Linktree Alternatives: The Best 10 and the FREE Tool I Use

Linktree took the world of Instagram marketing by storm just days after it was launched in December 2016. It offered a way of linking more than one site in the Insta bio.

And it also worked pretty great. A reason that made brand influencers, marketers, online creatives, and entrepreneurs hop on the Linktree train.

But despite being offered for FREE, it came with some drawbacks that blemished its awesomeness.

In this guide, I’ll be detailing why Linktree isn’t the best tool to use for your Instagram marketing. Plus offer you an in-depth round-up of the best Linktree Alternatives to use instead.

Keep in mind, MY BEST ALTERNATIVE is 100% FREE!

What is Linktree and How Does it Work?

Linktree is a tool that allows you to share more than one link in your Instagram bio. It was the first tool of its kind to allow people to optimize their Insta traffic by getting one bio link that housed all the other links to their content.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

There are reasons why Linktree stood out from the onset! First, it does the JOB! Yes, and it’s pretty easy to set-up and use. By just pasting the links and rearranged them with the help of a drag and drop interface.

Second, it’s super clean. You will be adding all the links to your sites and creating a button in each case. The target user’s interface still appears crispy clean. It won’t be cluttered even if you are looking to share over 27 links.

And the coolest thing about Linktree is that you can set things up within a few minutes. Add links to your portfolio, YouTube channel, about pages, opt-in landing pages, and your blogs. Not to mention community forums that you manage (like private Facebook groups).

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

Yet, its impressive features come with some limitations!

I’m sure this far you feel like is the best thing since sliced bread. And before you commit the mistake of hopping on to sign-up for a free account, hear out the reasons you might want to rethink your decision!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Linktree!

The skimmer’s version: It doesn’t match nor complement your brand, you have to PAY to unlock its full potential, and you can still get all that it offers for free.

Let me explain myself for the lovers of detail, searchers of the deep meaning, and the awesome people who look for an in-depth explanation before they take sides.

1. Linktree is a Freemium Tool

You can only do so much with the free version of Linktree. And imagining you as the savvy online business owner I’m, I wouldn’t recommend paying the $6/month to unlock the premium features. Such features include:

  • Ability to add unlimited links to your Linktree (Available in the free version).
  • Make some background theme tweaking to match your brand desires (You get four background theme options in the free version).
  • See the number of times each link has been clicked (Also available in the free version).
  • 5 extra background themes with an option to add a beautiful background image.
  • Change the title to remove the Linktree branding.
  • Fully customize the interface to match your brand. Add your profile image, change button styles, edit fonts, and colors.
  • Get daily analytics with highlights of the links that get the highest number of clicks.
  • Retarget the visitors on Instagram and Facebook by adding your Facebook Pixel ID.
  • Add other admins or a team to manage your Linktree links.
  • Add thumbnail images to each link button.
  • The time when your links go live. For example, when scheduling specific posts.
Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

I’m sure all these features sound like the next BIG THING to most of the Instagrammers out there. But I’ve to spoil the mood by reminding you that you will be paying $6 monthly to start reaping their benefits.

And why should YOU PAY?

Especially when you can do it yourself for FREE. Besides, anyone looking for the premium features probably has a live personal/business website or blog in place.

2. It’s An Undoing to Your Brand

To be fair, Linktree has invested lots of effort into designing a handful of themes and background options that you can use for branding. Yet, even when you consider such themes, they won’t match your visual branding needs.

Needless to say, you will be having the Linktree name on your Insta bio URL and at the top of your Linktree landing page. Plus a Linktree logo at the bottom of the page. That’s if you choose to go with the free version.

If your Instagram community is made up of people who aren’t well acquainted with website domains and internet marketing tools they might be confused to think Linktree is your website.

Who knows if they will end up typing on Google the next time they want to visit your site! Remember, to get rid of all this confusion and compromise, you will need to invest about $72 annually. For me, it sounds like way too much!

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

3. You Can Add All Your Links on Insta Bio for Free

Advertisement and marketing are all about popping your brand on your target audience. For so many times until they develop some familiarity with the brand, its unique values, and why it stands out from the crowd.

