Why You Should Start Using Google Keep – It’s More Than A Notes App!

Google Keep does more than just keeping your notes. That is something that we must agree even before we delve deeper into this article!

Being a writer that is so keen on research, I wanted an App that could sync my notes across devices. My IDEAL App had to work Windows PC, an Android phone, and an iPad with minimal efforts.

Evernote and OneNote were cool, but still, the process of setting them up across various devices was so demanding. Nevertheless, the free versions were very limited.

Why Use Google Keep?

Why I Settled for Google Keep?

The coolest feature about Google Keep is the fact that you don’t need to sign-up for anything else apart from your Google Mail. All you need is  your Gmail account.

No more sign-ups! You will neither get promotional messages to subscribe to any premium version or log-in prompts! No more set-up craps, usernames, and passwords!

Why Use Google Keep?

For example, if you are already logged into your Google Chrome browser you only need to open a new tab and type “keep.google.com”. With it, you will gain access to the app that can sync your notes when you use the Android or iOS App on your mobile device.

Moreover, Google offers a chrome extension for this app. With it, saving your notes, quotes, and other stuff as you surf online is as easy as drag and drop! No set up processes.

Why Use Google Keep?

Using Google Keep on Your Browser

Using Keep from your PC browser is the best experience ever. One year ago, I was depending on my desktop for all my writing tasks. That included keeping notes, media, links, and my detailed to-do-lists.

At that time, we had an unstable electricity supply due to a very rough electioneering season. Thus, the power would go off anytime! I hadn’t invested in a strong UPS system and at times I couldn’t count on what I had either.

One day I lost the work that I was editing on Scrivener. I don’t know how it happened. The software is known to save all changes made after every few seconds. I used to back up the .scr files on Google Drive. It is on this day that I discovered, I couldn’t rely 100% on Scrivener.

Why Use Google Keep?

Thus, I went online to find an app that could save all my work every second I made changes while giving me the assurance that I won’t lose the track. Google Docs was the first alternative!

However, unlike Scrivener that I was used to, Google Docs didn’t give me the flexibility of editing numerous files at a time. Working on a single sheet at a time was so limiting. It was also lagging when saving image files and media. I basically found it counter-productive!

Isn’t Evernote or OneNote Better than Google Keep?

I tried Evernote and OneNote. Both the two were amazing! However, the fact that I needed to pay over a hundred bucks annually to get access to their premium features wasn’t in my budget plan.

But it wasn’t until I discovered Google Keep and the even more amazing features in its baggage. With them, I would edit numerous notes at ago. The only drawback was that I couldn’t format the content. Something that I had got used to on Scrivener, Evernote, and OneNote.

Why Use Google Keep?

With time, I devised a walk around this drawback. The best strategy was to number my notes with headings and compile them later. Well, I must agree there was a learning curve, but once you are used to it, you will never go back to your old ways of working on various contents with the help of Note Apps.

I would say that Evernote and OneNote are better from an organization’s perspective. Firms can not only afford the premium budget, but they also will capitalize on the amazing premium features that you don’t need as a solopreneur.

I Love the Flexibility of Keeping My Notes with Google Keep!

The main advantage of Google Keep is its flexibility. Whether you use Windows, iOS, Android, or Linux Operating Systems, you can access Google Keep.

Why Use Google Keep?

For example, I couldn’t access my Scrivener notes on phone. But with Google Keep, I can type a few ideas on the Google Keep’s Android/iOS App and work on them when I get to my desk workstation. That’s what has kept me using Keep for the past one year.

In most cases when I am working on my clients’ projects or personal tasks, I always find myself developing new ideas when I am away from the workstation.

In the past, I relied on my smartphone’s Native Notes App or a pen and a paper. But things have improved, all I need is to type my notes on Keep and turn on auto-sync. When I get to my desk, I will find the synced notes on my Desktop. That way, I can start working on them on the go rather than transferring them first.

Why Use Google Keep?

Furthermore, after editing my notes, I can transfer them to Google Doc in one click, or manually by opening a Google Doc tab on my browser. That way, I will finally format the content, add the image links or link to the media folder (on Drive) and then share the Google Doc Link with my clients.

Still, I can opt for downloading an MS Word Compatible file or PDF file and then send it to my clients. If I am working on my personal stuff, there are tens of ways to retrieve the notes depending on whether they are blogs, to-do-lists, or general musings. It doesn’t get any easier!

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