Instagram Bio Link: How to Add More Than One Clickable Link

How do I add more than one clickable Instagram bio link?

It’s THE question that puzzles every influencer and content creator from the day when they set up an Instagram account.

Instagrammers have been calling for an update that can allow them to add clickable links to individual posts, as part of the photo captions.

But until now, you’re only limited to written text, hashtags, emojis, and profile tags.

It’s one of the reasons why third-party developers and other creatives took it upon themselves to develop useful tools that can integrate with Instagram.

Such tools like ContactInBio, Lynx, and Linktree, allow you to ingeniously add more than one clickable link to your Instagram profile bio. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through quick and easy steps of setting up and integrating these tools with your IG account so you can enjoy sharing multiple links to your followers in the profile bio.

What’s Instagram Bio Link?

Your Instagram Bio is the section under your username that allows you to include designated information about yourself. 

It’s the mainstay of your IG profile that tells your prospective followers what you’re all about. Your brand. And why they should take the next step to follow or interact with you.

Simply put, this is your brief portfolio or “business card”.

It’s the first thing that people see when they click your Instagram handle to view your profile. So, you want to leave a great first impression of yourself and/or your brand.

At the time of this writing, Instagram only allows you to include your name (or the name of your brand), a short description (up to 150 characters of text and emojis), and ONE clickable link, in the profile bio section.

The clickable link is what influencers and Instagrammers refer to when they say Instagram bio link.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

Instagram Bio Link Tools: How Useful Are They?

Instagram may limit you to only one link in your profile bio.

But that ONE CLICKABLE LINK allows you to do and achieve a lot more than you might ever imagine.

How is this made possible?

Well, the short answer: by using an Instagram bio link tool.

But the long answer involves learning how these Instagram bio link tools allow you to optimize the clickable link in your IG bio so you can display more than one link to your followers.

A Short Story ABout Instagram Bio Link Tools!

A few years ago, marketers had to keep swapping their Instagram bio link when sending their followers to platforms outside Instagram.

With every new product launch or marketing campaign came a new link to promote.

As such, marketing campaigns had short shelf lives on Instagram. Unlike on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook where you can add multiple clickable links within the individual posts.

But in 2016, two brothers, Alex and Anthony Zaccaria designed the first tool, Linktree,  that allowed marketers to optimize their Instagram bio link.

Just like every other marketer, influencer, and content creator on Instagram, the Zaccarias got “sick” of constantly changing their bio link when they had something new to share.

Linktree allowed them to quickly and easily create a landing page where they could add more than one clickable link. And all they needed to do was to put their Linktree landing page link in their Instagram bio.

Since its launch, in September 2016, other third-party developers have also come up with similar tools that are much easier to use.

Are These Tools Any Useful?

Truth be told, Instagram bio link tools are VERY useful. Here are the three main reasons why I’m inclined to recommend these tools:

  1. They do the JOB: Yes, a handful of these tools offer useful features in a minimalistic design. With them, you can easily create a landing page to share unlimited links with your followers with just one clickable bio link.
  2. Ease of use: Setting up and using these tools is as easy as creating an Instagram account. All you need is to create an account, add your Instagram username, choose your landing page background, add your links, and you’re set!
  3. Branding: With the premium version of these tools, you can do more than just sharing multiple links. They offer features that allow you to customize and style the landing page to match that of your brand.

What Tool Do I Recommend?

Since the launch of Linktree, dozens of developers have been designing other similar Instagram bio link tools.

Some of these tools allow you to do a lot more than what you can do with Linktree, in an easier and quicker way!

Some are much affordable with much better user interfaces that are easy to navigate around and set things up.

But MOST of them are just Linktree copy-cats! Hastily and poorly designed, with a “heartbreaking” customer support system.

When deciding your ideal Instagram bio link tool, you should consider its ease of use, its top features, and most importantly, its customer support.

With a proper customer support system, you’re assured that there is someone, or a team of developers, working behind the scenes to make the tool even better. Fixing bugs. Updating the features. And ensuring things are up and running 24/7.

I have tried out dozens of these tools and the following three not only meet the above criteria but also offer much more useful features:

  1. ContactInBio
  2. Lynx
  3. Shorby

You’ll notice I didn’t include Linktree. Not that it’s not a good tool. Well, as a matter of fact, this is such a great tool! But the above three tools will do what Linktree can do in a much affordable and easier way. Plus a lot more!

