Vitamix E320 vs 7500: Comparison + Best Deals in 2023

Do you want the cheapest Vitamix deal with a reliable blending performance, or are you willing to pay more for a premium build quality? 

It’s the answer to choosing between Vitamix E320 and 7500. Both are excellent blenders built for high-performance blending, versatility, and durability!

Both have a powerful 2.2-HP motor, an easy-to-use variable 10-Speed control knob, a pulse switch, a 64-oz low-profile container, and a low-profile tamper.

But the Vitamix 7500 has a premium build quality with improvements for better airflow, allowing it to run cooler and about 40% quieter than the E320!

Vitamix E320 vs 7500: Best Value – Certified Reconditioned 7500 Deal!

I recommend taking the Vitamix 7500 Renewed Premium (Reconditioned) deal. It’s pretty competitive within the same range as a brand-new Vitamix E320!

Yet, it comes with a 5-Year full warranty, covering everything, including all parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping, at no extra cost.

Remember, it’s a Certified-Reconditioned Vitamix that has undergone meticulous, 17-point inspection and servicing at the Vitamix Service Center!

So, you’ll get a blender that works and looks like the brand-new Vitamix 7500. The 64-oz low-profile container shell and two-part lid are actually brand-new!

With the introduction of the Vitamix Propel Series blenders, Propel 510 and Propel 750, Vitamix seems to be subtly discontinuing the Professional 750 and 7500!

So, I highly suggest grabbing the available Vitamix 7500 Reconditioned deal or even a discounted brand-new Vitamix 7500 deal before they are out of stock!

But if you are looking for the cheapest Vitamix, get the E320 Renewed Premium (Reconditioned) deal that’s slightly under $300 and has a 3-Year full warranty!

Any of the Reconditioned deals is a huge bargain and is 100% worth it! You should expect them to serve you for at least seven years with daily use and proper care!

That said, when you get a new Vitamix E320 or 7500, it will come with a 7-Year full warranty. But I don’t recommend getting them brand new! Why? Because:

  1. The brand-new Vitamix E320 costs slightly under $400, while the brand-new Vitamix 7500 costs about $550. 
  2. At this price range, you can get better Vitamix blender models with a robust, premium build quality like the Vitamix A2500!
  3. You’ll pay about $200 more for the brand-new Vitamix 7500, yet its difference from a Reconditioned 7500 is just a two years warranty.
  4. Renewed Premium deals are Guaranteed by Amazon and eligible for replacement or refund within one year of receipt if not satisfied!
  5. The Reconditioned Vitamix 7500 has been in the market since March 2017, and over 90% of the customers are happy about the product they got!

With this in mind, you should get the Propel 750 if you want a brand-new Vitamix with premium build quality, easy-to-use controls, and five blending programs!

It has the same powerful 2.2-HP motor, variable 10-speed control knob, pulse switch, 64-oz low-profile container, and low-profile tamper! Learn more on how the Vitamix Propel 750 compares with the 7500!

The Vitamix Propel 750’s preset programs are for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads, and Self-Cleaning for walk-away blending convenience.

Vitamix E320 vs 7500: Comparison Chart

Vitamix ModelVitamix E320Vitamix 7500
PlatformExplorian SeriesClassic G-Series
Motor Power2.2-HP2.2-HP
Height (with Container)18 Inches17.25 Inches
Variable Speed ControlYesYes
Blending Programs
Pulse SwitchYesYes
Container Size64-oz Low-Profile64-oz Low-Profile
Tamper Included?Yes, Low-ProfileYes, Low-Profile
Warranty7-Year (Brand New), 3-Year (Renewed Premium)7-Year (Brand New), 5-Year (Renewed Premium)
ColorsBlack & RedBlack, White, & Red
PriceCheck Price on Amazon (Renewed Premium)Check Price on Amazon (Renewed Premium)

Vitamix E320 vs 7500: Performance Comparison

All Vitamix blenders are built with powerful motors for reliable high-performance blending, multi-purpose use, and long-lasting operation!

Despite their differences in build quality, both Vitamix E320 and 7500 will deliver the iconic Vitamix blending results with silky-smooth consistency and textures. 

Either blender can make you steaming-hot soups, awesome silky-smooth smoothies, delicious frozen treats, refreshing juices, and much more!

2.2-Horsepower Motor

The 2.2-Horsepower motor is the highest it gets with Vitamix household blenders. It’s the same motor you get with high-end blenders like the Vitamix A3500.

Vitamix E320 and 7500 have this powerful motor that spins the stainless steel blades at over 20,000 RPM, which is a staggering high operation!

At these speeds, the friction heat from these aircraft-grade, laser-cut stainless steel 4-inch blades turns cold ingredients steaming hot in under 10 minutes.

The motor power allows these machines to blend even the toughest ingredients, like hard nuts for nut butter and coffee beans for ground coffee. 

Easy-to-Use Variable Speed Control + Pulse 

The easy-to-use variable speed control is standard for all the Vitamix blenders in circulation, including personal-size models like the Vitamix One!

Vitamix E320 vs 7500 Comparison

Variable Speed Control Knob

Vitamix E320 and 7500 have a variable speed control knob for manual speed adjustment from level 1 to 10, so you always control the blending process.

But the 7500’s knob has a premium build design and an elegant feel! However, if you don’t fancy appliance looks, the E320’s knob does the job seamlessly!

Pulse Switch

Both blenders have a pulse switch to precisely refine the final textures of the blends and effortlessly handle other food prepping like coarse chopping.

