How to Go Viral on TikTok in 2023 & Get 500,001 Views

I compiled this really resourceful guide on the 13 FREE ways you can make money on TikTok in 2023. Tiktok is now one of the most lucrative marketing goldmines for brands and influencers!

You too can claim a share of the millions of dollars that exchange hands from brands and marketers to TikTok creators and influencers

But before you can make any money, you will need to get more followers and a couple of thousands of views on your TikToks.

TIP: This article will best suit YOU if you want to grow your TikTok and earn money from your efforts. But if you want to go viral for the sake of quick fame with little effort, unfortunately, I’m so sorry I can’t help you with that!

That said, I have taken my time to analyze the ways of dozens of the highest-earning TikTokers. And watched hundreds of the TikToks that went viral across different niches and sub-cultures!

I’ve read, studied, and analyzed a ton load of blogs that “supposedly” teach how to go viral on TikTok and get a million views with no followers. Some even teach how to HACK the TikTok algorithm, quite surreal

But all I can think of these blogs is their lack of the real process. The real ways. The methods. The quick little tips. The working tricks. Simply, they have failed at their research!

To know how to go viral on TikTok, you first have to identify the methods and ways how famous, popular, and mid-level Tiktokers went viral. Then, simply copy and use them to grow your TikTok followers, views, and personal brand!

Taking a case study of a global hit like Charli D’Amelio or the viral J. Lo’s “Pa Ti” dance won’t tell you the TRUE way to get 141.1 million followers and 17.5 million views on your TikToks. 

That’s a big leap! That, you’ll earn! In 2023, the working way to take your TikTok viral and claim a share of the TikTok popularity and followers. And money is by creatively navigating the app through a niche. A community. Or a sub-culture!


Let’s goooo! ✨🚨✨ Can’t wait to see and share some of your best #PaTiChallenge dances! Thanks for kicking it off @charlidamelio! @papijuancho

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A Quick Overview of How to Go Viral on TikTok in 2023

Here’s an Overview of My Little Working Secrets & Ways of How to Go Viral on TikTok in 2023 & Get More Views and Followers:

1. Identify your niche, subculture, or community. Then create your personal profile around that niche. Who are you on TikTok?

2. Follow 10 to 30 creators in your niche or subculture. Then study their most-watched and liked TikToks. What do you want on TikTok?

3. Optimize your bio around your niche. Simply say who you are and why someone should follow you. Why should I follow Your TikTok?

4. Curate your TikTok “For You Page” around your niche or subculture. By teaching TikTok what you like to watch! What should the TikTok algorithm show you?

5. Find and study the 100 most viral TikToks in your niche/subculture. It’ll also help improve your FYP and get content ideas. What do you learn about TikToks in your niche?

6. Get a good camera, or camera phone, you better borrow it if need be! Then learn to use it when shooting TikToks. How great is your TikToks quality?

7. Shoot really lively and short videos with a catchy hook in great lighting. I strongly recommend you keep them below 30 seconds. Would you binge on your TikToks?

8. Be carefree and authentic in the videos, you better do a retake or even 10 retakes! So, drop that “careful” armor and get genuinely lively! Are you genuinely authentic and carefree?

9. Do multiple retakes, but upload your 3 BEST TikToks every day. The most popular TikTokers upload 1 to 4 videos a day, so copy their strategy! Are you ready to post 3 TikToks daily? 

10. Add about 3 to 7 hashtags around your niche + a short caption. AVOID using the lie of #FYP hashtags and long captions to HACK the algorithm, it won’t! Can I search and find your TikToks? 

11. Once you have some followers, even 10, go live. All the popular TikTokers that I watched go live as many times as possible! Can you commit to GO LIVE on TikTok?

12. Be consistent at learning the trending challenges and at posting! Most TikToks go VIRAL and get the most views during a trending challenge! Are you consistently keep up with TikTok trends? 

13. Engage other TikToks creatively, and your fans genuinely! Share well-thought comments on TikToks in your niche, and respond to all comments in yours! Are you engaging in TikToks?

