Need Product Reviews & User Guides That Rank & Convert?

I get excited when I come across awesomely written product reviews that rank on the #1 page of Search Engine Result Pages!

That’s more so when I am the one who wrote (well, ghostwritten) the review!

Don’t get me wrong, there are two main types of product reviews. The One-Shot reviews and the Informative, Convincing reviews!

product reviews copywriting

One-Shot reviews may look and sound like;

It’s my sixth month with ClickFunnels and I’ll never turn back to the old ways of digital marketing. I have managed to double my income and reduce the time I spend managing my website and leads by a bigger margin. I can finally concentrate on designing the products and shipping them to the leads that have converted.


Gone are the old days when we used to have a tool for every kind of DIY task, but the Multi-Oscillating tool has been a savior to a Do-It-Yourself Enthusiast like me. I can do some ingenious curving on wood, trim my dog’s nails, cut wood, and niche sand surfaces all with a simple tool that fits in my palm.


When I first went shopping for a travel blogging camera in 2010 it’s hard to get one camera that could fit in my purse and take breathtaking landscape shots. The XYZ Mirrorless camera has been availed just at the right time that I am traveling to ABC Country. I can’t wait to document my trip with my new companion. Thanks to the twelve-hours of continuous filming charge, auto-focus, and compact waterproof design.

These are just three examples of the reviews you would get on the product pages of eCommerce sites like Amazon.

However, we can’t depend on such short reviews, despite their ability to create a sense of trust that inspires us to buy the product after reading them in One-Shot!

We want reviews that RANK and CONVERT.

The web page should at least be on page #1 of SERPs so that our potential traffic can click on the link and visit the site.

At that point, all we need is to convince them to buy the product through our affiliate links!

I know you too would love to get your visitors buy products through your affiliate links.

Who doesn’t love the amazing commissions…and having their web pages rank on the first page of search engine result pages?

With the help of my SIX-STEP product reviews copywriting formula, I will help you earn these two – RANK & CONVERT!

Well, I borrowed this formula from NicheHacks and I have been implementing it in my content. And believe me, the results are worth your time and investment!

My Six-Step Product Reviews Copywriting Formula!

Attention. Interest. Desire. Alternatives. Verdict. Action.

When writing, the first thing I want to do is grab your readers attention.

Before commencing with the writing, I ask myself, why would your visitor want to buy (or not buy) the product?

From experience, most visitors will click your affiliate web pages, but if the content doesn’t get their attention, they will leave after reading the first few lines. I too hate viewing my bounce rates when they are high!

Thus, we want to grab their attention with the first few lines of the copy. And after getting their attention, I will help you build their interest in wanting to learn much about the product through your review.

Here, we write how the unique features of the product will benefit them. Maybe, positively improve the way they feel, save their time and money, or make them learn a specific lesson!

With them having interest in the product, we go further by “slapping” them with pros of the product that makes them desire to have it.

At this point, they already want to get the product, but like any other human, they will want to know what side effects or drawbacks come with these merits…

…That’s where the Alternatives come in! We tell them, hey, these are the alternatives out there, but be wary because the pros of getting the product at hand outweigh the benefits that would have accrued from the alternative products. We simply make them trust the phrase – “This is the Right Product!”

We can finally write a verdict. But before it, we will try to give them some tips on how to remedy the drawbacks. Our verdict will always be an honest view of the product, and surprisingly, the visitors will always convert due to the trust and conviction that they have just built after reading the review!

Finally, we can have a large ACTION button at the end! You know the one that says, hey, if you buy the product through our affiliate link, you will not only help us earn a commission that keeps this blog active but you’ll also save a few buckaroos in return!

TIP: We shall still include a comparison chart and affiliate links within the content. Well, half of the visitors that convert don’t actually read the entire content! Some are just here for your approval…that the product is worth their money!

My reviews are always: Honest. Easy to Read. Informative. And, Convincing.

It helps build the trust that is needed for any visitor to convert!

Product Reviews Copywriter & User Guides Copywriter

Types of the Product Reviews Copywriting Services That I Offer!

Informative and convincing product reviews vary depending on the product (or products) in question.

Basically, product reviews may be written from a sales point of view (affiliate product reviews copywriting) or informational point of view.

The former involves writing product review copies with selling in mind. They include everything done on niche sites or any product review that carry affiliate links.

Informational product reviews lack the sales pitch that is present in the other category.

In terms of type, I generally group product reviews into three categories:

1. Single Product ReviewsWhere we focus on reviewing a single product!

Like, “Canon Rebel T6 – Is it still the best beginner Vlogging Camera in 2018?”


“Dewalt Multi-Oscillating Tool – Learn Much About the Swiss Army Knife of The Today’s generation.”

The aim is to convince the visitors who are already “ready to buy” that the product will solve the questions they have in mind. And, they can actually benefit by getting it through your affiliate links.

2. Comparison Product Reviews – Where we compare two or more competing products!

Like, “Asana vs Trello: The Ultimate Project Management Tool in 2018.”


MacBook Air 2017 vs Dell XPS 13 vs HP Spectre 13: Which is the Best Travel Business Ultrabook in 2018?”


“Dremel 4000-2/30 vs Proxxon 38481: Which is the Most Powerful Professional Rotary Tool?”

At the end of the day, we want to convince the visitor that one of these tools is perfect for them. Further, we recommend the “ultimate tool” and convince them to buy through our affiliate links.

3. Top X Best Product Reviews – Where we list X Products that fall in X category.

The reviews will fall under the “Top Products” section of your niche site or the best ranking pages of your blog.

Like, “Top 10 Best Cameras for Blogging in 2018.”


“Top 5 Best Small Business Management Tools.”

Apart from the standard reviews, there are also detailed guides and short articles.

Well, whereas I am not fond of writing short articles, I do handle them when the order is in bulk. Say, 10+ (500 words each) short review copies.

However, I am very passionate when it comes to researching and writing detailed guides…

Like, “20 Easy DIY Projects That You Can Do with A Rotary Tool”. Each project can span from 150 to 500 words. We want them to be precise but workable and relatable. Something the average Joe can do at home!

We can then add affiliate links to the accessories and complementing tools that will help the visitors manage to undertake the project.

How do you benefit from this offer?

I understand sometimes offers are a bunch of substandard copies that are written in a hurry…but I ain’t submitting anything below par to you!

You will get high-quality, well-written product reviews. Of course, the copies will be error-free, with No-Fluff, and engaging.

Further, you will also get up-to 3 copyright free media for every 1,000 words. I can also design a minimalistic “Featured Image” for FREE!

The content includes naturally used keywords and meta content (slug, optimized title, meta description, & alternative texts).