Need a taste of what I can offer through my SEO content writing services?

I’ve been lucky to have a byline in some awesome guides and blog posts that rank on the first page of Google.

Some of them are impressively good that they consistently appear in Google’s featured snippet box.

A perfect example is this guide I did for Make A Video Hub for the highly competitive term, “Best Camcorders Under $200”:

Freelance SEO Content Writer

And this is just one of the guides ranking on page one out there!

Below is a fraction of the published in-depth guides and long-form blog posts I have written in the five years that I’ve offered my SEO content writing services.

Tech News Today

This SEO guide on Top 10 Best Ethernet Cables to Buy In 2020 ranks on page one for the search term, “best ethernet cable for streaming”.

Freelance SEO Content Writing Services

Best Ethernet Cable for Streaming” is a competitive keyword with a monthly search volume of over 260.

Click here to preview some of the other guides I’ve written for Tech News Today.

Make a Video Hub

Three of the SEO guides that I’ve written for Make A Video Hub rank on the first page of Google for competitive keywords. 

That’s including the one on budget camcorders. The other two are: 

Click here to preview some of the other guides I’ve written for Make A Video Hub

Is that all I can offer? What’s more?

Well, I’ve done quite a great job in building a personal portfolio.

And I’m happy to share it with you here!

I’ll start by saying I’m pretty obsessed with technology, digital devices, gadgets, SaaS, SEO, and WordPress.

I not only write about these niches, but I spend a good deal of my time studying and using some of these products and services.

For example, this website is my DIY work with the help of:

  • The improved Gutenberg WordPress.
  • And the lightweight GeneratePress theme.
  • Hosted on the reliable SiteGround Managed WP Hosting.

And on this FREE blog, I write about blogging tools, SEO, and WordPress.

Did you know that my long-form SEO guide on Linktree Alternatives has consistently ranked among the top three results on Google since April 2019?

That’s for such a competitive keyword, Linktree Alternatives, with a monthly search volume of over 1,000.

And the conversions from the two tools I recommend keep proving that the time and brainwork I spent on this post was a worthy investment.

Freelance SEO Content Writer

Blender Tampers

I also own this micro-niche website (Blender Tampers) where I try and test the new SEO trends to best improve the content that I write for YOU.

It’s on this site where I also offer blending insights and recommend containers and tamper tools for Vitamix and Blendtec blenders.

At the moment, I’m ranking on the first page of Google for the competitive keywords:

Freelance SEO Content Writing Services

I tend to think I’m getting such impressive rankings because I spend most of my time studying SEO, using these tools, and DIY-ing stuff for the experience.

Or simply put, I love and enjoy doing what I do!

Convinced? Well, it’s time to hire me for my SEO content writing services so you can also benefit from such results.