PACE Focus Headphones Review: Superb Sound Quality & Long Battery Life at an Alluring Price Tag!

Wireless headphones with crisp-clear sound quality, a flexible design, and over 35 hours of battery life going for a price tag that is way below $100?

I know! It sounds like something that can’t outlast a 6 hours train ride before one of its components gets spoiled. Well, I had the same mindset but not until I got my hands on them!

3D audio experience. Over 30 hours of Battery Life. And, Noise-cancelling cans. These are the three qualities that depict the PACE Focus Headphones.

Well, I am not fond of headphones and such music stuff, but I have friends who care much about their headphones than I care for my laptop! I am not an audiophile either, but I sought their counsel before pinning down this review.

I bought the PACE Focus Wireless Headphones out of fate. Not choice! And I was still skeptical about the move before I made it!

In the past, I mainly relied on the earphones that came with my smartphones. I rarely used them anyway! But since I started living a nomadic lifestyle, they became a must have and use accessory!

Living around people forced me to take responsibility for the stuff I played and watched from my smartphone and laptop. I really didn’t need anything fancy!

However, time would prove that earphones were not reliable. Most of the time, they were so cold on my ears and generally uncomfortable.

PACE Focus Bluetooth Headphones

I, therefore, went for some cheap On-Ear Sony Headphones. It was a worthy improvement from the earphones, but still, they were uncomfortable and with very poor sound quality.

Soon, I started finding myself sticking my pinkie in the ears. In a few weeks, I was developing some ear irritations! The agony of doing it around people – gross! The risk of ear complications, more so when I tried Google searching for them!

I ended up forcing myself to stop using the headphones altogether until I invested in some nice piece! I was looking to buy something classy and comfortable like the Bose QuietComfort 35 to supplement my laptop lifestyle!

But it wasn’t until March 2018 when I stumbled upon Pace Africa’s Google Advert while I was searching for the best Over-Ear Headphones Under $100. I needed something affordable that I could use in the meantime when playing the underground metal music that I love playing while working!

The fact that they were available locally (in Kenya) and they only cost about $55, together with an amazing social proof on Instagram and Facebook from local artists and DJ’s was enough reasons to get me to purchase them!

So far, it’s my second month of using the PACE Focus Headphones, and I feel I should share the reasons why I think they are worth your 55 buckaroos! I believe that PACE Focus is the coolest tech gadget that I have purchased in that price range – well I haven’t tried most accessories out there!

NOTE: Pace Africa does not offer affiliate programs. This is a review of my personal experience as a customer! I am yet to find whether they sell the product outside East Africa – I will update this post once I get my hands on the right information.

PACE Focus Headphones Key Specs:

  • Dynamic 40mm diameter speakers.
  • Leather, fabric, high-quality plastic materials.
  • 20 Hz to 22,000 Hz frequency response.
  • Wireless (Bluetooth Technology).
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery.

PACE Focus Headphones: Unique Features and Benefits!

  1. An Amazing Battery Life of over 30 Hours

I honestly don’t remember when I last charged these headphones! I would say that I use them wirelessly for about 1 hour per day on average and I have only charged them once.

Pace Africa claims 35 hours of battery life, and I would take their word on this! However, I mostly use the audio cable, since I am mostly on my laptop when I need to use the headphone.

Thus, my judgment might be biased. Still, I can assure you of over 30 hours of battery life when using them wirelessly.

PACE Focus Bluetooth Headphones

  1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

From what I have gathered out there, it is hard to find a nice Bluetooth headphone that is priced under $100. Even the Bose-Styled Lindy BNX-60 has its few undoings despite being sold as the best bargain of headphones internationally!

The PACE Focus Headphones features a seamless wireless capability that connects your device via the Bluetooth technology! There is an inbuilt voice notification that tells you when it’s connected or disconnected.

The designer ingeniously labeled the right and left sides of the gadget. I find this design really helpful since all the wireless controls are on the right while the audio jack and MicroUSB ports are on the left.

The wireless controls feature a power button, volume rockers, and a tiny LED light notification hole stuck in between them. The power button has been configured to perform three functions:

a). Power the Headphone On/Off with a Long Press: Once you power on the headphone you are welcomed with a nice, soft voice that tells you “Welcome to the world of Pace!” And when you power off, the voice tells you, “Pace Off!”

b). Receive and End Calls with a Single Click: You can receive calls swiftly by just pressing the power button with a single click. Ending the call is also as easy as clicking the same button.

