Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750: Comparison + Best Deals 2024

Vitamix recently launched a new high-end blender platform, the Propel Series, with two new blender models, the Vitamix Propel 510 and the Propel 750

The Vitamix Propel 750 is nearly identical to the iconic Vitamix Professional 750 that has reigned as the best high-end Vitamix blender since 2011. 

They have similar build quality, controls, and blending performance, including a 2.2-HP motor, five blending programs, and a 64-oz low-profile container. 

I recently did a detailed comparison of Vitamix A3500 vs Professional 750. This Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750 comparison will sound like an up-to-date recap of the same!

TL;DR – A3500 Wins on Versatility, and Propel 750 on Simplicity!

The A3500 and Propel 750 are premium-built with professional-grade engineering to deliver the same blending performance and blend quality!

You won’t make better smoothies with the Propel 750 than the A3500. Whichever you pick between the two will make high-quality blends!

But the Vitamix Propel 750 stays true to what the traditional classic Vitamix blender was intended to do – a powerful, versatile, durable, but simple machine!

It has a 7-year full warranty, but you should expect it to last at least 10 years, even with multiple daily uses, just like the iconic Vitamix Pro 750. 

But to take your blending experience a notch higher, the A3500 wins on versatility with an array of compatible accessories, including the food processor attachment. 

The programmable timer is one of its exceptional features! That alone is worth switching from the Propel 750 to the A3500! 

Keep in mind, they cost almost the same! But the A3500 has a 10-year full warranty, which is three years longer for your peace of mind. 

With the A3500, you can use the 48-oz Aer Disc container for cocktails and get the 12-cup food processor attachment. It’s a game-changer!

The Aer Disc is an excellent accessory container for cocktail enthusiasts and people who frequently host house parties. It acts as a cocktail shaker and muddler. 

The A3500 features built-in Bluetooth to connect your iOS and Android devices to access the Vitamix Perfect Blend app. It has 17 programs and 500+ recipes. 

That said, if you want to enjoy the classic-style physical switches of the Propel 750 and the wireless connectivity of the A3500, get the Vitamix A2500

The Propel 750 only comes in black color, but the A3500 is available in close to ten colors, including the A3500 Metal Finish, which is slightly quieter!

Other A3500 colors include the recently introduced Gold Lable Accents, including the Matte Navy, White, Matte Sage, and Brushed Gold. 

Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750: Comparison Chart

Vitamix A3500Vitamix Propel 750
PlatformAscent SeriesPropel Series
Motor Power2.2-HP2.2-HP
Variable Speed ControlYes, Premium Digital DialYes, Premium Knob
Blending Programs55
Pulse FeatureYes, Tactile ButtonYes, Physical Switch
Touchscreen PanelYes
Programmable TimerYes
Container Size64-oz Low-Profile with SELF-DETECT64-oz Low-Profile
Dishwasher-SafeYes, Top-RackYes, Top-Rack
Tamper Included?Yes, S2 Low-ProfileYes, Low-Profile
Warranty10-Year Full Warranty7-Year Full Warranty
Height (with Container)17-inches18-inches
Weight14.92 lbs (6.8 kg)10.1 lbs (4.6 kg)
Power Cord4-feet (1.2 m)5.9-feet (1.8 m)
Available ColorsUp to 10 Different ColorsBlack
PriceCheck for the Best PricesCheck for the Best Prices

Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750: Performance Comparison

Vitamix doesn’t compromise on the blending performance of all the machines it has ever made since the launch of the Classic Series blenders!

All Vitamix blenders share three unique features that deliver industry-leading blending performance for smooth blends with consistent textures. 

1. High-Powered 2.2-HP Motors

Full-size Vitamix blenders have high-powered motors with either 2-horsepower or 2.2-peak horsepower that deliver over 20,000 RPM. 

A blending cycle of over twenty thousand rotations per minute is staggering high! It guarantees you always get smoothly consistent textures in all your blends. 

The Vitamix A3500 and Propel 750 have powerful 2.2-HP motors to blend tough ingredients with tiny seeds into smooth blends!

2. Durable Metallic Drive Socket

Vitamix blenders have a durable metal drive socket, connecting the high-powered motor to the blades for a reliable and long-lasting blending operation. 

The Vitamix A3500 and Propel 750 have the same features! The drive socket is of the industry’s highest quality for consistent blends always!

Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750 Comparison Review - Peter Murage

3. High-Quality Stainless Steel Blades

All Vitamix containers share the same hardened aircraft-grade, laser-cut stainless steel cutting and pulverizing blades.

The A3500 and Propel 750 come with 64-oz low-profile containers with 4-inch blades of the same quality. But these containers aren’t interchangeable!

Propel 750 has the same container as the Pro 750. It has an ergonomic rubber grip handle, a black lid, and a clear lid insert!

The lid insert doubles as an ounce measurer. The container has clear markings for milliliter, liters, ounces, and cup measurements!

The A3500 has a 64-oz low-profile container with SELF-DETECT to pair with the built-in wireless SELF-DETECT technology

SELT-DETECT allows the blender to detect the container size and auto-adjust its settings and maximum blending times. 

All Vitamix Ascent Series blenders have this wireless technology, including the inexpensive A2300, my favorite Vitamix A2500, and the A3300

They also have built-in Bluetooth connectivity that lets you pair the machine with your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device!

When paired, you can access and use the Vitamix Perfect Blend app, which has 17 blending programs and over 500 recipes. 

Click here to learn more about the four Vitamix Ascent Series blenders, their differences, compatible containers, and accessories

Vitamix A3500 vs 750 Comparison Review - Peter Murage

Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750: The 3 Key Similarities You NEED to Know!

As you might have noted, Vitamix A3500 and Propel 750 have similar motor power, metallic drive sockets, and high-quality 4-inch stainless steel blades! 

These three critical features determine the build quality, blend quality, and overall performance of any blender, including the affordable Ninja blenders

1. Same Blend Quality

Whether you pick the A3500 or the Propel 750, you will still get the same high-quality blends with silky-smooth, consistent textures in all your recipes. 

The A3500 won’t make you any less better fibrous green smoothies than the Propel 750 or the Professional 750. The blend quality will always be the best in class!

2. Same Build Quality

Ascent Series and Propel Series are premium, professional-grade Vitamix blender platforms with durable build quality for lasting blending operation. 

These machines have high-quality chassis with excellent engineering to serve you for over a decade, even with multiple daily uses

Regardless of which model you pick between the two, you should expect them to last for at least ten years with proper care and maintenance. 

The A3500 has a 10-year, while the Propel 750 has a 7-year full warranty! The warranties include labor, performance, and two-way shipping!

3. Both are Easy to Use

The main difference between the Vitamix A3500 and Propel 750 is their overall exterior build design features and control settings. 

But despite the differences, both are super easy to use and clean, even for those new to Vitamix blending and the not-so-tech-savvy.

Vitamix Propel 750 has the classic-style control settings of the Professional 750 with a variable speed control knob and physical switches

The variable speed control knob allows manual speed adjustment to fine-tune your blends and use the five built-in blending programs. 

These blending programs are for Smoothie, Hot Soup, Frozen Dessert, Dips & Spread, and Self-Cleaning for walk-away blending convenience. 

Vitamix A3500, on the contrary, has a sleek touchscreen panel, a digital variable speed knob, tactile buttons, and a programmable timer.

The touchscreen panel gives it a stylish finish to stand out among your other appliances on the kitchen counter. 

The programmable timer is a super convenient feature. It allows you to set the maximum blending time, so it auto-turns off when the time runs out. 

Like the Propel 750, the A3500 has five blending programs for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Dips & Spreads, and Self-Cleaning.

The touch panel is responsive, even when using wet fingers. The programmable timer is easy to use, and the pulse button works just as fine!

Both blenders have conveniently placed power switches. The Propel 750 power switch is at the front, while the A3500’s is on the side!

Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750 Comparison Review - Peter Murage

Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750: Why the A3500 Has the Upper Hand!

So far, you already know that regardless of which model you pick between the two, you will get the same build quality and blending performance!

But the A3500 stands out for its three unique features: the programmable timer, a wide range of containers, and the food processor attachment

1. A Convenient Programmable Timer

If you’re used to the traditional classic-style Vitamix blenders like the 5200, you probably won’t know how convenient the timer can be!

But when you lay your hands on the A3500, your blending experience will turn around! For starters, you can manually set the maximum blending times. 

I often use my blenders for three main blending needs: grinding barista-quality coffee beans, making creamy smoothies, and bar-quality cocktails

Like most humans, I’m now accustomed to my recipes and know the maximum blending times off head. Here comes the programmable timer. 