14. After every month, study what videos are working and which are not, and why! Then create a series out of the best video and start it with a catchy hook! Are you learning from your best TikToks? 

15. Finally, attract the luck of the trending challenge to go VIRAL. Create your best yet TikTok about the challenge and let the algorithm and followers do the magic! Are you ready to go VIRAL on TikTok?

These are the 15 indirect questions with quick insights, tips, tricks, and little secrets that will work to take you through the journey of how to go viral on TikTok.

If you can apply them religiously, and do nothing else, I won’t promise you the fame of  Addison Rae, but I guarantee you will build a massive following, and views, and get as many likes as you can commit to gain. And earn the money in the end!….dunkin/video/6956566109621357830?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=6974782545373677057

I can bet. After every period, say a month, or three, you will sit there, watching and taking note of how far you have come to 10,000 views on one TikTok and 1,000 followers. That’s the inspiration that will take you the far you want to go!

TikTok growth is the joy of getting 10 views and no comments on your first TikTok. Then get 100 views on your 10th TikTok. And 1,000 views on the 20th!

It’s going live with only 2 viewers in the first week and doubting yourself. Then saying shit, I’ll still do this next week. 

And on Monday, week two, you dust yourself and get back in the field to take, edit, and upload your 22nd TikTok on that newly trending challenge. Then getting 500 views on it alone in 24 hours!

You then take that inspiration and some new strategy or method or trick, and take, edit, and upload your 23rd TikTok. And 24th. And 42nd at the end of week two. Then going live with now 30 viewers. And feeling the growth as it comes!

Then keep on keeping on. Growing from 500 to 2,000 views. From 133 to 1,000 followers. And one day waking up to 10,000 views and your efforts starting to get rewarded by going viral to a few thousand views!

With a few thousand views, you can grow on your own. You get the “growth energy” from your own inspiration. You no longer need to search how to go viral on Tiktok, because now, you know what it takes to!

Now that I feel we are communicating, let me expound on each point that I’ve shared above in detail. 

How to Go Viral on TikTok: The 15 Little Steps You Need to Take

Before I wrote the following steps or points or ways or tips, whichever name you would want to call them, I had written another version of a whopping 3,000 words guide on how to go viral on Tiktok. 

But I stepped back. Prepped my cup of coffee. And then took another look at it! Then I told myself; this piece has some great research, but it would work if it was about how to build a blog with WordPress in 2023.

What do I mean? It was a block of words with the ways and tricks hidden in it. But with this new version is a CHEATSHEET. Everything is exposed for you to steal effortlessly and use them as if they were your own

1. Who Are You on TikTok?

The first step to growing and going viral on TikTok is to identify and pick your niche or TikTok subculture

You should pick a niche that you like and you can just TikTok for fun. Your perfect niche is the one where you’ll be the authentic YOU!

Even a better way, pick a niche around TikToks you love! It’s easier to do something if you already love it. And for a brand, pick a niche that resonates with your brand, easy-peasy!

TikTok allows you to watch videos without an account. As a guest. If you’re new to TikTok, start as a guest to know the niches or subcultures you like! Watch as many as you can. 

If you’re an active user, then, you most likely know what kind of niches and subcultures offer you fun or value or both. The following are the 7 best Tiktok niches to grow your account fast:

  • Dancing
  • Lip-syncing
  • Comedy
  • Cooking and baking
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Health, fitness, and everything workouts
  • Arts, crafts, and everything DIY

If you’re a brand or a new user coming from another platform like Instagram or Twitter, you already know your niche and subculture!

NOTE: If you want to start your TikTok afresh. I know this is a Gen Z and millennial thing, Josh, a TikTok Growth Coach, recommends you create a new account and start from scratch! Why you might ask?

In the 2 minutes video below on how to go viral on TikTok, he hints that TikTok boosts new accounts. My research also tells me the app boosts accounts that quickly start by uploading quality TikToks just after signing up! 