The best way to promote this familiarity is by exposing your name or the name of your business to the audience. Rather than exposing Linktree’s name and logo like what you will be doing when you consider their free version.

My top #1 recommendation is creating a landing page on your site. It can be your website, portfolio site, blog, business website, or any site you manage as an Instagram entrepreneur.

Going with this alternative allows you to have total control over the link. Total control over your brand. And tons of customization options. Let me expound how you can go about this in detail!

How To Link Multiple Sites In Your Instagram Bio for FREE

I recommend making your own mobile optimized landing page!

Remember, most users access Instagram via smartphones. With a small percentage using tablets/iPads and a few weird people like me using Instagram Web. So you have to optimize the page for mobile users!

And doing this is pretty simple and easy!

More so if you already have a website in place. It will take you less than 30 minutes to create a new website page, make some brand designs, add your links, and you’re all set! Very simple, even if you aren’t a techie!

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

And the best part about it is that you can create the landing page with the help of any of the Content Management System (CMS) out there. Be it WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, Wix, or Weebly.

Creating a Landing Page on WordPress – Best FREE Linktree Alternative

I use WordPress on all my websites. I’ve done an in-depth beginners guide to WordPress that you can find via this link. Thus, I’ll be doing this tutorial for WordPress, but the tactics remain the same on all the other platforms.

Well, it’s time to hop into your WP dashboard and add a new page. Don’t forget to give it a cool page title and a creative URL slug.

While the page name will depend on your business the following are some of the 10 best URL Slug ideas that would work impressively when linking on your Insta bio:


Tips to Take Your Landing Page to The Next Level!

  1. You can add some ‘take-action’ words like ‘Click Me’, ‘Get Connected’, or ‘Visit’ in the page title to give it some CTA. Always remember to keep things simple!
  2. You can exclude your site’s main navigation and header. Remember that this is a landing page with links going to other sites out of the website. So, get rid of the header if possible.
  3. Don’t be too smart! Adding lots of blocks and highly cute background images will only clutter the interface. If possible, just have a white background, and customize the buttons to the individual links.
  4. You can design thumbnail image blocks and add some cool texts above them. If you’re using a drag-and-drop theme like Divi, Themify, or Elementor, getting this done is pretty easy!
  5. Add a short piece of information about you (your business) at the top or bottom. Maybe insert your cutest profile photo beside the bio information. You can be creative but minimalistic here!
Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

WooHoo! You now have a custom landing page. With links to the important pages/sites that you want your Instagram audience to visit. It’s time to paste the link on your Insta bio.

Don’t forget to take a cool screenshot and use it to notify your beautiful following about the new achievement!

The Top 2 Other Best Linktree Alternatives

Maybe you don’t have a website. Nor the resources (domain and hosting) to get one at the moment.

TIP: You can get a NameCheap WordPress Hosting for as low as $1 via this link. And then use the WordPress beginner’s guide I shared above to set things up!

Linktree is the undisputed leader when it comes to Instagram bio link personalization. But there are plenty of Linktree alternatives that are much easier to use and pack better features and capabilities!

1. Tap BioThe Most Innovate of All Linktree Alternatives

Linktree might have invented the idea, but TapBio is a game-changer. It packs a ton load of features that I believe you’ll find useful.

On the face value, TapBio looks very complicated. Until you navigate around it to find that it’s one of the awesome next-generation Linktree alternatives.

Unlike all the other tools in this guide, it adopts a very unique interface that uses cards instead of blocks. That’s, you will be adding cards that slide instead of button blocks like Linktree.

Tap.Bio comes with a FREE plan that only gives you one card plus a profile card.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

However, their Silver plan that goes for $5/month ($36/year) gives you only 3 additional cards. Meaning that you will have only four cards. If you’re a very serious business or an influencer with multiple platforms, then I would advise you to choose this plan.