TIP: I wrote a detailed guide on Linktree Alternatives, be sure to check it out by clicking this link and learn more about other tools that can efficiently do what Linktree can do!

In the next part of this guide, I’ll take you through the steps of setting up these tools and integrating them with your Instagram bio link. I’ll also help you to quickly and decisively make up your mind, on what tool is ideal for your needs.

1. ContactInBio – The Best Instagram Bio Link Tool Out There

In my opinion, ContactInBio tops the list of the best Instagram Bio link tools.

It’s an ingeniously designed tool that does so much more than just allowing you to share more than one clickable link in your bio.

It allows you to add links, text, images, videos, social media links, messengers, payment links, and so much more!

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

ContactInBio offers both free and premium features. On top of getting a custom bio link, its free plan also allows you to:

  • Add social media link buttons including Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, and Messenger.
  • Add a contact form.
  • Use custom text and work with over 10 fonts.
  • Design a custom landing page with one of its FREE themes and templates.
  • Customize your link buttons – sizes, fonts, text colors, background colors.
  • Track your link clicks on a daily basis and view page visitors analytics.
  • Integrate music services.
  • And, import your links from Linktree. Yes, happy migration!

But to get most out of ContactInBio, I always recommend upgrading to its premium plan. This plan unlocks its full capabilities such that it also doubles as an Instagram marketing and branding tool!

Some of the ContactInBio’s Premium features Include:

  • Take full control of your brand, by removing the ContactInBio branding.
  • Update the Favicon, page title, and Apple touch icon to suit your brand.
  • Customize the landing page design and colors to match your brand.
  • Use link thumbnails.
  • Integrate with Mailchimp to build your email list.
  • Allow email sign up and collection.
  • Integrate with Facebook Pixel.
  • Update your Twitter Card description.
  • Update Instagram Shoppable feed
  • Upload images and video, and create a carousel of images for your landing page background
  • Receive payments by connecting to payment processors like Paypal, Venmo, Alipay, and Stripe among others.
  • And the best of all, manage multiple Instagram accounts from one platform!

As you may have noticed, the premium plan of ContactInBio is geared towards taking your Instagram marketing and branding to the next level. With just one Instagram bio link, you get unlimited possibilities!

And above all, the ContactInBio CEO is very dedicated and consistently updates the tool to improve what is working and bring in new features. As such, you are assured of an ever-ready-to-listen customer support system.

How to Use ContactInBio for Your Instagram Bio Link

Now that you have a clue of all the great things that you can achieve with ContactInBio, it’s time to set up your account and reap its benefits.

The following steps should help you get started with ContactInBio in less than 10 minutes:

Step 1: Visit ContactInBio and Sign Up Using Your Instagram Account

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • TIP: Click “SIGN-UP WITH INSTAGRAM” – I recommend using your Instagram account for the best experience. And it’s totally safe!
  • Or, enter your details on the sign-up form, and complete by clicking the “sign-up” button below the form.
  • If you choose to “Sign-Up With Instagram”, you will be redirected to a new page where all you need is to click the green “Authorize” button, enter your email on the new page, click the “Submit” button, and you’re all set.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • You now have a FREE ContactInBio Account. It’s time to set-up your landing page so you can enjoy sharing more than one clickable link in your Instagram bio.

Step 2: Understanding the ContactInBio Dashboard

Once, you have signed up for a ContactInBio account, you’ll be redirected to a dashboard where you can build your landing page. Let’s start by understanding the ContactInBio dashboard.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

On the left section of the dashboard, you have different buttons that you can work with. They include:

  • Background
  • Design
  • Add Profile Picture/Logo
  • Messengers & Social Networks
  • Link
  • Contact Form
  • Text
  • Music Services
  • And, Payments (PayPal, Stripe, Shopify). 
  • Other buttons like Sell, Video, Image, Image Carousel and Email Signup require you to upgrade to a premium account.
  • While others like the “Instagram Shoppable Feed” are labeled “coming soon” since they are still in the beta/testing stage.

On the right section of the dashboard, you have your working area. It’s the section where you will tweak, edit, and design the links to suit your brand identity.

The middle section is a preview of your ContactInBio landing page. It’s how your landing page appears when your followers click the clickable link that you will add in your Instagram bio link section.

