Vitamix ONE Review: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

The Vitamix ONE is Vitamix’s least expensive blender. It has a 32-oz container and a simple speed dial that doubles as the On/Off switch!

It quickly blends whole foods to make amazing fresh and frozen smoothies, nut milk, cocktails, frozen desserts, baby food, dressings, dips, and spreads

But its blade design doesn’t allow it to handle tough ingredients like grinding coffee, milling grains, making hot soups, and nut butter. 

For these reasons, I recommend getting the Certified-Reconditioned Vitamix Explorian Series for about the same price as a brand-new Vitamix ONE.

The Vitamix Explorian Series is a more powerful full-sized blender that can handle tough ingredients. It’s a good bargain over cheaper Vitamix alternatives!

Vitamix ONE Review

Vitamix ONE Review: Key Features & Benefits

The Vitamix ONE has a compact, streamlined design. It features a 1.2-horsepower motor and comes with a 32-oz blending container.

1.2-Horsepower Motor Base

The Vitamix ONE has a unique design that’s unlike other full-sized Vitamix blender models like the Vitamix E310, which I recommend as its perfect alternative. 

The ONE has a 1.2-horsepower motor. It still provides the Vitamix blending performance and does an impressive job blending whole food ingredients: 

  • Blends silky-smooth fresh and frozen smoothies. 
  • Makes tasty salad dressings, salsas, and dips & spreads.
  • Prepares whole-food juices and nut milk. 
  • Makes baby foods, marinades, and frozen desserts. 
  • Blends hearty fresh and frozen cocktails. 
  • Chops ingredients for simple food preps. 
Vitamix ONE Review

Yet, unlike full-sized Vitamix blenders, it doesn’t have enough power to handle tough ingredients. So, Vitamix ONE cannot

  • Mill dry grains. 
  • Grind coffee. 
  • Make nut butter.
  • Blend hot soups.
  • Process hot ingredients. 
  • Crushing ice and making iced drinks. 
  • Mix butter and dough. 

Simply put, you should subject the ONE to any blending task that needs a powerful, high-performance motor. It’s the reason I recommend getting the E310 instead!

Vitamix ONE Review

One Simple Control Dial

The only impressive feature of the Vitamix ONE is its simple control dial that controls the blending speeds and doubles as an On/Off switch. 

So unlike full-sized Vitamix blenders, this model doesn’t have a pulse feature that can be super handy for precision control of the blending process. 

32-oz Container + Tamper

To complete its streamlined, compact design, the Vitamix ONE has a 32-oz blending container that only works with it. 

As such, it doesn’t work with other popular Vitamix containers like the large 64-oz low-profile container or even the 32-oz Dry Grains jar. 

But as expected of a Vitamix, the ONE comes with a mini-tamper. It helps put ingredients down the blades for perfectly consistent blends. 

The 32-oz container is made of BPA-Free plastic. It has an ergonomic handle and can be filled up to the 32-oz mark!

Weight & Size + Warranty

The Vitamix ONE measures 8.125 by 7 inches, meaning it won’t take up much space on your kitchen counter. 

It stands 16 inches tall with the container on top

It weighs 6.25 pounds. The ONE is made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with high-quality material and precision engineering. 

It comes with a 2-year full warranty covering parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping at no extra cost.

Vitamix ONE Review: Pros

  • An exceptional build quality with a streamlined design. 
  • It’s super easy to use with just one simple control dial. 
  • It makes amazing frozen smoothies and frozen fruits. 
  • The container is made of BPA-free, food-grade plastic.
  • Easy to clean with only warm water and dish soap! 
  • The package includes a mini-tamper! 

Vitamix ONE Review: Cons

  • It can’t handle dry ingredients like coffee beans and grains. 
  • It can’t blend hot soups or handle hot ingredients. 
  • It’s unsuitable for crushing ice and making iced drinks. 
  • It is not dishwasher-safe.  

Vitamix ONE Review: FAQs + Brutally Honest Answers!

1. What is the Power of Vitamix ONE?

The Vitamix ONE has a 1.2-horsepower motor, with enough power to blend smoothies, frozen fruits, and whole foods into perfect consistency!

2. Which Vitamix is Best for a Single Person?

The Vitamix E310 is the best choice for a single person or a small family. It’s an entry-level full-sized blender with a powerful 2-HP motor and a 48-oz container.

3. How Heavy is the Vitamix ONE?

The Vitamix ONE weighs 6.25 pounds, which isn’t heavy compared to other full-sized Vitamix blenders like the best-selling Vitamix 5200, which weighs 10.5 pounds.

4. Is Vitamix ONE Made in the USA?

Yes, the Vitamix ONE is made in the USA. Like all Vitamix blenders, the design, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly happen in Cleveland, Ohio. 

5. Is the Vitamix ONE Worth It?

Unfortunately, the Vitamix ONE is not worth it for its basic features! The renewed Vitamix Explorian E320 Series is a much better option!

They have almost the same price, but the E320 has a high-performance 2.2-HP motor, a large 64-oz low-profile container, and a 3-year warranty. 

Alternatively, you can consider the much better Vitamix E310 with a 2-HP motor and 48-oz container if you want a brand-new entry-level Vitamix. 

Vitamix ONE Review: Final Word + My Alternative Recommendations!

Vitamix designed the ONE with smoothies and frozen dessert enthusiasts in mind. But its price tag isn’t worth the basic features!

The Vitamix ONE cannot handle tough ingredients or make hot soups. Its motor power is very low compared to alternatives like the E310 and Vitamix E320.

You are better off with the cheaper Vitamix alternatives like the Oster Versa Pro Series, which is built like a Vitamix, for value for your money!

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