Vitamix E310 Container Replacement + Compatibility 2024

The Vitamix Explorian Series E310 and E320 have a basic build quality with simple controls, which explains their budget-friendly pricing!

Yet, their blending performance is exceptional! They have powerful motors, metal drive sockets, and high-quality stainless steel blades. 

The Vitamix E310 comes with a 48-oz container that suits making single-serve recipes to mid-sized batches for storage or a family of two.

Like all full-size Vitamix blenders, you can get extra Vitamix E310 containers, accessories, or the large 64-oz classic container.

In this quick article, I will share all the Vitamix E310 compatible containers and the right replacements for different blending needs.

Vitamix E310 Compatible Containers - Peter Murage

Vitamix E310 Container Replacement

The ideal Vitamix E310 replacement container is the 48-oz standard container it came with! If it’s a perfect size for you, get the same one!

Vitamix 48-oz Container

The Vitamix 48-oz container has a 3-inch hardened, laser-cut stainless steel cutting and pulverizing blade assembly. 

It’s the same blade design, quality, and size as the Vitamix 64-oz classic container and the Vitamix 32-oz wet container.

The 48-oz container has a vented lid and a mini tamper. It’s BPA-free and self-cleaning but not dishwasher-safe.

TIP: Instead of the 48-oz container, you’re better off getting the larger 64-oz classic container, which costs almost the same but has a soft rubber grip handle.

Vitamix E310 Container Replacement
Vitamix 48-oz Container for E310

48-oz Container Blades Replacement

If your 48-oz container plastic shell and lid are in good condition, you can replace the blades instead of getting a new container. 

Yes! Vitamix sells the 3-inch stainless steel blade assembly that fits the 48-oz, 32-oz wet, and 64-oz classic containers

The 3-inch Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly is of the same design, quality, and size you get with a brand-new container. 

The package has an easy-to-use manual for your convenience. It’s something you can DIY right on your kitchen counter.

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly
3-inch Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

Vitamix E310 Compatible Containers 

The Vitamix E310 is compatible with the 64-oz classic container, the 32-oz dry grains container, and the 32-oz wet container.

Other compatible accessories include the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter with 20-oz cups and the Vitamix 48-oz Stainless Steel container. 

Can You Put a 64-oz Container on a Vitamix E310?

While Vitamix doesn’t officially confirm it, you can use the 64-oz classic container with your Vitamix Explorian E310. 

The blender has a powerful 2-horsepower motor—the same motor power as the Vitamix 5200, which uses the same 64-oz classic container. 

In fact, if you’re looking to replace the 48-oz container your E310 came with, you’re better off getting the 64-oz classic container. 

NOTE: Vitamix sells the 64-oz classic container in two designs: an affordable one with a plastic handle and a pricer one with an ergonomic soft rubber handle!

You can also get after-market 64-oz classic containers. Third-party manufacturers make these cheaper copies to look almost like the original!

Vitamix Containers Compatibility
Vitamix 64-oz Classic Container for E310

Vitamix 32-oz Wet Container

The Vitamix 32-oz wet container is perfect for making single-serve smoothies, shakes, and frozen drinks. 

You can then transfer the blend to your to-go cup and enjoy your delicious treat while going to the gym, office, or school.

As mentioned, it has the same 3-inch hardened stainless steel blades as the 48-oz and 64-oz classic containers.

Vitamix Containers Compatibility
Vitamix 32-oz Dry Grains Container

Vitamix 32-oz Dry Grains Container

The 32-oz dry-grains container has 3-inch hardened stainless steel blades. However, the design differs from the wet container blades. 

The dry blades blend in a reverse vortex. The ingredients rinse at the center and go down the blades on the edge of the container. 

This blending mechanism prevents “ingredients packing” to achieve smooth, powdery results when processing dry ingredients

Wet blades blend in a cyclonic vortex. Ingredients go down the blades at the center and rise on the edges, creating consistent liquid. 

The Vitamix 32-oz dry-grains container is ideal for grinding coffee beans and spices, milling cereals for fresh flour, and kneading dough. 

Vitamix Containers Compatibility

Vitamix 64-oz Classic vs 64-oz Low-Profile Container

The Vitamix 64-oz classic container I recommend here differs from the 64-oz low-profile container of the Vitamix E320.  

The low-profile container is shorter. It has a wider base with 4-inch laser-cut, hardened stainless steel blades.

Vitamix says the low-profile container is meant for the slightly powerful 2.2-HP motors due to the larger blades. 

The 2.2-HP motor blenders that use the low-profile container include Vitamix Propel 750, Professional 750, and 7500.

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Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter with 20-oz Cups

The Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter brings the convenience of a personal blender to the E310’s motor base so you can blend in the 20-oz cups to drink on the go. 

The adapter has high-quality, laser-cut, hardened stainless steel blades. It comes with two 20-oz blending cups and two spill-proof lids.

My favorite feature is the double-insulated material of the 20-oz blending cups. The design allows them to maintain cold temperatures while on the go. 

The adapter, blending cups, and lids are BPA-free and top-rack dishwasher-safe. But I recommend handwashing these components for an enhanced lifespan. 

It’s compatible with all full-size Vitamix blenders except the Ascent Series machines. So, it works with the Vitamix Professional 750, 7500, and 5200, etc

If you enjoy drinking smoothies, shakes, and frozen drinks on the go, you should get this Personal Cup Adapter. It has a 3-year full warranty!

Vitamix Stainless Steel Container, 48-oz

The Vitamix 48-oz stainless steel container is compatible with all full-size Vitamix blenders, including the Explorian Series E310. 

It’s remarkably well-built for durability! It has a non-reactive design that makes it super versatile for hot, cold, and acidic blending

The container is odor and stain-resistant. The clear plastic lid is BPA-free. And the container and lid are top-rack dishwasher-safe. 

It has high-quality aircraft-grade, laser-cut, hardened stainless steel cutting and pulverizing blades that won’t dull over time

The stainless steel container is an excellent choice if you make a lot of hot soups with acidic ingredients like tomatoes and spices. 

Such ingredients tend to stain plastic containers, leaving them permanently cloudy. That’s why professional chefs prefer stainless steel

Like other Vitamix containers, it comes with a low-profile tamper and a 3-year full warranty that includes two-way shipping. 

Vitamix E310 Container: Is a 48-ounce Blender Enough?

The simple answer is YES! The 48-oz container you get with the Vitamix Propel 510 and the E310 is enough for a one to two-person home

But a larger 64-oz classic container is better. Follow this link to learn more about Vitamix container compatibility and replacement charts!

If you’re shopping for a Vitamix E310 replacement container, I recommend getting the larger 64-oz classic container with a soft grip rubber handle.

That said, if you’re looking to buy a new Vitamix blender, please follow this link to the one-stop guide on which Vitamix to buy!

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At the moment, the A3500 and Propel 750 are the best premium-built Vitamix blenders, while the Vitamix E520 is the best affordable option

You can also opt for the cheaper Vitamix alternatives or an affordable full-size Ninja blender, like the Ninja Professional 1000.  

Finally, I recommend checking this NurtiBullet personal blender guide. They are best for making on-the-go smoothies, shakes, and frozen drinks. 

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