TIP: ContactInBio also offers you over a dozen premade templates that you can work with to get things up and running as quickly as possible with minimal efforts. You can access these templates by clicking at the “Select Template” link button located on the toolbar above the dashboard area. Keep in mind that some of the templates require you to upgrade to the premium plan.

Step 3: Build Your Landing Page

Now that we are on the same page, it’s time to build your landing page. Follow these easy steps to build a sleek landing page with multiple clickable links:

TIP: I made a 30 minutes YouTube video tutorial that can help you get through the entire process of setting up your ContactInBio landing page. Click here to watch the tutorial, thanks!

{Video Tutorial Link Here}

3.1: Background 

The first thing that you need to set up is the background. On the left section of the dashboard, click “Background” to select the background block. It should be highlighted in violet-blue when you click it. 

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

The right section of the dashboard should read “Themes” at the top.

ContactInBio gives you an assortment of pre-made themes that you can use on your landing page’s background. Some of them have colors that mimic social media platforms like Instagram, others are plain, and most of the rest require you to upgrade to the premium plan.

Try clicking on different background themes to see what fits your brand preferences.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

TIP: Be sure to click the “Load preview” toggle button at the top of your preview section so that you can VIEW the changes that you’re making as you go about the setup process. It should turn “green” when enabled.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

Once you have selected your ideal background theme, set your button style preferences. You can do this by clicking the button styling toggle switches at the top of the themes in the right section of the dashboard.

3.2: Design

Next, click “Design” on the left side section of the dashboard. This allows you to:

  • Upload your profile image
  • Add a profile image link
  • Edit your account name to suit your preferences
  • Update your account name font color
  • Choose a font and font size
  • Other features require you to upgrade to the premium plan so you can update your page title, favicon & Apple touch icon, Twitter description, and get a verified badge.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

Setting up this step is pretty straightforward. All you need is to add your profile image, profile image link, edit the account name, font, font color, and font size. 

TIP: You can always use Rapid Tables Web Colors to find the color codes that match your brand. But you don’t need to go through this whole process for basic profile setup. Leave it as it is or set to #000000 for black color.

3.3: Link

Now, it’s time to add the multiple links that you were looking to add to your Instagram bio link.

Click “Link” on the left side of the dashboard to select the LINK block. It should now be highlighted in violet-blue.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

While working from the right section of the dashboard, use the following steps to set up your links:

  • (Optional) Choose an icon that matches what you’re looking to share through the link. For example, a microphone can be great if you are sharing a link to your podcast.
  • Paste your link in the “URL” section.
  • Write a title that tells what the followers should expect to find when they click the link. For example, “On-Page SEO Podcast With Neil Patel” for a link to your podcast.
  • Scroll down to choose your link color, link background color, and font size. 
  • Finally, click “ADD”, and you are all set! Don’t forget to “Load Preview” to view the changes that you’re making.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • Repeat the process with all your other links until you are done.

TIP: To delete or update a link, disable the “Load Preview” toggle button first. Then click the “trash icon” to delete the link next to it or the “pencil icon” to edit it.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

You can also click the “graph icon” to view the link analytics (clicks) for the last 30 days or disable the green “toggle switch” next to it to disable the link from showing in the live preview. Click “SAVE” in the bottom right section to effect your changes.

3.4: Messengers & Social Networks

Now that you have done the most important part of the job, it’s time to make a few improvements. Let’s start by adding links to your social media and messengers. 

  • On the left side of the dashboard click “Messengers & Social Media Links” to select the block. As always, it should now be highlighted in violet-blue.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • On the right side of the dashboard, select the platform that you’re looking to link to. For example, “Social Media Link” to link to your social media platforms. ContactInBio allows you to link to over 105 social media platforms from Facebook to TikTok, including YouTube and Patreon.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • From the dropdown menu, select the media site. For example, Twitter.
  • Add the link and write some text (for example, Twitter).
  • Scroll down and select the icon placement, font size, update the font color, and background.
  • Click “ADD”, and you are all set!
  • Repeat the process to set up all your other social media platforms.
3.5: Text

ContactInBio also allows you to add some text on your landing page. This can be a nice way to include a short description of yourself and/or your brand.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

All you need is to click “Text” on the left side of the dashboard to select the text block. Then follow these easy steps to write a short description:

  • On the right side of the dashboard select your ideal text font size. 
  • Next, write your text in the text box. I always recommend writing short, clear descriptions. 
  • Style your description with the help of the formatting features provided in the text box area. You can change the font type, size, color, or bold, underline, italicize and center the text. 
  • Click “ADD” to save your description on the landing page.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • Don’t forget to “Load Preview” to view your changes.
3.6: Contact Form

A simple contact form can be useful if you would like to let your followers contact you by just clicking your Instagram bio link.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

Setting up the contact form is pretty easy. All you need is to select “Contact Form” on the left side of the dashboard. And complete the setup process by clicking “ADD CONTACT FORM” on the top right side of the dashboard. And you’re done!

