tamper. It helps push chunky ingredients down the blades for perfectly consistent blends. 

10. Is Vitamix E310 BPA Free?

Yes, the 48-oz container of the Vitamix E310 is made of BPA-Free, food-grade plastic material. So, it’s suitable for preparing all your healthy smoothies, hot soups, and other meal preps. 

Vitamix E310 Review: Final Word + My Alternative Recommendations!

The Vitamix E310 features a high-performance 2-HP motor. It can blend, chop, pulverize, and grind the toughest ingredients to create smooth blends.

It has easy-to-use controls and comes with a mid-sized 48-oz container that suits making single-serve to mid-sized batches for one person or a small family.

Yet, while it’s the cheapest full-sized Vitamix model, its high noise levels when blending might be a huge downside if you prefer a quieter blender. 

In that case, I suggest getting the robust-built Blendtec Professional 800 or the affordable Hamilton Beach Professional with a removable Quiet Shield.

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