No Blending Programs!

The E320 and 7500 don’t have preprogrammed settings. These settings are often helpful for walk-away blending convenience. 

Suppose you’re looking for alternative Vitamix blenders with preset blending programs. In that case, I recommend either of these three:

That said, if you often make custom recipes with a blender, the preset blending programs are a luxury you may NOT NEED in your ideal Vitamix!

Vitamix E320 vs 7500 Comparison

Vitamix E320 vs 7500: Noise Levels

Truth be told, most Vitamix blenders are quite loud when blending at high speeds, especially when processing tough ingredients like nuts!

The E320 is the Loudest Vitamix!

The Explorian Series Vitamix blenders, including the E320 and the inexpensive Vitamix E310, are known for blending with the highest noise levels. 

They sound like a large lawnmower at close range, which is the price you pay for their pocket-friendly prices and hard plastic body build quality. 

Vitamix 7500 is 40% Quieter than the E320!

Vitamix 7500 belongs to the Vitamix Next-Generation, Classic G-Series platform together with the iconic Vitamix Professional 750

The Classic G-Series blenders have provisions for better airflow, allowing them to run at about 40% quieter and cooler than the standard Vitamix!

When testing their noise levels side-by-side while blending at the same speed setting, you will experience a noticeable difference in their noise levels. 

However, the 7500 is still relatively loud! But it’s a sound you can always endure, given that you will have your blends ready in a few minutes or seconds!

NOTE: Both the E320 and the 7500 have a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system for reliable and long-lasting operation!

Vitamix E320 vs 7500: 64-oz Low-Profile Container

Vitamix E320 and 7500 come with the same 64-oz low-profile container! It has a short, wider design with a black lid and a clear lid plug.

Vitamix Containers Compatibility - Peter Murage

Self-Cleaning & Dishwasher-Safe

The container is BPA-Free, self-cleaning, and top-shelf dishwasher safe. Its shorter profile allows the blenders to fit under most kitchen cabinets.

TIP: All Vitamix containers are self-cleaning. It’s the easiest way to clean them! Learn more about Vitamix containers compatibility and replacement!

Large 4-Inches Stainless Steel Blades

The 64-oz low-profile container features a high-quality aircraft-grade, laser-cut stainless steel hammermill and cutting blades measuring 4 inches in diameter!

These blades aren’t razor sharp, hence the phrase “hammermill and cutting.” They cut large chunks of ingredients and pulverize them to a smooth consistency

Low-Profile Tamper Include!

The package includes a  low-profile tamper, which helps push stubborn ingredients down the blades for perfect consistency and smooth textures.

Vitamix E320 vs 7500: FAQs & My Brutally Honest Answers!

Which Series is Vitamix E320?

The Vitamix E320 is an Explorian Series blender, and the budget-friendly Vitamix E310 and Vitamix E520. The E520 has three blending programs for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts.

Is the Vitamix E320 Loud?

Yes, the E320 is the loudest Vitamix model. It has a hard plastic body that doesn’t provide better noise dampening for the powerful 2.2-HP motor, making it noisy when blending in most speed settings.

Is Vitamix E320 Worth It?

Yes, the Vitamix E320 is an excellent value for money that’s 100% worth getting! It has a powerful 2.2-HP motor, easy-to-use variable speed control with a pulse switch, and comes with a large 64-oz low-profile container!

What Can the Vitamix E320 Make?

The Vitamix E320 is a high-performance blender that can make silky-smooth smoothies, refreshing juices, frozen treats, hot soups, crushed ice, grind coffee beans, knead dough, make baby food, nut butter, and much more!

Is Vitamix E320 Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, the 64-oz low-profile container and the two-part lid of the Vitamix E320 are top-shelf dishwasher-safe!

Is Vitamix 7500 Worth It?

Yes, the Vitamix 7500 is worth the money if you get it as a Reconditioned deal with a 5-Year warranty! It looks and works like a new one!

It has a powerful 2.2-HP motor, easy-to-use variable speed control with a pulse switch, and comes with a large 64-oz low-profile container!

Is the Vitamix 7500 Quieter?

Yes, the Vitamix 7500 is about 40% quieter than the E320. It has an improved motor base with provisions for better airflow, allowing it to run cooler and quieter than classic Vitamix blenders like the 5200!

What Can You Do with a Vitamix 7500?

The Vitamix 7500 can do everything a high-performance blender will do! It can make silky-smooth smoothies, juices, hot soups, frozen treats, grind coffee beans, knead dough, crush ice, make baby food, nut butter, and much more!

Is Vitamix 7500 Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, the 64-oz low-profile container and the two-part lid of the Vitamix 7500 are top-shelf dishwasher-safe!

Does Vitamix E320 Heat?

Yes, the Vitamix E320 has a powerful motor that heats cold ingredients to steaming-hot soups in under 10 minutes with the friction of stainless steel blades. 

Vitamix E320 vs 7500: My Verdict + Recommendations!

Vitamix E320 and 7500 are exceptionally well-built for high-performance blending, multipurpose use, and a reliable, long-lasting operation!

They both have a powerful 2.2-HP motor, an easy-to-use variable speed control knob, a pulse switch, a 64-oz low-profile container, and a low-profile tamper.

If you are looking for the cheapest Vitamix, click this link to claim your E320 Renewed Premium (Reconditioned) deal that’s slightly under $300 and has a 3-Year full warranty!

But if you want the best value for your money, grab the Vitamix 7500 Renewed Premium deal. It has premium build quality and a 5-Year full warranty!

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