3.7: Important Trick: Formatting Your Links

While adding your links, you might have noticed they don’t appear as you would link them to appear on the landing page.

For example, the contact form might be at the top and you want it to be at the bottom. To style and format them as per your preferences:

  • First, disable the “Load Preview” toggle button. 
  • Place your cursor on top of the three verticle dots menu (kebab menu).
  • Your arrow/pointed cursor should change to a drag cursor. 
  • Left-click on your computer touchpad and drag the links to style them to your needs.
  • Enable the “Load Preview” button to see if everything matches your styling preferences.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • Your landing page is set!

Step 4: Update Your ContactInBio Link on Your Instagram Bio

Now that you have managed to set up your ContactInBio landing page with multiple links, it is time to update your Instagram bio link.

At the top of the “Load Preview” section of the landing page, you will see your ContactInBio landing page links. In the free account, you have the option of having the links as either a “” or “” extensions.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

All you need is to copy your ideal landing page link and paste it in your Instagram bio link section, and voila!

Step 5: Update Your Followers!

Well, don’t forget to update your followers. A screenshot of your landing page with all or most of your links might work. 

You can also add a caption detailing how they can now access all your promotions in one platform.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

NOTE: You can also consider working with a pre-made template by selecting one of the templates provided by contact in bio. But I don’t recommend going down this road unless you have a premium account. With the premium plan, you’ll have a lot of beautiful templates to work with. The free plan only offers basic templates and following the above procedure will give you better results.

ContactInBio Premium Plan

As you might have noticed, switching to the premium plan allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the ContactInBio Instagram bio link tool.

With it, styling your landing page gets even easier. You’ll have tons of templates and themes to work with. Not to mention the ability to update the page title and favicon. And customize the page design and colors.

You can even consider using a short video as your landing page background. Or upload one of your favorite photos that your followers identify you with. Or even a carousel of images.

Keep in mind that getting the premium plan also removes the ContactInBio footer branding!

And it’s not all about branding, with this plan, you will also enjoy other premium features. Such features include:

  • Integrating Mailchimp so you can build your email list by collecting leads.
  • Sell products and receive payments by connecting with payment processors like Venmo, Stripe, PayPal, AliPay, and even Shopify. 
  • Manage multiple accounts from one platform. An especially useful feature if you are a social media manager/marketer of multiple brands.

So, what does it take to upgrade to the premium plan?

ContactInBio offers two versions of the premium plan: Business and Agency. If you’re looking to work with only one Instagram account, then I recommend getting the business plan.

But for multiple accounts, it makes sense if you’re a social media manager of multiple brands, then you should consider getting the agency plan. It supports up to 5 accounts!

The Business Plan will cost you $7 per month. But by purchasing through this link, you will get a generous discount of over 40% if you pay for the entire year. And on top, you’ll also enjoy priority support.

If you prefer the Agency Plan, this will cost you $28 per month. But you can pay for the entire year and get a $25% discount

And there is more, ContactInBio also offers Lifetime Business and Lifetime Agency plans. That’s you pay once forever. No recurring payments. No hidden fees!

  • You can either pay a one time fee of $91 to get the Lifetime Business plan (allows you to manage only one account). Or;
  • A one time fee of $273 to get the Lifetime Agency plan (allows you to manage about 5 accounts).

NOTE: In case you have any questions about ContactInBio, maybe something that you didn’t understand, please leave a comment below. Or you can click here to send me a custom inquiry via email, thanks! 

2. Lynx – The Easiest to Setup Instagram Bio Link Tool Out There

ContactInBio might be the best Instagram bio link tool out there in terms of link styling and branding features. But Lynx WINS when it comes to ease of use!

With Lynx, setting up an account and customizing your links is much easier than creating an Instagram account. And it still packs some nice features that you’ll find very useful when customizing your links!

