Vitamix E520 Review: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Vitamix recently released the E520 as a Costco-exclusive model with a 64-oz low-profile container and two reusable 24-oz chilly tumblers with steel straws

The Vitamix E520 is an Explorian Series model with a powerful 2-HP motor. It has the same motor power as the Vitamix 5200 and the inexpensive Vitamix E310

The unique feature of the newly released Vitamix E520 is the three preset programs for Smoothies, Hot Soup, and Frozen Desserts for walkaway blending and multitasking

The easy-to-use variable speed control knob controls these programs. It also has a pulse switch, an On/Off switch, and a convenient power switch with a blue LED.

The Vitamix E520 is now available on Amazon for a LIMITED time without the two reusable 24-oz chilly tumblers for about $349.95 as a Renewed Premium deal with a 3-year full warranty!

I highly recommend you grab this E520’s Amazon Renewed Premium deal! Despite being a reconditioned Vitamix, it looks and works new, and the warranty covers everything, including two-way shipping!

Vitamix E520 Review

Vitamix E520 Review: Key Features & Benefits

As mentioned, the Vitamix E520 is a recent addition to the Vitamix Blender family! It features a 2-HP motor base, a 64-oz low-profile container, an easy-to-use control knob with 3 preset programs, and a pulse feature. 

2-Horsepower Motor Base

The E520 belongs to the Explorian Series platform. It features a robust-built motor base with a powerful 2-horsepower motor

It’s the same motor power you get with the entry-level Vitamix E310 and the best-selling Vitamix 5200

The motor has all the power needed for multi-purpose blending. The blades will easily cut through tough ingredients when spinning at high speeds!

Vitamix E520 Review - Peter Murage

10-Speed Variable Control Knob with 3 Presets 

The Vitamix E520 has easy-to-use controls. A variable speed control knob is in the middle for controlling the 10-Speed settings and 3 preset programs.

The three preprogram settings include Smoothies, Hot Soup, and Frozen Desserts, which provide a walkaway blending convenience. 

I especially like the Hot Soup preset program because it’s handy if you like making hot soups to accompany your other meals

NOTE: Other blenders like the Vitamix 7500 don’t have a Hot Soup preset, but you can still make steaming-hot soups in them by blending cold ingredients at maximum speeds for six minutes due to the friction heat of the spinning blades.

Pulse Feature

On top of the three preset programs, there is also a Pulse feature for precision control over the blending process for perfectly consistent blends

64-oz Low-Profile Container with 4-Inch Blades

The Vitamix E520 has the same 64-oz low-profile container you get with the Explorian Series Vitamix E320 and the Classic C-Series Vitamix 5300

It’s also the same container you get with the Vitamix 750 of the Next-Generation Series platform, which I highly recommend over the E520. 

As a standard, the 64-oz low-profile container features 4-inch aircraft-grade, laser-cut stainless steel hammermill blades for pulverizing

Yes, Vitamix doesn’t blend by cutting the ingredients! All its blades aren’t razor-sharp to the touch, but they are slightly blunt!

The design allows them to pulverize, grind, chop, emulsify, and even heat cold ingredients to steaming hot when spinning at high speeds.

Vitamix E520 Review

Two 24-oz Tumblers with Straws

Apart from the three preset programs, the other unique feature of the Vitamix E520 is the two included 24-oz tumblers with steel straws

The tumblers have a sleek design so that you can take them anywhere! They are reusable and made of high-quality material for durability. 

Yet, what I love about them is the spill-proof design. You can keep them upside down, and your smoothie or shake won’t leak. 

They come with two silicone-tip, stainless steel straws that ingeniously fit into the included straw insert so you can drink on the go! 

Moreover, the tumblers are condensation-free and can keep your iced drinks or chilly treats iced for 18 hours.

Weight & Size

The E520 is a full-sized Vitamix blender. The motor base measures 9 by 7.5 inches so that it won’t take a large footprint on your kitchen counter.

It has a 4.5-foot-long power cord to reach the closest main power socket. It stands 17.5 inches tall with the 64-oz low-profile container on top!

The design allows it to fit in most kitchen cabinets. But since it weighs 10.2 pounds, which is heavy, I suggest keeping it on the kitchen counter. 