This is all the information you will ever need to grow on TikTok. The struggle comes in when you don’t have a specific solutions to your specific problems… that’s why I’m here 😁 #viraltiktok #howtogoviral #tiktokgrowth #tiktoktip #viraltip

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Here Is a Little Secret: With a new account, your family and friends, and coworkers won “see you”. So you have all the room to be naturally authentic and carefree. With the chance to make mistakes and grow without their criticism!

Now that you know your niche, go ahead and create a personal account. And add your profile details and details around your niche or subculture! With that, it’s time to know your TikTok tribe!

One mistake most TikTokers make is to CHOOSE to start their TikTok journey on the wrong footing from the start. 

How? By not identifying with a specific niche. Or community. Or subculture. Or just pick a way of doing your TikTok. 

So you TikTok in a way that can be summed up as “TRIAL & ERROR”. Today, you lip-sync a song. Tomorrow, you dance albeit without energy at the trending song.

The next day you lip-sync a trending comedy. The next day you’re acting a trending clip or challenge.

And because TikTok is a new world on its own with subcultures, communities, tribes, and niches, you lose the chance to build real fans. 

So, what should YOU do, to build real fans?

Start by identifying what you already like on TikTok. Chances are that that’s what you really want to do, and you should start doing that.

It’s easier to learn and get good at what you already love than to try to love doing what you don’t like for the sake of views. In fact, views and followers elude TikTokers who are not lively and authentic. 

And this isn’t just with TikTok. It’s everywhere where a creative brain and heart are needed to make something.

It’s true with writing. With blogging. When building a really great rocking chair. Almost everything that needs creativity, requires that liveliness spark, and authenticity for it to become a great masterpiece. 

2. What Do You Want on TikTok?

Once your account is set up, follow the best 10 or 20 creators around your niche or subculture. 

The easiest and quickest way to know them is by searching your main niche. For example, “lip-sync”. Then go through the top TikToks to find the best lip-sync creators. 

It even gets easier when you search for a more specific niche. For example, “lip-sync songs”. Or even best, a micro-niche. For example, “lip-sync songs for girls”

The other way is that you already know your favorite TikTok tribe around your niche. So, just follow the best 10 that you like!

Once you have followed them, take all the time you need to study their most-watched videos. And their very first TikToks! Pick the lessons!

3. Why Should I Follow Your TikTok?

You now know your niche or subculture. You also are now following at least 10 of the best creators or TikTokers in that niche.

Not just that! You also have watched their best TikToks and their very first TikToks. With that, you have gathered a few tactics and tricks on how to do it to get at least one view in the niche!

The next step is to optimize your bio around your niche. You can do this by saying who you are and why someone should follow you on TikTok.

Use a few words! Emojis are also fun to use. Plus, add your contact details if need be! A few examples of great Tiktoks bios include that of Kat | Miss Excel, this one by Josh the TikTok Growth Coach, and Caitlin the TikTok Strategist who’s worth following for TikTok growth hacks!

When I view your TikTok and I like it, the next thing I’ll do is click on your profile and check your photo and bio. Then your other TikToks. A great bio tells me you’re worth following!

4. What Should the TikTok Algorithm Show You?

I couldn’t wait to get to this point. The TikTok algorithm everybody is looking for tips and tricks on how to CHEAT it. Or even better HACK it?

For the past month alone, over 10,000 people have searched different terms around “Tiktok algorithm hacks” on Google. That’s an insane number!

There are the good guys who are teaching you how to get past the Tiktok algorithm with real tips. The bad guys who tell you to upgrade to Pro and do hashtags stuffing. And the ugly guys who sell you followers and views to cheat the algorithm!

Then there is me, who will SHOW YOU how the algorithm works by teaching you how to use it to curate your TikTok “For You Page” around your niche or subculture. 

If you’re new to TikTok with a new account, the “For You Page” will show you the current trending topics within your geographic zone. Sa you are in Houston, Texas, you will see the TikToks trending around there!

When you start using TikTok and swipe up the videos you don’t like after watching just a few seconds and watching those you like to the end, the algorithm starts to show you the TikToks you like

You may also notice that the same kind of TikToks keep appearing and you don’t like them. So you mark them “Not Interested”. That tells the algorithm to stop showing you these kinds of TikTok videos.