Lynx offers both basic (FREE) and PRO (premium) plans. With the FREE plan, you can:

  • Add up to 5 links.
  • Get a random URL shortcode (the clickable link that goes to your Instagram bio link).
  • Work with the standard theme selection.
  • And, enjoy basic links click tracking.

But things get better when you upgrade to the premium (PRO) plan. With the premium plan, you can:

  • Add unlimited links.
  • Customize your URL shortcode.
  • Use a custom domain, e.g.,
  • Work with advanced theme customization to match your brand.
  • Use a custom background image to suit your branding.
  • Enjoy advanced links click tracking.
  • And, remove the “Get your own free LYNX” footer.

Unlike most of the Instagram bio link tools out there, Lynx is also very affordable. The PRO plan will only cost you $5 per month. And you can get up to 33% discount if you purchase via this link and pay for the entire year.

How to Use Lynx for Your Instagram Bio Link

As I mentioned above, setting things up on Lynx is pretty easy. But to ensure that you are taking the shortest time possible to get your Lynx landing page up and running, I’ve made a brief guide for you. I hope the following steps will help:

Step 1: Visit Lynx and Sign up for an Account

  • Click here to get redirected to the Lynx sign-up page.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • Click the “Sign-Up” button at the top right corner of the page
  • TIP: On the sign-up page you can select your preferred plan: Lynx Basic $0, Lynx Pro $5/month, or Lynx Pro $40/year. 
  • Enter your details on the sign-up form.
  • IMPORTANT: Check the “Yes I agree to the Terms of Service” box. Be sure to go through the terms of service.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • Complete the step by clicking the “Sign Up” button below the form.

Step 2: Understanding the Lynx Dashboard

After clicking the “sign-up” button, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard where you’ll be building and styling your landing page. 

Unlike ContactInBio, the Lynx dashboard is very minimalistic and easy to navigate through.

It has two sections. Your working area is on the left. And the preview area is on the right, that’s the “Black Smartphone with a Blank Screen”.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

All the changes that you make on the left will automatically appear in the preview screen as you make them.

On the top left corner, you will see two text buttons: Content and Style

The “Content” area allows you to add your profile photo, name, title, and create your links. And the “Style” area allows you to select a theme and choose whether to show icons and footer.

By default, you’ll have the dashboard set to “Content”.

The link that goes to your Instagram bio link area is the link under the writings “Your Master Link”. You can only customize it if you have the premium plan. 

Step 3: Build Your Landing Page

Well, that’s just about if with the Lynx dashboard. Let’s now build a landing page! I hope the following easy steps will help you get this done in less than 10 minutes:

  • In the “Content” area, add your name or the name of your brand in the “Page Title” field. And your tagline or a short description in the “Subtitle” field.
  • TIP: You should see your progress on the preview screen.
  • Upload a profile image.
  • Next, add your first link by putting the link title on the “New Link Name” field, and paste the link on the “Link URL” field. Click the “+” to add the link on your landing page.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • Repeat the above step for all your other links.
  • TIP: To delete or edit a link simply click on it. You can delete it by clicking the “trash icon” or make your edits and click the “check icon”. And you can also click the “eye icon” to remove the link on the landing page without deleting it.
  • To arrange the links to match your preferences, place your cursor on the four hamburger menu icon on the left side of the individual links. The pointed/arrow cursor should change to a drag cursor. Simply left-click on your computer and drag the links to your desired arrangement.
  • Back on the top right corner of your dashboard, select “Style”.
Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage
  • Click on the word “Default” to change and set your theme preferences. The free plan offers four themes, default, dark, instant, and instant dark. 
  • Next, use the toggle buttons to choose whether to show icons and footer.
  • NOTE: The footer can only be removed when you’re on a Lynx Pro (premium) plan.
  • Back on the top right corner of your dashboard, click “Content”.
  • Copy your master link and paste it into your Instagram bio link field.

Done, that’s just about it! Be sure to update your followers on how they can access all your links on a single landing page. A photo of your Lynx landing page and a short caption text might do the trick.

NOTE: In case you have a question or comments about Lynx, please leave a comment below. Or you can click here to send me a custom inquiry via email, thanks!

3. Shorby – An All-Round Tool for Instagrammers and Social Media Marketers

Shorby prides itself as an all-round tool for Instagrammers and social media marketers. It does so much more than just helping you build your Instagram bio link landing page.

But if it’s feature-rich, then why does it come last in the list? 

