Need a freelance tech content writer?

I write evergreen articles and long-form SEO content for tech blogs, software companies, and SaaS startups. 

work with bloggers, editors, founders, and developers to create new content or refresh and update the existing pieces. 

The result will look something like this:

PC Parts Roundup Article10 Best 1000W Power Supplies in 2023 for TechNewsToday [New Article]

Fix it ArticleGPU Turns On, But No Display [Updated for 2023] [My Portfolio]

Buyer’s GuideSmallest ATX Cases for Compact PC Builds in 2023 for TechNewsToday [Refresh & Update]

How-to ArticleHow to Install an Operating System on Your Hard Disk in 2023 [My Portfolio]

Laptops Roundups10 Best Refurbished Laptops Deals in 2023 [My Portfolio]

Phones Roundups: 10 Best Phones for TikTok + Best Deals in 2023 [My Portfolio]

Photography GearBest Lightweight Travel Tripods for PhotoJeepers

I’m proficient in SEO, including creating a winning content strategy, content plans, and topical authority maps, complete with:

  • Keyword research – using the popular SEO tools, your GSC and GA data, and analyzing the competition with top SEO tools.
  • Topics clusters – fully covering the subject area with some easy-to-rank, low-hanging fruits to get you up on SERPs quickly.
  • On-page SEO – naturally using relevant keywords, concise writing, engaging flow, internal linking, and proper formatting.
  • A marketing touch – because I know at the end of the day you want to create awareness, generate leads, and inspire conversions.

I’m diligent in my research. I go beyond the top posts on Google to include user reports from social platforms and forums like Reddit and Discord servers.

My research goes as far as navigating through the developer’s docs, case studies, user manuals, and actively using the software/hardware!

I’m excellent at writing and optimizing buying guides, comparison reviews, listicle roundups, helpful how-to articles, and Fix-It content. 

I can read and analyze complex technical topics and convert them into easy-to-understand articles, user guides, whitepapers, and more!

I’ve expert knowledge of gaming hardware, PC builds, PC part picking, laptops, phones, cameras, kitchen appliances, OS and software, and most tech gadgets!

observe a minimal AI use policy, only considering AI tools at research levels. So, I do all my writing from scratch, including the content planning.

I quickly adapt to different writing styles and tones to suit your brand. I’m professional with my work and timely with responses and deadlines! 

After writing these six pieces of gaming PC power supplies for TechNewsToday in Q2 of 2023, we:

  • Rank among the top three search results for most of the closely related keywords and search phrases. 
  • Claimed the featured snippet for “best 1000W PSUs,” which has over 1900 monthly search volume.

This 6-piece PSU content cluster has increased TNC’s monthly organic traffic by over 10,000!

Got a question?

How much do you charge?

My rates start at $0.2 per word (negotiable in case of bulk or long-term retainer projects where thoughtful content briefs are provided).

That includes the research for facts and examples, writing, internal links, creating the necessary graphics, and up to two revisions.

I can take payment via PayPal (preferred) or Payoneer, whichever you prefer. Please note I have a minimum monthly project rate of $499.

Do you ghostwrite?

Yes, you can publish the content under your name or brand name at no extra fee.

But I would appreciate an opportunity to contribute to your platform with my byline.

When can you start?

I usually book projects at least a week in advance to properly plan myself, do a high-quality job, and observe deadlines.

Unless I update it here, I’m always open to new writing opportunities, especially long-term collaborations with tech blog editors.

Please get in touch now so we can discuss your content needs via email or Zoom and start the writing.