It will start to display a different type of TikToks until it can “learn” to show you the best recommendations as per your viewing preferences. 

At times, you might end up searching your favorite TikTYoks from the search bar. In that case, you will most likely start to see great TikToks around the niche and subculture that you prefer binging on!

Once you close TikTok and come back later, you will start to see these kinds of Tiktoks on your “For You Page”. 

In simple words, the TikTok algorithm is a system that determines which TikToks you like and makes them appear on your “Fore You Page”. As such, your “Fore You Page” will be unique to only you, like your figure prints!

Here’s how to curate your TikTok “For You Page” around your niche by teaching TikTok what you like to watch:

  • Only follow accounts of the best creators in your niche.
  • Mark “not interested” on Tiktoks you don’t like in your FYP.
  • Watch most of the videos that you like to the end. 
  • Engage the TikToks you like by likes and comments. 
  • Search tags and hashtags of the TikToks you like.

Other TikTokers will be curating their FYP in the same way. So, nobody should sell you any “TikTok algorithm hacks” because it won’t work with real people, maybe bots!


🤯How the TikTok Algorithm works (Step by step – Will help you go viral) #tiktok #algorithm #tiktokalgorithm #business #how #fy #fyp #entrepreneur 🌚

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5. What Do You Learn About TikToks in Your Niche?

This is the part where only you can do the work. You need to find and study the 100 most viral TikToks in your niche or subculture. Study:

  • The average length of the TikToks.
  • The format that most of them are using.
  • How to start a TikTok with a catchy hook.
  • How to keep people engaged through the video.
  • How to ask for followers creatively. 
  • Any other insight or tips worth noting! 

By taking the initiative to watch that many TikToks in your niche, you will also help improve your FYP and get better content ideas.

6. How Great Is Your TikToks Quality?

By now, you have picked your niche. You are following at least 10 best creators in your niche. And your profile bio is great and worth getting a follow!

You also have curated your “For You Page” and you like almost all the TikToks that appear when you open the app. It’s fun to finally get to watch the videos that you like without having to search for them. 

It’s now the perfect time to start creating and uploading your stunning TikToks. You’ll need to get a really good camera phone for TikTok and learn to use it when shooting TikToks

Chances are that you already have a phone that takes really great photos and videos. But if you don’t have that yet, I wrote this article on the best camera phones for TikTok in 2023. They all are great for TikTok!

That article covers some really good smartphones with great cameras with prices ranging from as low as $100 (USD) to $999 (USD). But if you can’t afford that just yet, I recommend you borrow it from a friend or family member!

7. Would You Binge on Your TikToks?

Now that you have a great camera phone that you already know how to use. Get into a section of the room with great natural lighting and take your first TikTok. Keep it short at less than 30 seconds

Here are five little secrets to making an awesome first TikTok

  • Start it with a catchy hook to keep people engaged from the go!
  • Avoid introductions, these only work on YouTube and Instagram.
  • Keep it short, and be quick. 10 seconds at best, 30 seconds at most.
  • If you can’t get a spot with natural lighting, make sure there the room is well lit. 
  • Do a few takes, three to five, and upload without any second thoughts!

NOTE: You can do a few takes until you have the best version. But please avoid the urge to make a perfect first TikTok. Have the room to make a mistake or two. Perfectionism will only slow you down.

8. Are You Genuinely Authentic and Carefree?

This is another part where you’ll need to do the work. But it gets easier if you are already good in front of the camera or you don’t mind your family and friends seeing your Tiktoks. 

Be carefree and authentic in the TikToks. Drop that “careful” armor and get genuinely lively! With a smile and enthusiasm. Make people believe you’re enjoying yourself and it was fun doing that video!

Nothing speaks “stop watching, bad vibes” like watching a TikToker grinning like a psychopath with dead eyes. Or dancing with zero enthusiasm! Keep in mind that people are always a finger-flick away from swiping up!

9. Are You Ready to Post 3 TikToks Daily?

As I said, you’re free to do multiple takes before you upload your best take! Three to seven takes are ok and natural. But doing 17 takes and deleting them shows you’re doubting yourself!

