How To Stand Out With Your Content!

I’ve been listening to friends and the online family talk about businesses and they all sound very passionate. It’s lovely! Being passionate about actualizing your business idea gets you a step closer to success. Although, is that passion coming through in your content?

Content is KEY in any business. Whether it’s in the form of blog posts, YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Infographics, or webinars, it can make or break your business. Does your content STAND OUT? Or does it make you look SELF-SERVING?

When coming up with content for your business, you should understand that you are here to help your clients. Not to serve yourself. You got to have your “why” as part of your message. Think of how you would talk with other business owners or peers in person.

Most of us can talk casually with other business owners about our businesses. However, when we start talking to potential clients, we get weird and stunted and at times secretive. When a potential client comes out of the woodwork, that’s when we say “please send me a private message” or “I can help you.” We never make it clear on what we can offer.

Content That Stands Out

Your Ideas Don’t Make Your Business!

Ideas, whether great or shady, don’t make your business. How you stand out when putting it before your clients do! Your contribution makes your business. Almost everyone offering freelancing and coaching services today has a website and blog. We all put the same content on these blogs. Writing and sharing crap that has already been re-phrased a thousand times by previous business owners.

Writing blog posts and linking potential clients to them is rather self-serving. It’s like trying to influence the very people who are looking for your ability to influence. In most cases, your content will be overlooked, since every other business owner has been using a similar version of the content.

If someone is looking for an ANSWER, they need help! They aren’t looking for links that they can still get from a simple “Google Search.” In any case, if they opt to Google answers to their questions, your content should much rather be at the top. That way, it can at least prove that you are credible, relevant, and valuable. REMEMBER, to make your content credible, relevant, and valuable it needs to STAND OUT. You need to STAND OUT!

Content That Stands Out

How Do You Manage To Create Content That Stands Out?

You might succeed in creating two or three invaluable articles, a great FB Video, or a valuable freebie on your blog. But, are they sufficient? How long will their impact last? What do they mean to your business?

That is it! They mean nothing without a plan. To make content that matters, you need a plan. One that will help you generate content that truly impacts and moves your audience. Thus, your “WHY?” must come through clear and precisely. With this kind of content, your audience and potential clients will clearly see your “influencer side” of business.

Share! Share! And Remember to Share!

Just because your Twitter or Pinterest bio says you are an influencer, it doesn’t mean that you are one. A great way to becoming one is by sharing your knowledge clearly and generously. Your contribution, when valuable and great, makes your content valuable. To be an influencer and sell, you have to share your experience, your voice, and personal value.

Stop HOARDING ideas! That is the secret to making meaningful content. Rather than selling your knowledge by the hour in content mill sites, why don’t you sell your passion, your creativity, your WHY! Most people have the knowledge, they can take it to a platform like Upwork and still make something by the end of the day. Although the people that STAND OUT have more than just knowledge – they have PASSION and the ability to express it CREATIVELY.

You should be MORE. You are the business. Your website or blog isn’t the business! Your ideas aren’t the business. Instead of creating a call to action web content that advertises you, start creating content that provides a specific value to your audience.