TIP: If you were playing music or watching a video when you received the call, once you end it, the headphone will resume playing the music from the point it was playing when you receive the call!

c). Pause and Resume with a Single Click: Maybe you are playing your music or watching a YouTube Video and someone is trying to talk to you, all you need is to single press the power button to pause it for a moment and then press it again once you are done attending to them (to resume).

The volume rockers perform two functions:

a). Adjust the Audio Volume: Soft pressing (in single clicks) the volume rockers will help you reduce or increase the sound output.

b). Play the Next or Previous Song: In case you are listening to a music playlist, all you need is a long-press to go to the next or previous song.

PACE Focus Bluetooth Headphones

The left side of the headphone features a 3.5mm headphone jack port and MicroUSB charging port with another tiny LED light notification hole between them. It comes with a 5 feet audio cable with 3.5mm jacks on both sides and a USB charging cable.

  1. An Option to Use the Audio Cable

For most music lovers out there, this is just an option! However, this is the main option in my case. I tend to use the audio cable since it allows me to control what I am playing from the laptop or desktop as I work.

The audio cable is perfect when your headphones have run out of charge but you still want to play some music. Maybe in the woods or on a long road trip!

When using the headphones via the audio cable, you don’t need to turn on the wireless options. Actually, these options won’t work when controlling what you are playing via the audio cable.

TIP: In case you are listening to a music playlist on your phone via Bluetooth and you have stumbled upon a nice video on your laptop; all you need is to plug in the audio cable and pause the music. The wireless functions take preference here. Thus, you need to pause first. Remember, when using the cable, you control everything from the phone, laptop, or the device that is playing the audio.

  1. Superb Sound Quality

The Pace Focus Headphones gives you a superb 3D audio experience. If it is your first time to use quality headphones, you might get lost in the music, thinking you are at the center of some music studio! You get a realistic listening experience that gives you a perfect balance between the crystal clear vocals and strong bass.

The fact that it is an over-ear headphone means that it performs well in terms of noise cancellation. You don’t have to play very loud music – it is both a plus for the health of your ears and as a way of saving the battery charge!

I’m not a pro when it comes to testing the sound quality of headphones and all the stuff about music, but if you consider taking an Instagram tour with the hashtags #paceafrica and #keepyourownpace, you will learn that there is a reasonable social proof from some of the top local Dj’s, music producers, and artists. I understand music is their thing! And if 90 out of 100 people agree something is great, then most likely it is great!

  1. Incredibly Comfortable and Flexible

The Pace Focus Headphones feels very comfortable when I am wearing them. Compared to my previous cheap Sony Headphones, they are a world apart in terms of their build quality!

Pace Focus features an all plastic body with some silver linings. The plastic is of high-quality and lightweight. The only drawback of this plastic body is what might happen when they accidentally fall from a height. We all know what will happen!

Its roomy and super spongy ear cushions enhance its overall comfortability when you are wearing them for a lengthy period. I have used them when going through a 4 hours YouTube tutorial in one sitting and they were really comfortable.

To supplement the comfort that you get when wearing them, Pace Africa has included a pouch that you can use to carry them securely when traveling. The carrying case has been uniquely designed with a room for the headphone and a pocket for the audio and charging cables.

PACE Focus Bluetooth Headphones

Pace Focus Headphones: The Main Drawback and How You Can Hack Around It!

The fact that I am not fond of headphones may affect how I perceive lightweight headphone designs! I have discovered that I don’t feel they are heavy when wearing them, but after removing them, I feel like I was carrying something on my head! Something heavy! Maybe I will get used to it!

However, compared to what I was using before, they are lighter, at least when I feel them on the hands! But in case you feel they are heavy, you can try using them with 5 minutes breaks between every hour. That is what I practically do!

Pace Focus Headphones: The Good Stuff!

  • An affordable wireless headphone.
  • Comfortable and flexible.
  • High-quality 3D audio experience.
  • Long-battery life between charges.
  • Comes with a customized carry case.

Pace Focus Headphones: The Bad Stuff!

  • Comes in only one-color option. BLACK! Whereas I love the color black, I think most people out there might have preferred lighter color options.

Pace Focus Headphones: Final Word!

Pace Africa markets the Pace Focus Headphones with the tagline “Keep Your Own Pace”. Its superb 3D audio experience, 35 hours of battery, and an affordable price tag should be enough to lure any music lover into buying them.

When you combine these features with the positive experiences from Instagram fans, then you understand why I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality headphones that are under $100. It is a perfect personal statement accessory if traveling around with headphones around your neck is your thing!

For Laptop Lifers, if you are just getting into the transcription business or just looking for some cool headphones to supplement your workstation, then I would advise you to consider them. It gives you less noise and thus, more focus!

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