30 Best TikTok Content Ideas Without Showing Face for 2024

TikTok is the king of short-videos social media. It boasts a whopping 1 billion monthly active user base worldwide, with over 138 million coming from the US alone. Yet, the number keeps growing by the day!

That explains why some Gen Z’s like Addison Rae and millennials like Kat Norton are becoming famous and making real wealth off the platform!

But unlike them, you don’t need to show your face to go viral, gain followers, and make money on TikTok. In this article, I’ve shared over 17 viral TikTok content ideas without showing face for 2024.

You only need the best TikTok phone!

TikTok Content Ideas Without Showing Face

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How Do You Become a Faceless TikTok?

You become a faceless TikTok by picking a niche like sports streaming, arts like painting, crafts like knitting, gardening, and pets among many others that can go viral on Tiktok without showing your face!

The following are the top TikTok content ideas without showing face for 2022:

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Well, let’s dive into the faceless TikTok content ideas

1. Share Sports Highlights and Tips

Unseenfootball has amassed close to 400k followers and 15m likes on their faceless TikTok account. All by just posting TikToks about EPL football highlights. 


TikTok is the new YouTube! Some YouTubers make 6-figures by just sharing faceless sports highlights and tips. 

The best part about it is the many sub-niches that you can focus on. Don’t just limit yourself to football or soccer or a broad area like EPL!

Why not try other TikTok-friendly sports like tennis. Or baseball. Or formula 1. You will be spoiled for choice when you dig a little deeper into some of the popular sports. 

Once you have identified a type of sport that you’re great at! And you have found that people are searching it on TikTok. You can then go ahead and come up with some really cool TikTok content ideas without showing face for that sport.

For your benefit, let’s take the example of soccer. Here are some content ideas to grow your faceless TikTok within a few weeks: 

  • Pick a league with many followers like EPL and share highlights.
  • Pick a player with many fans like Ronaldo and share highlights.
  • Compare famous players and stats and ratings.
  • Player transfers and life, cars, etc!
  • For some sports like baseball, you can even share tips on how to play and the best equipment. 

Once you start to gain followers and views, you can recommend products as an affiliate marketer. Or maybe create your own merch and sell!

TIP: With the sports niche, you will want to edit your TikToks on the PC or Mac. But having a powerful phone like the S22 Ultra or iPhone 13 Pro might do the trick!

2. Live Streaming Games

Twitch is the KING of live streaming games! But TikTok is here to take out the market share of such platforms bit by bit!

Today, you can live stream on TikTok off your PC using the streams lab feature. How cool! Here is my favorite TikTok that explains this in just 42 seconds!


TikTok just released a new feature that allows you to live stream off of your pc using streamslabs #greenscreen #tiktoklive #streamlabs #gaming

♬ original sound – BoredVersus

Well, when it comes to streaming games, you will be spoiled for choice. There are so many games and gaming sub-niches to consider!

What you want to do is a search for the most popular or trending titles. Then make the best TikTok live streams for that sub-niche!

Soon, you will be going viral as the best TikToker for that game. Share your best tips, tricks, and insights on how to play it like a pro!

Once you have started to gain some followers and views, you can recommend your best gaming PCs, consoles, tools, and accessories and where to get them, and make money as an affiliate marketer through your link in bio!

All these without showing your face. Of course, you will need to talk. Sometimes, you might need to unbox these accessories, and here comes the other idea!

3. Unboxing and Product Reviews

When I want to buy a product or tool, I search it on Google and find tutorials on YouTube. But TikTok is taking out this “search engine” market share!

NOTE: Technically, TikTok is not a search engine, but there are so many videos and tutorials which makes it a hub of wonderful and resourceful content. So, you can search for such content from the platform just like YouTube!

Some Gen Z’s and even millennials are using TikTok like a search engine. That’s the way you search Google! Not because they aren’t aware of Google, but because they want real-life “results” from real people’s experiences!

Such that, you will find them searching terms like “best keyboard for phone” or “iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13” on the TikTok search bar.

That gives you some great TikTok content ideas to go faceless and go viral. You can do product reviews, comparisons, or even product unboxing, how to use them, and where to get them. 

A great example is this TikTok video by Samir Elyousfi. They don’t show a face. Nor do they even talk. But it has over 26 million views and 1.4 million likes. 