Well, unlike ContactInBio and Lynx, Shorby is a bit complicated. And if all you’re looking to do is build a landing page with links to your promotions, then you’re better off with using ContactInBio or Lynx.

What’s more, Shorby doesn’t have a free plan. It only offers a 5-day trial period for anyone looking to try out its features.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

That said, you can get quite a lot with Shorby if you’re looking to carry out intensive marketing on Instagram. The following are some of the features that you can make use of with this tool:

  • Create over 5 smart landing pages with unique landing page links.
  • Add cool landing page features like direct message buttons, unlimited links, rich links, price tags and labels, and dynamic feeds.
  • The dynamic feeds can include YouTube videos, Shopify categories, Apple podcasts, WordPress posts, Etsy products, and any other Atom/RSS.
  • Customize your landing page background with an image, add link button images, and style them with different colors to match your brand.
  • Create unlimited shareable short links, custom slash tags, and messenger links.
  • Track your link clicks and enable ad platforms tracking pixels.
  • Get link clicks insights.
  • Setup and connect with Google Analytics.
  • Use a custom domain for every landing page.
  • Add team members to your projects.

Shorby Premium Plans:

Shorby offers three different plans: ROCKET, PRO, and AGENCY. The rocket plan pricing starts from $15 per month, and you can choose to be billed annually and enjoy a 20% discount.

Instagram Bio Link Tools - Peter Murage

If you would like to learn much about how you can setup Shorby and enjoy its features for your Instagram marketing, I’ll be doing another detailed guide and a YouTube tutorial on this and link them here in the next few days.

Instagram Bio Link FAQs

When it comes to Instagram bio link there is only one main frequently asked question:

Why is my Instagram bio link not working?

And your Instagram bio link might fail to work because of either of the following two reasons:

1. The Bio-Link is Broken

A broken link is a link that no longer works. Such a link is also known as a dead link. 

Some of the reasons why the bio link might be broken and, therefore, not working include:

Wrong Link/URL Format:

For example: If you enter

Instead of, the link won’t work. 

This is since all ContactInBio links end with “.bio” and not the “.com” that most of us are used to.

You should, therefore, copy the exact landing page links from your ContactInBio, Lynx, or Shorby dashboard and paste them on your Instagram bio link area without editing them.

Destination Website Removed the Link:

Some Instagram bio tools might remove or suspend your bio link from their website. That’s in the same way that Instagram suspends or removes profiles from their website.

It’s advisable to check with your bio-link tool provider to see if they removed or suspended your landing page link.

But to avoid getting your bio link suspended or removed, I always advise sticking within the “terms of use” of your bio link tool provider.

And of course, you should also use a reputable bio link tool provider like ContactInBio, Shorby, or Lynx who make regular updates on their tools and offer swift customer support.

You Deleted or Updated Your Bio Link Landing Page:

At times, you may consciously or accidentally delete/update your bio link landing page. That’s especially when you’re upgrading from a random to a custom link.

Always check on your Instagram bio link tool’s dashboard to see if you’re using the right URL link.

2. Or, Instagram Blocked It

Just like any other social platform, Instagram may block links, comments, photos, and accounts that breach their “terms of use”.

For example, if you share nude images, Instagram will block them and you may also risk getting your account suspended or completely blocked from their platform.

On a similar note, Instagram can also block links that don’t meet their community guidelines. Such links include:

  • Links to websites with explicit content or websites known to be linked to by spammers.
  • Shortened links, like bitly, since it isn’t clear where they are linking to.
  • Links to domain names using misspelling or elements of Instagram, like say “sinstagram”. 

TIP: I found this detailed guide by Louise Myers, an Expert Visual Social Media Marketer, who has done a wonderful job in compiling some of the reasons why your bio link might be blocked by Instagram. Be sure to check it out!

My Favorite Tool: ContactInBio!

ContactInBio wins in all aspects: it’s feature-rich, fairly easy-to-use, and has awesome customer support.

And what do we really need apart from getting a tool a does the job? You’ll also like the fact that their team of developers constantly update the tool to add new features and improve the platform for the best user experience.

If you’re looking to make the most out of ContactInBio, I recommend upgrading to their annually billed premium plan for just $48/year and save over 40%.

Click Here to Grab this Offer!

Well, that pretty much sums up this Instagram bio link tools guide. You can now enjoy sharing multiple links to your Instagram followers. 

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