7-Year Full Warranty

Vitamix E520 is designed with precision engineering and is built with high-quality materials for durability. It comes with a 7-year full warranty covering parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping at no extra cost.

Vitamix E520 Review: Pros

  • A professional-grade, multipurpose blender. 
  • It does an awesome job when blending smoothies and making soups
  • It comes at great pricing with two 24-oz tumblers. 
  • It has a hot soup preset program to make hot soups quickly.
  • The tumblers are super handy for drinking smoothies on the go. 
  • It easily self-cleans in less than a minute!
  • The package includes a tamper and a cookbook. 
  • It comes in two colors; slate and black.
  • A massive seven-year-long full warranty! 

Vitamix E520 Review: Cons

  • The blades aren’t designed for slicing. 
  • It’s still quite loud, even at medium blending speeds. 
  • The Vitamix 750 is a much better alternative!  

Vitamix E520 Review: FAQs + Brutally Honest Answers!

1. Is Vitamix E520 a Professional Blender?

Yes, the Vitamix E520 is a professional-grade blender. Its powerful 2-HP motor allows it to blend, pulverize, and puree any whole-food ingredients you put in it.

Vitamix E520 Review

2. Does the Vitamix E520 blender Come with two Tumblers?

Yes, the Vitamix E520 comes with two 24-oz tumblers with straws. The tumblers are handy for taking your hearty smoothies and delicious shakes to school or work on the go!

3. What Comes with Vitamix E520?

The Vitamix E520 has a 2-HP motor base, a 64-oz low-profile container, a low-profile tamper, two 24-oz tumbler cups with straws, and a first blends cookbook.

4. How Many Watts is Vitamix E520?

The Vitamix E520 has a 1,380-watt motor that produces 2 horsepower when set at the highest speed.

5. Does the Vitamix E520 Heat Soup?

Yes, the Vitamix E520 has a hot soup preset program that makes hot soups out of cold ingredients in just a few minutes

The E520 leverages the friction heat created by the high-quality, laser-cut blades to heat cold soups and ingredients into steaming hot.

6. Can You Make Nut Butter with Vitamix E520?

Yes, you can make nut butter with the Vitamix E520. Its high-performance motor and high-quality blades give you the smoothest peanut and almond butter.

7. What is the Difference Between Explorian E320 and E520?

The E320 has a 2.2-horsepower motor with no preset programs, while the E520 has a 2-horsepower motor and 3 preset programs. They both come with the same 64-oz low-profile container. Check out my Vitamix E520 vs E320 comparison guide and buying tips here!

Vitamix E520 Review - Peter Murage

8. Which is Better Between Vitamix E520 and 750?

The Vitamix 750 is much better than the brand-new E520 Costco exclusive model. The 750 has a slightly powerful 2.2-HP motor and 5 preset programs

9. Which is Better Between Vitamix E520 and E310?

The Vitamix E310 is a better choice if you want a cheaper Vitamix, but the E520 is best for a family of two or more that makes a lot of smoothies and hot soups.

10. Does Vitamix E520 Come with a Tamper?

Yes, the Vitamix E520 comes with a low-profile tamper. It helps push chunky ingredients down the blades for perfectly consistent blends. 

Vitamix E520 Review: My Verdict + Alternative Recommendations!

A Vitamix blender is a health investment and not just a kitchen appliance. Most Vitamix blenders last at least ten years with daily use without any repair!

As such, when choosing your ideal Vitamix model, I often recommend you make a wise choice by thinking one decade aheadCheck this comprehensive Vitamix comparison guide on which Vitamix to buy!

The Vitamix E520 Renewed Premium costs about $349.95 on Amazon, which is a super cool deal that I would grab without any second thoughts!

It’s the same price for a brand new Vitamix E310 with a 5-year full warranty and a medium-sized 48-oz container that suits a family of one to two!

Yet, both can make anything blendable, from steaming-hot soups to frozen desserts, nut butter, bar-quality-crushed ice, grind barista-quality coffee, baby food, and much more!

That said, if you prefer a quieter Vitamix, I recommend the A3500 with Brushed Stainless Metal Finish, and for a near-silent household blender, get the Blendtec Professional 800.

Lastly, I recommend checking the Ninja BL610 Professional, which costs under $100, if you’re looking for the cheapest Vitamix alternatives.

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