TIP: You don’t need to go for the expensive stuff. In fact, you can do TikToks for affordable products like scented candles, TikTok lights, and even the stuff that you already own!

4. Travel TikTok with No Face

If you like traveling, you should be on TikTok gaining views and building a following and fans. And you don’t have to show your face!

One thing about the travel niche is that almost every person likes to travel. Humans, like every other animal, were made to move.

Only that technology and options have allowed us to stay in the same place for hours, days, weeks, and even months without moving! Well, they call it sedentary life and it’s not good!

With the travel niche, you have so many options in terms of what to do. There are so many TikTok content ideas without showing face for the travel niche, including:

  • Create city guide TikToks for different cities and towns
  • Review the best restaurants and joints in these cities and towns.
  • Make transition series TikToks from buying flight tickets, leaving your house, navigating the airport, boarding the plane, and reaching the AirBnB of your destination.
  • Share hidden locations in different cities and towns and villages.
  • To make money, you can do product reviews of your favorite travel gear, including the equipment you use for your TikToks.  

In fact, you don’t need to travel, you can opt to share travel tips. Such as airport tips, holiday tips, or maybe staycation ideas around your town and build yourself from there. Then start traveling!

TIP: During my first time traveling by air, I was worried about how to buy a flight ticket, go through the airport, to boarding the flight, and so on. But I found a YouTube, faceless, video that showcased this for that specific airport!

5. Backpacking and Hiking Adventure

Traveling is one way to go faceless on TikTok while on the move! The other wonderful way is to start backpacking, hiking, and climbing.

With hiking and backpacking, you can do it on a budget. And it’s fun if you already enjoy hiking and backpacking


But actually I almost fell off the mountain a couple times so pls be careful #hawaiitok #oahu #hikingadventures

♬ Intro – The xx

All you need is a good TikTok phone like the S22 Ultra. I recommend getting a solid case or cover for such an expensive phone. 

But if you want to take things a notch higher you can get a good camera like the GoPro Hero 9 Black. Or get a drone for a bird’s eye view of your hiking trail!

With hiking and backpacking, some great TikTok content ideas without showing face include:

  • Just walking along your hiking trail with your camera showing the world your amazing views. Like the above TikTok by Avery!
  • Take high-quality shots and slow-motion videos of your magnificent views, then put up a really great TikTok of under 30 seconds.
  • Share your hiking tips, tricks, gear, and so on to help beginners and hiking enthusiasts! And you can make money through affiliate programs for hiking gear!

There are so many other content ideas for hiking, climbing, and backpacking. You don’t have to show your face, but you will surely get massive views and gain thousands of followers!

6. Making Art and Crafts, Like Knitting

The universe is so beautiful that the guys who don’t want to show their faces on social media possess some really cool creative skills. You too most likely have that skill you think is just a hobby!

But I tell you what, you can easily grow on TikTok and gain views by just showcasing the process you take to make your arts or crafts. Or by teaching how to do it to beginners with tips, hacks, and tricks!

During my research for this article, I found this really cool TikTok account that belongs to Sam Nygard. Here is their TikTok that teaches some cool knitting tips for mediocre knitters, as their caption says!

Like Sam, there are many other great faceless TikToks that have been made by some great artists and crafters with wonderful souls out there. Here is another great TikTok on knitting!

All you need is a good camera phone and tripod. And depending on the art you make, you might need to talk while showcasing the process you take to create or make your arts and crafts.

TIP: Knitting is just one of the handcrafts out there. You can do canvas work, lace-making, embroidery, cross-stitching, crocheting, woodcrafts, etc. Click here for a list of over 50 kinds of arts and crafts that are worth a try on TikTok.

7. Share Drawing Tutorials

Like making arts and crafts, the drawing TikTok is a massive niche with so much potential. And the cool thing about it, you don’t need to show your face, or even talk unless you want to. 

With drawing, there are so many sub-niches that you can consider. You can also choose to do it on a piece of paper or canvas or use a device like an iPad or tablet.

Here is a beautiful lips pencil drawing by Painting Power. They don’t show their face or even talk. They only focus on the art!