But don’t doubt yourself. Your TikTok is already great. Only you feel it’s not good enough. The fact that you’re invested in it this far means that you have taken the best shot. So share it with the world as is!

Here is another little secret from Keira, a TikTok growth coach:

  • Commit to posting 1 to 3 Tiktoks per day for one month!

Other popular TikToks post 2 to 4 TikToks per day. Around the same time so their fans and followers can always be on the wait. I recommend you commit to consistently posting 3 of your BEST TikToks daily! 

10. Can I Search and Find Your TikToks?

Here is the other place where you leverage the power of the TikTok algorithm. Not hacking it, but using it to your advantage. Here’s how:

  • Add 3 to 7 hashtags about the TikTok or your niche. 
  • Include a super-short caption about the TikTok.

Always stick to about 3 to 7 hashtags. And AVOID falling prey to the lie of using #FYP hashtags and long captions to HACK the algorithm, it won’t

TIP: Practising hashtag stuffing with a dozen or more hashtags only makes your TikToks caption area messy. I read somewhere using many hashtags “confuses” the Youtube algorithm, I don’t know if that also works with TikTok!

11. Can You Commit to Go Live on TikTok?

Once you have some followers, even 10, go live. All the popular TikTokers that I watched go live as many times as possible! 

Josh recommends going live as many times as humanly possible. Keira encourages going live once you have gained a few followers so you can best promote whatever you’re offering

TIP: Don’t mind that you’re LIVE with only two or ten viewers. Just speak to these two. Even one. Great movements in history started with only one follower!

12. Are You Consistently Keep Up with TikTok Trends?

Be consistent at learning the trending challenges and at posting! Most TikToks go VIRAL and get the most views during a trending challenge! 

Keep up with the trends in your niche and subculture. That’s how you get the best TikTok content ideas. That’s how to become more engaging and people start to notice you

NOTE: Avoid the attraction of viral trends outside your niche. You will lose focus! It’s very easy to get attracted by the chance of going viral with them. But then what? You get lost after 24 hours of fame!

13. Are You Engaging in TikToks?

Engage other TikToks creatively, and your fans genuinely! Share well-thought comments on TikToks in your niche, and respond to all comments in yours!

To get noticed by other creators and Tiktokers you need to engage them. But before you go ahead and like 10 clips or comment on three, hear this first:

  • Liking ten videos of your favorite TikTok dance won’t cut it. Everybody on the platform can do that. I too can do that!
  • Commenting “you look so gorgeous in that dress” won’t do nothing! I can already see that. They will just say thanks!

I suggest you get creative! Identify things that other guys are not noting. They have invested their time and resources to create that TikTok. So what if you:

  • Asked controversial questions that require more than a Yes & No Answer.
  • Tell them to try that dance in a dress/pants you found cool in their past TikTok. 
  • Make them know you are more than just a follower and fun in a creative way.

Then, once they start commenting, go ahead and say, I also will try that and share. That’s how you drag them + some of their followers and fans to your TikTok.

Don’t forget the good old way of building followers. It has been there since the time of Jesus. Tell your friends and family you are on TikTok. But don’t tell them you’re 100% into this or looking to monetize.

No! Just tell them you’re just there for fun. Ask them how they find it. When they hear it’s all fun. Probably they will share. If not. Keep doing it and remind them!

In the same way, reply to all the comments on your TikToks. Even the controversial ones. The critics! Don’t mind, leave a genuine heart emoji. The negative critics’ will fall back when they learn you don’t care!

By now, you should have at least 100 to 1000 followers if you started with nothing. Assuming you have done it for one month with 3 clips per day.

Here’s Another Little Secret: Don’t beg for likes or followers. If necessary, just tell them to follow for more of such TikToks! Be genuinely neutral about it. Like it’s just a by the way! Leave it at that! Surprisingly, people will follow you and run away from the follow-me beggars. I’ve never known why, but it works!

14. Are You Learning from Your Best TikToks?

After every week and month, study what videos are working and which are not, and why! Keep doing and improving at what is working. Quit directing your time and creative energy to what is not working!