Why? Because you can add your YouTube channel on card 1, Teachable link on card 2, Etsy link on card 3, and Facebook Group Link on card 4. And your audience can scroll down the videos on the YouTube card to click the right one. Plus you can add some other cool details on the other cards.

Although, if you have more than four links to share on your bio, you will have to pay $12/month ($96/year) for the Gold plan that gives you unlimited cards. Plus the ability to use three Instagram accounts – best for Instagram marketers who have multiple business profiles.

The gold plan also removes the ‘Friends of Tap Bio Card’.

2. ContactInBio – The Most Brilliant of All the Linktree Alternatives!

If Campsite is the unofficial 1st runners up in the world of sprucing up our Instagram bio link, then ContactInBio is the 2nd runners up. That’s after the undisputed leader – Linktree!

Unlike Linktree and Campsite, ContactInBio offers something different when it comes to adding multiple links on the landing page of the link that goes in your Insta bio. Setting it up is pretty easy.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

These are some of the amazing features available on its free plan:

  • A super clean and easy to use interface with a drag and drop editor with a bunch of predesigned content blocks.
  • An option for adding a super cool contact form, plus social media buttons including Whatsapp.
  • A ‘live preview’ feature to view the changes you are making.
  • It comes with 7 pre-designed background themes to choose from.
  • Ability to customize your links, texts, and buttons color styles (you can use all the HTML color codes you can think of – such a super cool feature).
  • Link analytics – get all your links clicks and page visitors details.
  • Ability to auto-import your links and images from Linktree.
  • Easily connect multiple accounts – just like Instagram – and switch between accounts in one click (a cool feature for Instagrammers who manage multiple accounts).

What makes ContactInBio stand out from the crowd is its full landing page capabilities. Actually, this is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to capture their Instagram audience’s details but isn’t ready to get a website.

Maybe if you’re having an online shop where you sell your artworks, makeup kits, or fashion. And you want to offer your audience a simple opt-in platform while having all the other links to your shops and social media on the landing page.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

The awesome part of ContactInBio is it’s pricing packages for the premium plans. They have business and agency plans priced at $7 and $28 per month respectively.

I won’t recommend the agency plan since it doesn’t make sense for a creative/online business entrepreneur. But the business plan sounds like the best gamble. Its pricing gets cheaper when you pay the $48 annual fee (about $4/month).

Some of the premium features include:

  • 1 account that packs everything in the free plan.
  • Facebook Pixel ID integration.
  • Video uploading – a cool feature if you want to add a teaser video tutorial that will send your audience to your YouTube channel.
  • Removes the ContactInBio branding.
  • Ability to fully customize your page design and colors.
  • You can also add a carousel of images, change the favicon to your profile photo or business image.
Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

Needless to say, ContactInBio gets really affordable when you pay the Lifetime fee of $91 for all the Business Plan features. It’s the sweetest spot for anyone who has like a YouTube channel and online store, and markets on Instagram. If this sounds like you, go for the Lifetime package – you pay once FOREVER!

Are You Locked in the Indecision Wilderness?

I can help!

I completely understand how hard it is to choose your ideal platform among my recommended TOP 3 BEST Linktree alternatives.

Yet, I’ve my reasons for recommending them instead of the other tools that I have highlighted below.

I’ll make the selection part very easy for you!

1. Custom Website Landing Page – Best of the Best!

If you already have a personal/business website. Or you have the means of getting yourself a website domain and hosting. Go for this option. You can easily use one of the free drag-and-drop theme builders offered by the hosting providers.

I always recommend SiteGround hosting. They have such amazing customer support, rock-solid site uptime, and so many other amazing features. And their pricing is highly affordable. You can sign-up for a SiteGround hosting via this link.

The beautiful thing about this alternative is that it becomes 100% FREE if you already had a site in place. And you have total control over how things will look like on the landing page.

Please find some of the coolest custom Instagram bio link landing pages that I have shared below!

2. ContactInBio – If a Website Isn’t Your Thing!

Well, not all of us want the design and update hassle that come with websites!

But you might be 100% committed to marketing your business on Instagram. Maybe you have a YouTube channel and an online store hosted on a third-party’s site.