Reply to @tylerjmortimer Simple lighter 🔥 Drawing Hope u guys enjoyed if so make sure to follow for part 11 #artistsoftiktok #fyp #drawing #lighter

♬ Mount Everest – Labrinth

TIP: Some of the best TikTok content ideas without showing face for drawing is sharing “how to draw XYZ tutorials”. To best to it, you will need to talk as you showcase the drawing process.

That along with sharing drawing hacks, tips, and insights for that specific drawing niche. Later, once you start to gain views and followers, you can become an affiliate marketer by recommending drawing papers and pencils, etc

8. Share Painting Tutorials

Like drawing, the painting TikTok is a great niche with so many sub-niches. You also don’t have to show your face or even talk.

TIP: But I recommend you talk while painting, where necessary! It’s always fun when you share your painting tips and ideas so you can keep your followers and fans hooked on your art and content!


Let me teach you how to paint with gouache… link in bio. #gouache #art #painting #artist

♬ We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) – Fun.

Well, above is an example of a wonderful painting TikTok by Philip where he doesn’t show his face or talk. It has over 30 million views and 5.5 million likes!

9. Pet TikToks, Like Keeping Up with Your Pet

Like having a creative acumen, most guys who don’t like showing off their face on social media also most often like pets. It’s funny but true!

I also don’t like exposing my face out there, but I would sell everything I have, well except my laptop, to share my days with a labrador retriever as my companion!

But I have a few worthy excuses why I can’t have a labrador at the moment!

Including my urge to travel a lot, and I won’t want to hurt such a cool animal by leaving them alone for so long! Or by taking them to an in-home pet boarding every other week. It’s not decent!

Well, that little personal comment should tell you something. You can either choose to share how you live with your pet companion. Share tips, hacks, insights, and everything like keeping up with your fav pet.

The #PetTikTok is a big niche. For example, the above video by Otis the Lab has millions of views and over 14 million likes. Yet, they don’t show their face! They have put all the focus on their golden lab puppy. Yes, it had to be a labrador!

TIP: You don’t have to own a pet just yet, there are so many creative ways to share your insights, tips, and ideas that will be useful to current and potential pet owners. And you can opt to go for the cat or dog niches!

10. Gardening Ideas, Organic or Indoor

I know this doesn’t sound like a TikTok idea for most boomers and Gen X’s. Well, because they mostly equate TikTok and Instagram with the cool type of lifestyle with city living, and so on!

But there are so many millennials and Gen Z’s who are looking to reconnect with plants. In fact, statistics show they are now growing fond of indoor plants, not just pets! 

Such that some are taking gardening as a hobby. Some are opting for organic gardening instead of feeding the now GMO foods that are linked to cancers and other “harmful” effects on the body!

As such, gardening is a niche with many TikTok content ideas without showing face. You can choose to start your own backyard garden or indoor garden, container garden, or even recommend the best indoor plants and so on!

That is a viral gardening TikTok on how to grow peppers by Joes Garden. They don’t show their face, but it has millions of views and over 2.4 million likes. You can even choose to recommend the best gardening equipment and make money!

11. Chicken or Rabbit Keeping TikTok

Like gardening, there are so many guys looking for chicken and rabbit framing ideas. Either for “real” farming or as pets. Yes, pets!

Here is a wonderful TikTok by Renzo where they showcase their mini rabbit farm. It has over 1.7 million views and they don’t show their face nor talk!

The great thing about TikTok content ideas about chicken or rabbit farming is that you can opt to focus on your birds or bunnies. You don’t need to show your face, completely!

You can even set it such that the profile image is a chicken or a bunny! But I recommend you talk while sharing tips and insights instead of playing music. The world needs your voice when it comes to farming!

12. Join the Book TikTok as a Creator

So you thought the book is dead, huh! I’m here to disappoint you. The book is much alive, this time in paperback, softcopy, and audio formats. 

Not just that! Readers, including me, are everywhere to consume these informative or entertaining books. TikTok is one place where creators are reducing some of the great books out there into “smaller, consumable” chunks!

During my research, I discovered that the book TikTok is mostly done by girls on TikTok who love books! Most are showing their faces, but there are some who choose to review books without showing faces! 

Above is a great example of one of the wonderful TikTok content ideas without showing face for book lovers. Mallak showcases her study room with bookshelves. It’s so cute by the way, truth be told!