Doing these Tiktok analyses is one of Keira’s best pieces of advice. Find which video took off and then create a series out of that video. And as a recap, she reminds you to start the series with a really strong hook.

Josh also encourages you to study and analyze all your TikToks after 30 days. Then ask yourself why a video did good or bad. Then continue building on hooks, patterns, and formats that worked!

15. Are You Ready to Go VIRAL on TikTok?

Finally, attract the luck of the trending challenge to go VIRAL. Create your best yet TikTok about the challenge and let the algorithm and followers do the magic

I knew all my favorite TikTokers through trending TikTok challenges. Either they danced enthusiastically to a song that I liked. Or lip-synced it really beautifully! I advise you to take advantage of the challenges!

We are living in a world of trends and challenges. A week doesn’t go without a challenge hashtag trending on TikTok. 

Almost all midlevel TikTokers go viral within their niche and sub-culture by taking part in these challenges and making a kill at it!

Some even went viral beyond their niche and sub-culture to make a hit globally. I ain’t shitting you. The real stats are in this article by the New York Post about some of the craziest niche-specific TikTok challenges that went viral!

According to the article, TikTok is synonymous with “Viral Internet Challenges”. And I agree with it 101%. 

There are so many TikTok challenges. In fact even at the moment when I’m compiling this article. But one of the major challenges that you can take advantage of is “Hit Song Challenges.

Not just with TikTok. Even in the days when Instagram was the KING and QUEEN of short-video social media. Hit song challenges will always trend! They are a hit and popular, and the best creatives will trend with them!

The beautiful thing about these hit songs is that they always fit into any TikTok so well. They fit almost any niche, so perfect. You dance, dance them. You lip-sync, do them. If you cook, enjoy them. If you’re into fitness, play them! 

See what I mean? All you need is to get your creative act in the works. Ask yourself how you can become the best with it. Then make that TikTok. Post it and add the hashtags

The #Jerusalema song by Master KG is a perfect case study of going viral on a global scale. So many creators gained at least a hundred thousand followers and millions of views through the #Jerusalema Challenge.

#Jerusalema hashtag has 1.3 billion views on TikTok. That’s insane! And you haven’t considered other hashtags that related to it! A recent hit song challenge is #lovenwantiti with 2.1 billion views

It was a “Go Viral” magnet. With creators gaining massive views and followers from both dance niches and lip-sync niches. From everywhere around the globe. Even fashion TikTokers gained views from it, by being creative!

In my country, Azziad went viral on TikTok by dancing to the song Utawezana. She gained over 2.4 million and 1.6 million views on two TikToks with the #Utawezana challenge, it has over 45.1 million views.

But before that hit song, not many people knew Azziad. She wasn’t very popular on TikTok nor in Kenya. But she was still uploading really great dance TikToks and getting a couple of hundred likes and views.

To go viral on TikTok, you need to attract the luck of a trending challenge. You need to prepare for the opportunity. Once it strikes, not even you will believe that simple TikTok took you viral and not the others!

The 3 Little Secrets To Go Viral on TikTok by Keira

I recommend attracting your lack to go viral with hit song challenges. That’s because I know these have worked before, they are working now, and they will work in the future.

Even on platforms where guys are “bossy” like Twitter, hit songs still trend. It’s because we all love music and we secretly to be part of the herd. But here are Keira’s three best TikTok ideas to go viral

  • Share a controversial opinion that is currently being highly debated in your niche. Not necessarily politics! A hot topic in your niche can do wonders! 
  • Participate in a trending sound. She recommends you do multiple takes and hop on that trending challenge as many times as possible. 
  • Share one value video per day. Here is my take on this, I read somewhere that the best way to grow a massive following or fans is to share your best content. So, share value for FREE, first and fast! 

How To NOT Go Viral on TikTok

The problem with creating content for a specific but “global” topic like how to go viral on TikTok is the many guys willing to make a quick buck by selling you snake oil. So, please avoid the following three ways of growing TikTok, you WON’T:

1. Buying TikTok Views

I said I did my research, and truly I did! Then I came across this question that so many guys are asking: Can you pay to go viral on TikTok?

