Hi, I’m Peter! A freelance SEO content writer and affiliate marketer.

Let me guess!

You’re probably here because you’re interested in learning much about my SEO writing services for affiliate marketing and a little about me.

I specialize in writing SEO-friendly buyer’s guides, product reviews, and long-form informational blog posts.

I enjoy writing about:

  • Tech gadgets and devices, including but not limited to computers, PC-Builds, digital cameras, drones, smartphones, and accessories.
  • SaaS and tech tools, including but not limited to blogging tools, marketing tools, small business tools, and media streaming services.
  • Personal and home improvement tools and services, including home appliances, equipment, small power tools, and digital programs.

I work with cool people like:

  • Bloggers who are looking to grow their blogging income passively through SEO affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketers who are looking to produce bulk content of superior quality for their sites.
  • Niche site entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource SEO content writing to a reliable ghostwriter.

TIP: Some YouTubers have hired me to ghostwrite detailed guides for their blogs out of their YouTube tutorial templates.

I’m proficient in:

  • On-Page SEO, which helps me optimize the content for search engines so WE can rank on the first page of Google.
  • WordPress, my favorite CMS! I can rate myself 8 out of 10 when it comes to making sites and publishing posts on WP.
  • SEO tools like Ubersuggest, Keyword Everywhere, and SEMRush that help me optimize the content with competitive keywords.

I’m happy working as a:

  • Ghostwriter, where you take credit for the completed task once it’s paid for, by putting your name on it.
  • Contributor, where I write and publish the content on your platform, by putting my name on it (byline).
  • Collaborator, especially with startup SaaS developers, where I take charge of writing and publishing evergreen SEO buyer’s guides.

A Little About Peter!

Peter Murage - Freelance SEO Content Writer
  1. I hail from Kenya. A country in East Africa, known for its annual Maasai Mara wildebeest migrations and a knack for making champions in long-distance athletics.
  2. English was my first language. I learned to speak and write in English fluently before I could speak Swahili, our other official language in the country.
  3. I’m multilingual, fluent and proficient in English and Swahili. And fairly good in Kikuyu, an indigenous Bantu language spoken in central Kenya, my dad’s native language.
  4. As a civil servant, dad was “forced” to have us move four times in my childhood. And while it hugely affected my social skills, I’m glad this helped me fall in love with books and writing.
  5. I discovered freelance writing as a freshman in college. And seeing it was something I enjoyed doing, made an income out of it, and complimented my solitary personality, we hit it off immediately. I’ve never looked back ever since!
  1. My first writing task was a 500 words blog post about a weight-loss pill. The client liked it and hired me immediately for a bulk project to write 50 such articles.
  2. At first, I worked from content mill sites like Odesk (now Upwork). I’d write just about everything including articles and eBooks. Then later, I set up this site to only focus on long-form SEO posts for SaaS and Tech Blogs.
  3. Today, as an SEO content writer, I enjoy crafting in-depth reviews and guides that recommend useful products, tools, and services.
  4. I’m fueled by coffee! Did you know that Kenya has some of the most exquisite coffees ever tasted? But speaking as a coffee nerd, I’m of the opinion that Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe is the best coffee in the world!
  5. Did I mention I enjoy walks in the woods, hiking, and backpacking? Well, I guess I just did! But at the moment, I’d be happy to handle your SEO content writing project so we can start raking that SaaS platform or Tech Blogs on the first page!