13. Hop Onto the Shoes TikTok

Yes, I know you’re wondering “what the hell is shoe TikTok”? But it’s actually a thing that exists, and it has so many fans and followers. The hashtag #shoes have over 27 billion views 

Here is a #Shoes TikTok video by DL940 with millions of views and over 17 million likes. In the video, they are cleaning dirty sneakers to a “wow” state!


With the #Shoes niche, there are so many TikTok content ideas without showing face. You can choose to showcase and review sneakers, boots, converse, a particular brand of shoes, and so on.


You can even opt to share shoe pairing ideas with pants. Like what boots go well with what pants. Or even opt to share DIY repair, cleaning, and maintenance tips for a particular type of shoes, like the TikTok above with 21.3 million views!

14. Share Home DIY Life Hacks

Now, I want to make things easier for YOU and myself, because this article might end up becoming a 10,000 words post. I don’t want that. You don’t want that!

So, imagine the many things that you have always wanted to DIY around your home? The DIY life hacks you possess or want to know! All these are awesome TikTok content ideas without showing face!

This is the area where you will be spoilt for choice. It all depends on how far you want to go. But I recommend you pick a sub-niche, for example:

  • DIY tiling for floors and tiles, then grow from there.
  • DIY home decor hacks, ideas, tips, and tricks. 
  • Home makeover DIY hacks, like secret cabinets in stairways.
  • Home improvement tips, wall painting, carpets, floor, etc. 
  • Share before and after time-lapse TikToks with “no face”. 
  • Share DIY hacks when moving or settling in a new home. 

TIP: I recommend you hop on TikTok and use the search bar to find different types of home DIY hacks you can try. After one hour, you will have so many content ideas that are worth trying!

15. Teach a Skill Like PC Repair

With some skills like PC repair, you don’t need to show your face. But with others like woodworking, you will be working with large pieces of timber where you may end up showing your face!

Above is a wonderful example of a TikTok by Kyle where he cleans a PC and repairs it without showing his face.

Such cleaning, repair, and maintenance TikToks don’t apply to PCs only. You can get some really wonderful TikTok content ideas without showing face for watches, phones, and appliance repairs!

16. Join the Anime TikTok Sub-Culture

The #Anime TikTok has amassed over 857 billion views. Not million, billion views! That is an insane number. It’s a whole subculture which so many niches and sub-niches.

For starters, you can opt to just create and share TikToks of your anime wallpapers and how to get them. Or how you make them!

You can go further to share your favorite anime shows in a fun way. You can share TikToks with your fav highlights and comments. There are so many other TikTok content ideas without showing face in the anime subculture.

17. Start a Cooking TikTok for Your Fav Recipes

Spoiler: when I started to outline the article, cooking was the first idea! I saved it for the last because, for starters, I don’t need to talk or say much about it.

You also already know that food is something that we can never run out of ideas for when looking for what to cook. We must eat so we can live to see another day!

Do you know any great recipes that can make wonderful TikTok content ideas without showing face? It’s time to wear that apron and hop into the kitchen!

TIP: Along with cooking you can also try other TikTok content ideas for recipes, meals, diets, and beverages like making your favorite smoothies, keto, coffee, and cocktails. In most of these, you need not show your face!

NOTE: These are my top TikTok content ideas without showing face. But the list can even be longer when you get creative. So, jump on TikTok and do a dig about that idea you have at the back of your mind!

Other TikTok Content Ideas Without Showing Face

  • Financial and money tips;
  • Betting tips and analysis;
  • Track athletics highlights;
  • Biking;
  • Board games like chess;
  • Photography; 
  • Home cleaning tips;
  • Job application tips and tricks;
  • Real estate;
  • Screen recording;
  • Whiteboard videos;
  • Forex trading and crypto; and
  • Car reviews, among other many niches!

By the way, I’m reminded of that time in 2020 when I was Googling YouTube content ideas without showing my face. I even Googled how to make great “no face” WordPress blogging tutorials on YouTube.

NOTE: But I shelved it after discovering I was much more valuable as a writer and blogger than a YouTube content creator and vlogger

Well, you don’t need to show your face to get a following and fans on TikTok. You don’t need to show your face to go viral on TikTok. You can make money, a living, and even get rich with a faceless TikTok

It’s just like many other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. In fact, I don’t know the face of some of my clients for SEO content and favorite YouTube channels!

Featured Image Source: Photo by Ryan Yao on Unsplash

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