  • It takes about 12 seconds to grind a batch of coffee beans to my desired consistency for the moka pot. 
  • It takes about 45 seconds to make a perfect, bar-quality frozen espresso martini, my all-time best cocktail for all settings!
  • My creamy smoothies usually need about 1 minute and 15 seconds since I use hard-frozen bananas.

With these times, I can use the programmable timer with the maximum blending time to always achieve the same consistency!

Once you get used to the programmable timer, you may prefer it over the built-in blending programs for walk-away blending convenience!

The Vitamix A3300 also has a convenient programmable timer. It’s nearly identical to the A3500 but lacks the five convenient blending programs. 

2. An Array of Compatible Containers and Accessories

The advantage of getting an Ascent Series blender over other Vitamix blenders is the wide range of compatible containers and accessories, including:

  • Vitamix 48-oz container with SELF-DETECT is ideal for blending small to medium recipe batches for a family of one to two. 
  • Vitamix Dry Grains 48-oz container with SELF-DETECT is the right container for grinding coffee, milling cereals, and kneading dough. 
  • Vitamix 48-oz Stainless Steel Container is an incredibly durable and versatile container that’s odor-resistant and non-reactive. 
  • Vitamix 48-oz Aer Disc Container is a perfect accessory container for cocktail enthusiasts. It acts as a muddler and cocktail shaker. 
  • Vitamix 20-oz Blending Cup with SELF-DETECT for blending on-the-go smoothies and shakes. It has a spill-proof to-go lid. 
  • Vitamix 8-oz Blending Bowl with SELF-DETECT, a wonderful accessory container for chopping ingredients and making baby food. 

NOTE: Depending on how you use your blender, the accessory containers can 100% transform your blending experience with just one Vitamix machine!

3. The 12-cup Vitamix Food Processor Attachment

Apart from the above containers and accessories, the Ascent Series blenders are all compatible with the 12-cup Vitamix food processor attachment

If you don’t have a good food processor in your kitchen, this Vitamix food processor is a must-have accessory. It’s arguably the best out there!

It transforms the Ascent Series A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 into powerful and versatile professional-grade blenders and food processor combo!

Click to learn more about using the Vitamix food processor attachment and why I recommend it even if you already have a traditional food processor

Why I Would Pick the Propel 750!

The A3500 is an impressive machine with professional-grade blending performance, multi-purpose use, and stellar durability! 

But the Vitamix Propel 750 wins at providing these features while still retaining the simplicity of the iconic Vitamix Professional Series 750. 

Pick it if you don’t need the food processor and the extra blending containers, but you only want a powerful, versatile, and durable blender!

For milling dry cereals, grinding coffee beans and spices, and needing dough, you can get the Vitamix Dry Grains 48-oz container with SELF-DETECT. 

While this is a SELF-DETECT container, it’s compatible with the Propel 750 blender and other full-size Vitamix blenders, including the 7500!

Vitamix A3500 vs Propel 750: My Verdict + Alternatives!

To sum up everything in the simplest way possible, you should pick the Vitamix Propel 750 if you want a premium, professional-grade Vitamix machine!

It has a durable build quality to serve you for many years, even with multiple daily uses. The blender is highly powerful and super versatile. 

The 7-year full warranty covers everything, including labor, performance, repairs, replacements, and two-way shipping at no extra cost!

But if you want to take your Vitamix blending a notch higher, you should go for the Ascent Series A3500 for the extra features and accessories it comes with!

The programmable timer is an exceptional feature! That alone is worth switching from the Propel 750 to the A3500! Keep in mind, they cost almost the same!

But you also get to use the accessory containers listed above with the A3500. The 48-oz Aer Disc container is an excellent choice if you like house parties. 

The food processor attachment comes with a 3-year warranty, but given its solid build quality, I expect it to last for at least 5 years with daily use.

Getting the A3500 means you will only get the food processor attachment, so you end up with a few appliances on your kitchen counter!

That said, if you want to enjoy the classic-style physical switches of the Propel 750 and the wireless connectivity of the A3500, get the Vitamix A2500. 

I did a thorough review of the Vitamix A2500 vs A3500. Click to learn more about how these two Ascent Series blenders compare!

But if you want cheaper Vitamix alternatives, follow this link! It has over ten well-built full-size and personal blenders for about $100. 

Finally, you can find the best personal blenders via this link, where I have thoroughly reviewed which NutriBullet to buy for single-serve blending!

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