Hi, I’m Peter! A freelance SEO writer for tech blogs and SaaS companies.

Peter Murage - Freelance SEO Content Writer

I discovered freelance writing as a freshman in college. Back then, I worked from content mill sites like Upwork and iWriter.

I would write just about anything from articles to eBooks. From weight-loss pills to the best laptops for students, mostly for a cent per word!

Today, I write for tech blogs like TechNewsToday, SaaS platforms like Linktree, and kitchen appliance brands like Vitamix.

I enjoy creating long-form SEO content that actually helps people. All my writings are well-researched and backed with facts and examples with links to the sources.

When I’m not writing, I’m probably trying to make the best Moka pot coffee, backpacking on a budget, or down the rabbit hole of the trending gaming PC components.