Such as someone making handcrafts like crochet baby blankets and sells them on Etsy. Maybe while at the same time doing some YouTube crocheting tutorials and selling a crotchet course on Teachable.

See! There is no involvement of a personal website. But this still looks like a serious creative business entrepreneur who is here to stay and make a living out of it.

If it sounds like you or close to what you have, get the lifetime ContactInBio Business Plan. It’s just $91 but gives you all that you need to make a kill in your business.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

That’s, you will link your YouTube channel, Etsy, Teachable, Social Media sites, and Facebook Private Group. Plus a contact form, email list opt-in, and more! It a landing page on itself.

Yet, if you are just starting off your business, you can opt for the annual alternative that goes for about $48. Half the lifetime fee! Click here to sign-up for a ContactInBio account and receive an instant discount.

TIP: It’s not just great for handcrafters, even Instagram fashion bloggers, IG marketing course creators, IG food stylists, makeup kits marketers, and MORE!

3. TapBio – If You’re Looking for an Innovate Linktree Alternative!

TapBio is not only innovate but also feature-rich, making it a wonderful alternative to Linktree if you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to use but with a nice interface.

The 7 Other Linktree Alternatives to Try

Well, there is a reason I only focused on Lynx and ContactInBio. They are uniquely designed with simple user interfaces and awesome customer support.

But there are still many other Linktree alternatives out there. The following are the top 7 I think you might want to try. To be honest, I haven’t tried them, but my extensive research tells they are worth your time

4. Campsite.Bio – Best Freemium Alternative to Linktree!

Campsite.Bio has lots of likeness to Linktree. It, however, packs way more features than you will find in all the other tool-based alternatives in this guide.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

Some of its free features include:

  • Ability to add unlimited links.
  • Add a brief about info and change the title of your Campsite.
  • Connect with your Instagram for images on your links.
  • Ability to make some fonts and color tweaks on your landing page for branding.
  • Add your social accounts.
  • See your links analytics – how many times they have been clicked.

The best part about Campsite is the fact that they claim the FREE plan will be free forever. However, you will still get the Campsite name on your URL and landing page title.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

To get rid of them, you will need to invest another $7 monthly on the Campsite Pro plan. The premium features include:

  • All the free plan features.
  • Ability to use a custom domain like ‘’.
  • Access to Unsplash images on the go (I don’t see it as a feature since Unsplash is already FREE to use).
  • Ability to hide the Campsite branding and control the metadata including description, title, and images.
  • Schedule your links such that they can go live with your other posts/content.
  • Integrate with Google Sheets and MailChimp to grow your email list.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to get a detailed view of your traffic.
  • Add your Facebook Pixel ID for retargeting.
  • Priority support.
  • A 10 days FREE trial that you can cancel anytime.

The most amazing thing about Campsite is its super clean user interface. Plus the ability to add images even in the free version. That’s, you can use your pre-existing Instagram images. Not to mention the ability to customize fonts.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

However, I wouldn’t recommend spending your $7 monthly on Campsite. In fact, it would be affordable to buy a domain and hosting. Which would give you all the options for creating a super cute landing page for your Instagram audience!

5. Link In Profile – Pricey but Cool!

It looks like a next-generation Linktree alternative, but I can’t recommend it. Simply because its Personal Plan pricing starts at $9.99/month. Its user interface can also complicate things for your audience.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

Unlike the other alternatives, setting up Link In Profile is super easy. It takes less than one minute!

All you need is to sign-up for an account. Link your Instagram account, and add your dedicated landing page to your bio. Next, when you post photos on your IG, you will need to paste a URL on the caption.

The links on all your posts captions will auto appear on your Link In Profile landing page!

6. LitUrls – Basic with Hidden Charges!

LitUrls is a very basic Linktree alternative that’s also pretty easy to use. However, they market it as free only to be slapped with hidden charges.

Once you set up the free account, your profile defaults to their Pro Plan that goes for $5/month. And it doesn’t stop there!