Yes, you can pay for TikTok views. But hear this from me, buying TikTok views will just empty your bank account and make your life more miserable!

Leave that to TikTokers who have already made it big and are looking to maintain that status after they have failed to stay consistent with their content creation. Yes, some, even YouTubers buy views, because they can afford them!

Leave that to guys who want to get more views on one TikTok so they can show it to their friends who they are competing with!

Imagine you’ve bought views for one TikTok. You now have a video with 100k views, now what? 

These are 100k views from bots! Will you keep buying them until Jesus comes? No, you won’t, you will learn it’s a nasty game once the joy fades away. 

2. Believing There is a Cheatsheet

Every day, hundreds of TikTokers are searching how to hack the TikTok algorithm in 2023?

It’s funny because the world has taught us you can break a few rules, cheat the system, and get away with it! Maybe make some big bucks and go live in the countryside!

But with apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, the algorithm was created by some of the best artificial intelligence brains out there.

Assuming you had the money to spend to buy your way through it, you wouldn’t need the TikTok fame anyway. You wouldn’t need to hack it to get 1 million views on one TikTok. Or get 100,000 followers!

With that kind of money, you would just buy a TikTok account and buy a few influencers. Then buy the best creative brains and sell something on TikTok to make a profit. The way brands and companies do!

Simply put, let nobody cheat you or ask you for money to navigate through the algorithm or hack the algorithm! Because they won’t.

They will sell you access to a few thousand bots that view, like, and follow you. And that will be it. You’ll need to pay for these bots or fake accounts to get more views, likes, and followers!

Easy tutorial if you need 💜🔥

♬ original sound – Zoock Global

3. Buying TikTok Followers

Yes, like buying views, you can buy followers. But these aren’t real people. They are bots! They will make you happy at that moment but way more miserable in the end. They are just “dead” accounts or fake people!

So, unless you want to show your friends you now have 100k followers or 1 million TikTok views and likes, don’t buy them! In fact, you risk getting your account banned, which will just make things worse!

How Many Views Is Considered Viral on TikTok? 

A viral TikTok video must get at least 500 full views within 30 seconds of its upload as per this article by The Tech Wire. Full views mean someone watching it to the end, without skipping or leaving.

But according to me, a viral TikTok gets a lot of views, likes, comments, and shares. It also gets featured on the for You Page of most TikTokers within niche and subculture!

TIP: With open questions like this, everybody can slap a number on what is viral on Tiktok. The trick is to focus on applying these tips I’ve shared. When your TikTok goes viral, even you will know it! 

A Quick Recap of How to Go Viral on TikTok in 2023

1. Identify your niche, subculture, or community.

2. Follow about 30 creators in your niche or subculture. 

3. Optimize your bio: who you are and why someone should follow you. 

4. Curate your TikTok “For You Page” around your niche or subculture. 

5. Find and study the 100 most viral videos in your niche/subculture. 

6. Get a good camera, or camera phone, you better borrow it if need be!

7. Shoot really lively and short videos with a hook in great lighting. 

8. Be carefree and authentic in the video, you better do a retake or 10!

9. Do multiple retakes, but upload your 3 BEST TikToks every day.

10. Add about 3 to 7 hashtags around your niche + a short caption. 

11. Once you have some followers, even 10, go live at least twice a week.

12. Be consistent at learning the trending challenges and at posting!

13. Engage other TikToks creatively, and your fans genuinely!

14. After every month, study what videos are working and create a series on these. 

15. Attract the luck of the trending challenge to go VIRAL. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this far! This means so much to me. That commitment alone is a reassurance that the article offered you some sort of value. 

If you found it resourceful. Or if you applied the “ways and hows” and got some traction in growing your TikTok, please share it with others and leave a comment of that insight or tip or trick that will help other TikTokers and brands go viral in 2023!

I hope to soon find you on viral TikTok, sharing lovely short videos, getting thousands of views and followers, and making money out of your efforts!

Featured Image Source: Photo by May Gauthier on Unsplash

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