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

If you choose to pay for the premium features (almost similar to Linktree), you will have to pay an additional tax of $0.65. Totaling to $5.65.

The free version isn’t anything I can recommend. There is a heavy presence of LitUrls branding on your landing page!

7. Manylink – Free for Life But With No Customization Options!

Manylink is absolutely Free! But I despise FREE online platforms because I always wonder how they make money. Or their long term intentions.

You don’t want to sign-up for a platform that might end up ‘stealing’ your audience’s contact details!

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

But you might want to try Manylink. Maybe they plan to include a paid plan in the future! Which is very okay.

Their dashboard interface looks pretty basic, but that can’t be said for the landing page user interface. It looks bulky with a heavy presence of Manylink branding.

8. Lnk.Bio – Cheap But Strangely Complicated! will give you a random URL when you sign-up for their ‘Free for Life’ plan. It’s like visiting a cafe on a budget when you are already hungry and they offer you free cheese that will only end up spiking your appetite.

What do I mean? The random URL is meant to entice you to purchase their paid plans!

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

But to be fair, looks far much affordable than the competition. They have three premium plans. Pro-Monthly that goes for $0.99/month that gives you everything in the Pro-Lifetime that goes for $9.99 (a one-time fee).

The two plans include unlimited links on the landing page, email support, custom URL, and link tracking and stats. There is also a Pro-Whitelabel lifetime plan that goes for $24.99 (a one-time fee). It includes the PRO features, plus also removes the Lnk.Bio logo and footer.

However, you can’t easily upgrade to the best option once you select your ideal low-tier plan.

9. – Free But Very Basic!

It’s a basic version of Linktree.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage packs some of the features in the free version of Linktree. I haven’t tried it, but I did take a sneak peek on their website.

You might want to consider giving it a shot!

10. Lynx – The Easiest to Setup Linktree Alternative!

You heard it! Setting up Lynx is much easier than setting up an Instagram account. And it still packs some nice features that you’ll find very useful when customizing your links!

Lynx offers both basic (FREE) and premium (PRO) plans. With the FREE plan, you can:

  • Add up to 5 links.
  • Get a random URL shortcode.
  • Work with the standard theme selection.
  • And, enjoy basic links click tracking.

But things get better when you upgrade to the PRO plan. With the premium plan, you can:

  • Add unlimited links.
  • Customize your URL shortcode (the clickable link that goes to your Instagram bio link).
  • Use a custom domain, e.g.,
  • Work with advanced theme customization to match your brand.
  • Use a custom background image to suit your branding.
  • Enjoy advanced links click tracking.
  • And, remove the “Get your own free LYNX” footer.

What I like about Lynx is its super affordable pricing for the PRO plan. It’ll only cost you $5 per month. And you can get up to 33% discount if you pay for the entire year by purchasing it through this link.

NOTE: If you want to enjoy the full benefits of using Instagram bio link tools, then I recommend getting ContactInBio.

11. Linkkle – Freemium, With Ads!

Well, last in the list of the top 10 Linktree alternatives is Linkkle. A tool that gives you some of the features you get from Linktree.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

My only problem with their free plan is Ads!

But you can consider upgrading to their premium versions to get rid of the Ads.

The only cool thing about it is that you only need to pay a one time fee of either $5 or $10.

A Bonus Linktree Alternative –

Maybe you haven’t found ‘life’ in all the 10 Linktree alternatives I’ve shared above. Maybe you aren’t ready to pay, and the free options don’t feel like the best platforms for you.

Why don’t you try Well, it cuts out the frills, but it’s still pricey!

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage lets you create a page that houses all the links to your other sites. Just like Linktree, the link will look like ‘’.

The Free version gives you the page and an email signature. But getting their Pro Plan ($8/month or $79/year), allows you to house the landing page on your custom domain.

Some of its Pro features include an email signature with your domain and extra page features. Such as video, portfolio, and testimonial.

Examples of Awesomely Crafted Instagram Bio Link Landing Pages

I promised to share some of the custom designed Insta bio link landing pages that I have found really cool. All of them were designed by Instagrammers who either use Squarespace or WordPress. I believe they will offer you some inspiration when designing yours.

1. Lindsey Allen Designs – ‘Click Me’ Instagram Landing Page

Truth be told, part of the inspiration for this guide came from Lindsey’s super awesome blog post on why you shouldn’t use Linktree. Be sure to check it out and view the tons of comments from other Instagrammers.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

Well, she also happens to have such a fascinating portfolio website designed with Squarespace.

While I have never met Lindsey, not even talked to her, she sounds like someone who would work some magic when branding and marketing your online business!

2. DHBonner Virtual Solutions – Get Connected Instagram Landing Page

In all honesty, DHBonner’s landing page is the most amazing of all. It looks like they invested lots of efforts and time to design it.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

Desireé, the brain and muscle behind it, is a passionate Spiritual Midwife for Emerging Authors. From what I have gathered, she helps awesome people get the spine to put on paper the cool stories lurking in their fragile hearts!

She is a bestselling author with over 30 years of Professional experience in her works with Fortune 20 Corporations. Her landing page includes a link to her new novel – The Jots & Tittles of Scribes and Storytellers.

3. Big Cat Creative – Learn More Instagram Landing Page

The Big Cat Creative cuts the frills of a premium designed Instagram bio link landing page. To create an ultra minimalistic page.

Linktree Alternatives - Peter Murage

Erica, the genius behind Big Cat Creative, includes a link to her free course, shop, blogs, and contact details. Don’t forget to check out her ‘gram, and smack the follow button. You might get some offers on her Squarespace Template Kits.

Big Cat Creative runs a free course on DIYing cute websites. You might want to check it out. I believe her website runs on Squarespace, just like Lindsey’s.

Anything else to say!

Yes, I know you might have been one of the super-busy Instagrammers who overlooked creating a landing page for your IG bio link. That’s before you finally landed on this guide!

If you said YES, back in your mind, why don’t you leave a comment below with that beautiful page you have just created. I can also add it to this guide with a link and text back to your Instagram/website.

See you in the comments, or feel free to send me an email!

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  1. Hello, please do I really need a website before I can register for any of the alternatives? Can’t I just promote a product without a website?.

    • Hi Patience,

      No, you don’t need a website to register for all of the above alternatives but one!

      That’s the website alternative where you create a landing page with your links.

      TIP: Signing up for tools like ContactInBio and Lynx is free, all your need is an email address, and maybe your Instagram account.

      I hope this helps,

  2. Great article! However, I find it interesting that $6/month is considered as expensive ? That’s 20 cents per day. In my humble opinion, it’s completely okay for LinkTree to charge for their premium features. I assume other people here don’t offer their services free of charge either.

    • True to your opinion, Linktree is a great tool and they should charge as much since they are putting value out there. But my statement was in comparison with other tools that offer more features and charge way less. Thanks for taking the time to read the post!

  3. I would suggest you to try or , It’s Free, works fine with your bio and you get detailed analytics with Facebook pixel targetting and Google Analytics, Priority Links and plus if you get in contact with the creators you get a forever free plan as well.

  4. This was super helpful, thank you! I did find a workaround for the link branding problem with LinkTree… just create a url redirect! I use the 301 redirects plugin on WordPress and created a branded link that redirects to my LinkTree page. You still have the LinkTree brand on the page but at least people don’t get confused by a linktree link in your IG profile.

  5. Hi Peter,
    Thank you for mentioning!
    Also a big congrats on getting a card for the keyword ‘linktree alternatives’ very impressive!
    We now have a free embed your campsite feature!

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  6. Thanks for the awesome rundown on link tools and kind words about Campsite (I’m one of the co-founders and built it). Our free plan has actually gotten even better with some great new features. You can archive or pin your links and we just released an embed feature. You can take your Campsite profile and embed it directly into your website with a simple script we provide!

    Our Pro plan allows you to manage up to 3 separate Campsite profiles on the same account (pretty handy). Thanks again for sharing Campsite. Happy we made the list!

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